Along a Long Road, $11.55. Toby and I are both in love with this beautiful book.

Taxi leg warmers, $12 each.

Toy plane, $20, along with a luggage cart! (This airplane box set is rad, too.)

Adorable clothes, made in Brooklyn, $32 and up. (Here’s their holiday sale.)

Mini Book of Names & Faces, a bedtime story about his peeps. $29.99.

Spaghetti twirling fork for funny dinners, $9.54.

His first assignment, $1.

Leaning Tower of Pisa blocks, $40.49. (Or the entire Coliseum)

Musical sounds puzzle, $11. (There’s an animal sounds puzzle, too.)

Kazoobie Wazoo Kazoo! Extra loud! $7.98. (This trumpet kazoo is cool, too.)

P.S. More gifts for kids, and the 2012 gift guide so far…

(Pisa blocks via Abbey)