Motherhood Mondays: Would You Throw a Gender Reveal Party?

Celine and Jin, above, told their midwife to write their baby’s gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Then their photographer friend Gabe came over to capture the moment that they discovered they were having…a girl! How adorable is that?!

Alex just wrote a New York Times article about the increasing popularity gender reveal parties, where expectant couples invite friends and family over to witness the moment of finding out the baby’s gender. You could cut a cake to reveal either pink or blue cake inside, or you could open a wrapped present and pull out either pink or blue baby pajamas. Or here’s another idea: Brooke’s friend took her family to a baseball game and bought either blue or pink cotton candy!

P.S. The day we discovered Toby’s gender, and his teeny sonogram.

(Photos by Gabe for Celine)

  1. i love gender reveal parties! They are so much fun! I will absolutely do one when I am pregnant!

  2. I did a gender reveal party earlier this month and it was really fun! The ONLY way I would let my mom throw this kind of party, though, was if my husband and I found out without a crowd around. So… we actually knew a MONTH before the party. There was NO way in HELL I was going to find out the sex of the baby in front of everyone. I didn’t want to look ungrateful for the chance to be pregnant and a mommy because I was disappointed by the gender. It turned out to be a boy and I was in shock. I always imagined myself to be a “girl” mom, but I have had time to process it, read your blog about this topic, and am really happy about it now! But, if I found out in front of everyone, I probably would have cried thus making me look completely ungrateful for the year struggle of trying to get pregnant.

  3. Wow, what a bunch of naysayers! Life is short and we should celebrate it. Whether it’s getting a job, celebrating a birthday or finding out the sex of a baby, I say go for it!

  4. Thanks for share.

    I just had to comment on this one! I just gave birth a few months ago and didn’t find out the sex at all (until the very end)! My husband and I just believed (even before we were pregnant) that finding out the sex of your child is one of the last few genuine surprises left on this earth. So much in our lives is predictable.


    • Julie says...

      Yep! We did the same-all our friends who were pregnant at the same time (2003) decided to have “surprises” it was so fun for all of us. Most of the names were surprises as well. If I had 5 more kids I would keep the surprise till the end, it was the best day of our lives. Life doesn’t give us many surprises and this one is # 1!

      PS note***one friend forget to remind her Dr that she didn’t want to know the sex and during a 36 wk ultra-sound he said “oh, look there’s the penis” OOPSS! she made it all that way-she still kept it secret though.

  5. I’m really surprised by so many negative reactions to this idea. I personally think it’s a really fun way to celebrate your baby – whether it’s a boy or girl doesn’t matter, it just captures the excitement that comes along with one of the fun moments of pregnancy.
    We’re expecting our 6th and after the 1st we didn’t have any more showers….I felt the excitement over each baby was kind of missing. This way we have an “excuse” to throw a party and celebrate this wonderful new little life that’s on it’s way to our family.
    No pressure, no gifts, no self-indulgence….just a fun way to acknowledge and share the joy of our new gift from God. We also couldn’t have all 5 of our kids in the ultrasound room with us, so this way we all get to find out together with some close friends and family. I think it’s a great idea. =)

    ~ Mara

  6. Me and my husband just had one this weekend, we did the cake thing and had the ultrasound tech write down to gender & seal it in an envelope and took it to the bakery. It was so much fun to find out the same time with our family and friends! It’s our first and we struggled a bit to get this little girl here so we wanted to celebrate!