What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?

Want to hear the top 100 baby names of 2012?

Sophia and Aiden are still at the tippy top! And the big names from my childhood—Jennifer, Lisa, Kristen—have disappeared. It’s funny how quickly the popularity changes.

What are your favorite baby names? Do you care if your child’s name is popular?

P.S. The top 100 baby names of 2011, and the Blind Date Test for baby names. And congrats to Will and Kate!

(Top photo of me as a baby; list from BabyCenter)

  1. I love my baby girl’s names: Maurix Aurelia Elsa Seraphina. She turns 2 months today <3

  2. According to the recent research on Islamic baby names, It has been found that “Jacob” is the most popular name used world widely by the Muslim community. So Jacob is a most Popular names, It’s sounding many origin.

  3. I don’t have any kids, so I’ll comment about my own name, Katherine. I’m in my 2nd year of college, but I remember that throughout school and all the way through high school I would always meet girls named Kate, Kathryn, or even Kathy. Not until recently did I meet a Katherine whose name was spelt the same way, which surprised me because I thought Katherine was one of the more common spellings. Maybe this will help with people worried about popularity? I’ll contribute some of my favorites, as well. My personal favorites right now are Nina, Selene, Caroline, Logan, Eli, and Will.

  4. My daughter’s name is Sophia. We love the name.
    Baby Names

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  7. Your blog became a useful reference for them who looking for baby names. I picked “Aiden” in this blog, is still of the most common name in countries.

  8. Lots of girl names ending in -a. Naturally, mine has been stolen by the year 2012 and takes the top spot.

  9. As a teacher I see a lot of kids names and I agree with another person on the comments lists do children act the way they do because of the name or because of parenting. I’ve seen so many act the same that I’ve started thinking it is actually in the name.
    I also grew up with a very rare name and have have to spell it out to people every time I say it. Which has annoyed me. When I see kids in the classroom that have normal names spelled in crazy ways I feel sorry for them. Because like me they will be spelling their names constantly for ever.

    So while I love different names, I also want my kids to have names that they can learn to spell and that suit not just a child but also follows them through to adulthood. I had a friend move from Hong Kong and her English name was Shelley, but when she became an adult she really wanted to be a Michelle but had to go through the hassle of changing it through de-poll.
    It’s so easy to name children names like Billy (which suits a child), but what if they want to be a William when they grow up? So I want to give my children solid names, they will have personal nicknames. But they can be what they want when they are adults.

    I always liked names like Hudson, Fletcher, Parker, Amity, Georgianna, but my husband is against these names. So we shall see when the time comes.

  10. I love the fact that I‘m the only Larisa everywhere I go. I thank mom and dad for my name. If I have a girl one day I would like to name her Samantha, Victoria or Rebecca, if it‘s a boy I like Luca, Gino and Jonah.

  11. We thought emilie for 9 months, and toyed around with the idea of naming her ivery as well. After she was born we decided to go with ivery (pronounced “eye-vree”). (we liked avery but wanted something more unique) Its not always fun seeing people’s reactions to her name, but that’s part of a unique name.

  12. I always thought I would name my daughter Olive, but when I came up with the idea, it was frowned upon. Now it’s somewhat popular! Anyway, we had a son first, who we named Alden, not thinking at all that it was similar looking to Aiden, which is so popular. It’s a completely different name to us, so it’s somewhat irksome when people get it confused, but also understandable. We originally liked Arwyn (which, I will say, for the record, is a Welsh boy’s name) but the first thing everyone we mentioned it to thought of was the elf queen from Lord of the Rings. Sigh. Alden means the same thing: old friend. We have our daughter’s name picked out, but I’m feeling shy about sharing it here. It’s Gaelic. Nobody in the US will be able to pronounce it from sight, but it’s beautiful looking and sounding :)

  13. I love thinking about baby names, even before I had my own. I tend toward last names as first names because they sound familiar but they aren’t too popular. My 8 month old son is Finley and we call him Fin. I also love Campbell, Bennet, etc. My Yiaya (Greek for grandmother) was Sofia and if I’d had a girl I would have named her that, despite the popularity of the name. She was the sweetest grandmother and I would have loved to name a daughter after her!

  14. I’m a teacher as well – middle school – and there are several names I would NEVER use for my own children as a result! Some just seem to have bad mojo.

  15. My all time favorite boy name is Wyatt… but we ended up naming our little boy, Levi (#60 on the list). My husband, for some reason really disliked, Wyatt :( My daughter’s name is Sparrow Fae. I really love unusual names. My name is ‘SummerLily’, I have a brother named ‘Forest’ and another brother named “Skyler”. I love that we all have pretty unique names.

  16. My favorites are Leo, Gordon, Elliott, and Elijah for boys (Peter as a middle name since that’s my dad’s name). For girls, I love Noelle and Penny (Penelope).
    Shocked not to see my name, Megan, on the list! There are so many girls with that name that I’ve met that are my age–20s. I guess it was a popular name when I was born, but not so much nowadays.

  17. Oh E!!! How wonderful! I have a daughter named Anouk and one of her middle names is Yoshimi. We were also inspired by the song as well as our complete and utter love of Japan. We’re not Japanese (we’re Australian) and if we hadn’t love the name Anouk so much, there was a chance Yoshi would have been used as the first name!

    I say do it! Who cares what others think?! It is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning and on top of that, Yoshimi from the song is a kick arse role model for little girls in this ‘princess’ day and age. Good luck, Luna. x

  18. We named our son Frederick after my grandfather. He has a cousin the same age (both 2) named Fiona. Together we call them the little “F”ers!

  19. Its so weird how names go in trends. My brother is named Connor and I am an Evelyn. Growing up we never encountered others with our names. Now my niece and nephew know multiple Connor and Evelyns. I liked having a unique name, and the names I have picked out for my future children aren’t likely to hit the top 100 at any time.

  20. All I have to say about popular names for newborns is: HIVE MIND!

  21. I’m a huge fan of baby names. Although I don’t plan of having children for a while, I love looking up and learning the meanings of names. My favorite names of the moment are Lucille, Theodore, and Freddy.

  22. My first daughter’s name is Sarenna and our second daughter’s name is Lilia, although we call her Lily most of the time. We often joked that we couldn’t name the first a unique name and name the second Jane. Although ironically Jane is now less popular than Lily! I love the names Alice and Lucas but they don’t work with our last name. I also love Oliver and Charles. to me, boys names were so much easier to come up with than girls names.

  23. Oh., but also, because I love names…right now my favorites are August and Oliver for boys, Pippa and Hazel for girls.

  24. For the record, this list comes from the names most commonly used on Baby Center. It ISN’T the official SSA one, which comes out in May. So don’t take it as an accurate reading of US names from 2012. Just FYI.

  25. What a fun post, Jo!

    My parents thought they were having a boy and were planning to name me after my grandfather, Donald. But SURPRISE…a girl and they named me Donnie. I have yet to meet another lady whose real name is Donnie, I’ve come across a few that go by Dani or Donni but their full name is Daniella/Danielle or something similar. I used to hate my name growing up, but now I love it! I’m one of a kind..ha!

  26. We have a brand new Corinne Elise. Elise is up there….but not Corinne..I think that’s good.

  27. I love Antonio and Regina… My grandparent’s names.

  28. my favorites are Zara :) for girls, Leo for boys

  29. My dad’s name is “Raymond” and my mom’s name is “Deanna”.
    So they decided to name me “Rae-anna”

    I didn’t mind having a unique name, but it was a hassle to correct every mispronunciation that followed (“Nice to meet you, Brianna”, or “Rhiannon, like the song?”, and now “Rhianna, like the singer?”).
    Also, having to correct the spelling becomes a little annoying. I have finally met someone with the same name, but it’s spelled Rayanna and I think she’ll have an easier time with the spelling/pronunciation.

    My family calls me “Anna” and my friends/husband call me “Rae”. It’s only confusing for my husband at family functions, because my dad goes by “Ray”.

    Overall, I am glad that my name honors the people that created me, but I’m not sure it would be worth the hassle if there wasn’t a good reason for it :) I think I might stick to more classic names that are significant to our family or history. I think I’d have to meet the little bundle first to be sure!

  30. My parents were going to name me Emma if I was a girl and Jody if I was a boy. I turned up (a girl) but they decided to stick with Jody and not change the spelling to Jodie or Jodi. In 1970s/80s New Zealand, I was always the only female Jody with a ‘y’ which made me feel special!

  31. we just named our baby ‘wesley’ – i’m so glad it’s not a popular name!

  32. With the trend of old fashioned names being current, I keep thinking one day I’ll see my name on these lists, but nope! I have only met two other Maureens in my entire LIFE and I live in a big city. I hated my name as a kid but as an adult I like that it’s unique.

  33. We have a Jasper and I just gave birth last week to Truman. I’m a fan of classic, solid (but not too commonly used) names.

  34. Yes I care! But I really wish I didn’t . . . when I saw Olivia (my favorite name) was number three, I got really sad! I guess it’s because my name was super popular when I was born. I wanted to give my kids names that were slightly more unique, but not too crazy. Oh well :)

  35. Named my baby boy Holden. I’m surprised that its not more popular since catcher in the rye has been required reading for awhile (remember Holden Caufield?). I think it’s a good alternative to Hayden.

  36. Our two daughters are named Maggie and Georgia. I’m surprised to find that neither are on the list! Especially Maggie, since it’s such a simple, sweet, old-fashioned name. But I’m not complaining!

  37. Lawson James and Alba Rose. We chose first names that we hadn’t heard often. They also both came from movies that I loved and have watched MANY times (too many I am sure). Lawson is a characters name in A Love Song for Bobby Long. Alba is a character name from The Time Traveler’s Wife. They were also the only two names that my fiancee and I could agree upon! The middles names are family names of loved ones. James is for two of my grandfathers and it is also the middle name of my fiancee’s deceased brother. And Rose is my fiancee’s mom’s middle name and my great-aunts middle name.

  38. I love the name Halliday for a girl. I had only seen it as a last name except for this one girl I heard perform at a poetry slam. She was amazing and I grew so attached to the name. I also love the name Jager (pronounced with a “J” sound, not a “y”)for a boy.

  39. My father’s name is Owen, which I have always loved. Kinda a bummer it’s become so popular.

    My name is fairly unique, never had a problem with 2 Sheilas in school. I have to say I appreciate that my parents didn’t give me a trendy name. How many personalized key chains does one really need?

  40. I really don’t get all these negative comments about top names. You should choose a name that you love, and that suits your baby. You’re not doing anyone a service by avoiding names simply because they’re popular.

  41. Interesting how many presidential names there are-
    Kennedy and Reagan for girls, Harrison and Lincoln for boys

  42. This list is wrong :)

    Go to the SSA baby name list to get the right one, Jacob is the number one boys name, not Aiden.