After much debate, I think we’re going to…

…wait to find out the sex of the new baby.

When I was pregnant with Toby, everything was hard to wrap our heads around, so we wanted to find out the gender to make it feel more real. And it worked: Once we found out that we were expecting a baby boy, we could easily envision holding him in our arms and reading him stories and dressing him in engineer overalls. Plus, we could choose boyish nursery decor and clothes and toys before he arrived.

But with this second pregnancy, everything already feels very real, and it’s easy to imagine holding a wriggly baby in our arms. And how amazing to have that crazy surprise at the end of a long labor, when the doctor or your partner calls out “It’s a ____!” It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! Since this will (most likely) be our last baby, I’d love to see what that moment would feel like.

(The only catch is, I might not have the willpower to wait! At our next doctor’s appointment in two weeks, she’ll be able to see the gender, and I cannot imagine telling her to stay mum.)

What would (or did) you do? If you found out, were you glad you did? If you waited, was that climactic moment amazing? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

P.S. Would you have a gender reveal party? Plus, talking to girls and having a boy.

(Top photo when Toby was a mere ten days old)