Toby’s nursery

Now I’d love to share a few photos of Toby‘s nursery! When I was pregnant, I felt a little overwhelmed by the prospect of putting together a nursery, so I was incredibly grateful to collaborate with Jenny Komenda, the designer behind Little Green Notebook (and mother of three). After discussing a few ideas and inspiration images, we rolled up our sleeves and got started…

One of my top priorities was a black-out shade, since the room gets very bright during the day. So Jenny found a basic white shade and hand-painted clouds onto it. Isn’t that amazing?! She also made the grey-and-white striped curtains herself.

We’d always loved Dwell’s chocolate-dot crib sheets, and Jenny made a yellow crib skirt to complement them. The white crib is from Walmart (they have a surprisingly nice selection).

My brother and sister gave us this sailboat mobile last Christmas, in anticipation of Toby’s arrival. They found it at The Ark in San Francisco, and then embroidered the blue boat with the numbers of our grandparents’ Wayfarer, which we sailed during childhood summers in Cornwall, England. (Thank you again, Lucy and Nick!)

Toby's Nursery

Although the room is small, we luckily were able to squeeze in a double bed, in which I’ve been sleeping since Toby was born. (As a new mom, I can’t handle being a hallway away quite yet!) To spruce up the bed, Jenny made the blue-and-white striped fabric headboard. Bonus: It’s really soft and comfy to lean against when I’m nursing Toby at 2a.m. (and 4a.m. and 6a.m….) (She also scouted the vintage bedside lamp and the cute yellow stool.)

Toby's Nursery

We’d also hoped to create a frame wall for the nursery, so Toby could be surrounded by photos of his loved ones. Jenny not only scouted all the frames (some new, some vintage), but also figured out the arrangement for hanging (one of the hardest parts of putting together a gallery wall!)

Toby's Nursery

Next to the bed, Jenny put a vintage dresser, which she had painted a soft grey. Three brass elephants live on top, along with our J. Schatz egg nightlight, which scatters stars around the room and makes Toby’s bedtime feel magical.

A huge thanks to Jenny for creating a warm and happy space for our little man. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Readers, I’d highly recommend Jenny for any decor consulting you might need! xoxo

(Photos by our friend Karen Mordechai, who does Sunday Suppers, wedding photography, and baby/family portraits)

  1. I have ALWAYS wanted a round dining room table – but it never seems to be in the cards. I keep thinking that it would be perfect for dinner conversation and that is what I truly love about a dinner party. These are gorgeous images, Wendi – thanks so much for sharing and helping me to DREAM a little more! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

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  3. Lovely!
    Do you know what kind of paint was used for the shade?
    I am thinking DIY!

  4. I have the same question as Jill (above). Assuming those are regular vinyl roller shades, what kind of paint did you use? I absolutely love it and would like to do something similar in my daughter’s room.

  5. What kind of paint/technique did she use on the shade? I can’t think what would stick well enough and not crack from getting rolled up all the time!

  6. I really like this nursery. Don’t feel to over-done and feels personal. I like you didn’t just stick cartoons on the wall, but real artwork. It’s giving me inspiration for the nursery we’re currently creating.

  7. Okay, I’m swooning over everything in this room! I love that it’s boyish..not babyish

  8. It’s beautiful, I really like the sail boats.

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  10. Really nice review! Unboxing is the best part of getting something! thanks for a nice post.

  11. I was born in Cornwall England!! Its the most beautiful and romantic place on earth. My aunt just got married at Gunwalloe Cove. There is a church tucked into the cliff right on the beach. Its magical, you would love it.

    ps; Toby’s room is awesome.

  12. I am madly in love with your whole apartment and I love that Karen photographed it. You must enjoy it so much!

  13. The sailboat mobile is wonderful…The rest of your house is lovely too.

  14. love it! where did you get the fabric for the curtains? is it ticking?

  15. I love the clouds above the window! And it was such a smart idea to put a bed for you in the nursery. I wish that I had thought of doing that. You picked some great colors for his room!

  16. It’s perfect! Jenny did a great job! I love that it’s well suited for such a little dude, but will grow with him as well.