Vacation Photos: Cornwall, England

I’d love to share a few photos from our vacation in England, if you’d like to see…

Our grandmother lives in a teeny tiny fishing village called Polruan. Our first evening there, we had a drinks party on her terrace. She invited her friends of all ages, and we ate smoked salmon and potato chips.

Toby loves a good party…

We toasted my cousin and her husband, who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. (Aren’t they cute?)

And this is the view! Crikey! It was so much fun.

During this trip, Toby met his new “cousins” (they are my cousins’ daughters) for the first time ever. It was ridiculously endearing to see them all play together. My British aunts referred to them as “the littles,” which I loved.

We had a few rainy days (not pictured:), but on a particularly sunny afternoon, we took a spectacular boat ride to Lantic Bay, a beach nearby. (That’s when we took this family photo, too.)

My cousin’s husband Nick brought along a bottle of Cornish scrumpy, which is a strong alcoholic cider that tastes just like apple juice.

Toby drank too much and passed out. (Kidding.)

The English ocean water was freeeeezing but my cousins are brave.

One day, we all hiked to visit my grandfather’s grave, which is in a lovely countryside church overlooking fields of sheep. My grandmother always brings whiskey (his favorite) to sprinkle over his grave.

My awesome sister Lucy carried Toby all the way (uphill). Yay for aunts!

Have you ever had a Cornish pasty? It’s dough filled with beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and lots of pepper, and you can eat them with one hand. (Originally, they were developed for miners and sailors.) Delish…

As with all great vacations, we ate way too much.

In the evenings, the yellow light is gorgeous, and we sometimes take walks and chat with sweet old ladies on the street.

At the end of each day, we’d just hang out, cook dinner, gossip, play games and drink gin & tonics. I remember how my grandfather used to sometimes call out, in his booming British voice, “Noise level too high!”

One evening, my brother made the mistake of dozing off in a chair, so naturally we decided to see how many items we could stack on him before he woke up. (I thought the bottle on his head was especially impressive:)

Our final morning, we got up early to leave. We were sad to go but the bright side was seeing the view from the terrace. The morning fog looked foggy and magical–right out of Peter Pan. Polruan, we miss you already! Thank you for having us, Milly! xoxo

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  1. shopgirl says...

    “…brings whiskey (his favorite) to sprinkle over his grave.”

    The best one!!!

  2. Cornwall is such a lovely, charming place. I would love to go back! My favorite memory was waking up to the sound of rain and seagulls. I also enjoyed your travel post from today! I have travel lust now! :)

  3. This is such a beautiful post – I’m from Falmouth in Cornwall and have never visited Polruan…Weirdly I used to work at the company that made the cyder (Cornish spelling of cider!)you were all drinking…I miss being able to take some home with me on a Friday evening!!

  4. What a delight! I fell as if I’ve been there myself! thanks for sharing. Your gran is gorgeous!

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  6. Thankfully it was not a long vacation, however, in the future I will use some of these tips. I never want to feel the guilt of neglecting my blogging responsibilities again.
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  7. oh my lordie, that last picture IS magical!
    I LOVE family reunions and yours looks like it was amazing.

    And that is the BEST caption ever-‘ Toby drank too much and past out. (Kidding)’

  8. Question- where did you get that awesome lifejacket for Toby? My family’s about to head off on our vacation and we could use one for our own little guy!

  9. i googled polruan, and these photos are a million times more gorgeous than any online… this post made me want to drop everything and get there asap. thank you for the awesomeness that is your blog!

  10. You capture everything that is lovely about the UK oh so perfectly. xo

  11. You have a big gorgeous family!!! these pictures are great! and the last one is just fantastic… thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful family vacation! The last photo looks so much like the Maine coast, where my family roots lie. Beautiful!

  13. to. die. for. thanks for sharing your vacation with us…the pics made me relaxed, melancholy for my own family and itchin’ to travel! awesome!! i love love the idea of sprinkling a loved one’s favorite “spirit” on their grave. so thoughtful and sweet.

  14. You came to my corner of the world!

    It is beautiful here and it looked like you got to enjoy it in all it’s glory in the sunshine…I hope you didn’t have too much of the infamous Cornish rain at any point!

  15. Liz H. says...

    I hope this wasn’t already asked… where is Toby’s cute head scarf from? What a fun way to cover his head :)

  16. Looks like it was such a fabulous trip spent with family! I love how many generations were there together :) The village is so picturesque!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. I am currently visiting Cornwall too and I found it is an ideal place for fairy tales. I rarely visited a place of such beauty.
    Your photos are really beautiful, I hope your spent a fantastic holiday!! – Barbara

  18. WOW!! That last photo is AMAZING. I would love to display it in my home.

  19. I absolutely love all of your photos! How fun!

  20. Allison says...

    I visited England in 2007 and have been craving Cornish pasties ever since.

  21. What a lovely trip! And such fantastic photos. My Grandparents were from Padstow in Cornwall – I used to go every year but haven’t been back in a while. Seeing that familiar coastline through a fresh pair of eyes has made me feel really nostalgic! Such a special part of the world, thank you for sharing.

  22. Isn’t Cornwall magical?! Gorgeous pictures, they really capture how much fun you had :) Thanks for sharing them (especially when you piled things on top of your brother)

  23. OMG! Looooved the pics, they are amazing. And I really love to see that there are still some people with th same family values as my familly. Almost all of my friends never see their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. It feels so good to know that you’re raising little Toby the same way as I was raised (and probably you too).
    I’d love to have relatives ins other countries, so I could visit, but most of my family lives 10 minuts from my house. (I live in Brazil by the way).


  24. It looks wonderful! One week of English food, landscapes and weather = bliss :) Cornwall is my list of places to visit in England. Bonne semaine!

  25. What a wonderful family . Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us

  26. Ana says...

    So beautiful. This last “Peter Pan” photo is just breathtaking. It looks like you really had great time there, and your lovely family reminds me of those sweet&funny big families we have been watching in some uplifting films :) England is gorgeous!

  27. Beautiful pictures. My partner’s family holiday in Polruan every year, it’s a stunning part of the country.

  28. Thanks for sharing Joanna! Beautiful pics and a beautiful looking little village!

  29. I was in Cornwall last summer, watching these pictures I feel I miss it (I visited even Polruan!), it’s all so enchanted there!

  30. WOW! what an amazing trip! Im going to Europe for the first time ever in October and I hope it’s THIS delightful. Your family seems so sweet & fun! Lucky girl you are!

  31. looks lovely! I love all the stripey-shirtness going on in this vacay :)

  32. What gorgeous photos, Joanna! I can feel the warm air right through my screen! I was born in Cornwall and my gran sometimes still makes Cornish pasties (vegetarian for me), even though we’re all across the other side of the world now. Looks as though you had a simply wonderful holiday.