My sweets, what are your plans for this weekend? This afternoon I’m getting a massage! It was my Mother’s Day present, and I’m finally going. I’m soooo excited. (Have you ever tried one of these?) Hope you guys have a great weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

What a stunning Indian wedding. The details are mind-blowing.

Pretty earrings.

Grass globe illusion in Paris.

Love this wedding print.

Street-style jumps!

Sweet new stationery.

Rad rooftop playground in Copenhagen (of course).

Two pretty tops for date nights: blue and polka-dot.

The steepest rollercoaster! (Watch the video at 1:35, eeeeeeeks!)

Great birthday cake.

I wish this sailor dress came in grown-up sizes.

This made me laugh.

Wonderful advice about what to say to someone who’s sick.

Have a good one, my darlings! xoxo (P.S. For any early readers, sorry about the original post that went up, it was definitely a draft!:)