1. Love the outfit..It is too awesome for words and could only be worn on a Vespa for best effect!

  2. I can’t stop laughing!! I love his sense of humor.

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  4. okay that’s awesome.

  5. I seriously love your brother.

  6. This won’t really have effect, I think so.

  7. hahah funny… your brother is such a cute bed bug. Karen

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  9. Hahaha!!!! This is priceless! Best costume I’ve seen from this past Halloween, hands down.

  10. sooooo funny. i want to meet your parents haha

  11. haha, thanks for all these great comments! Cassandra Marie, nick is 3 1/2 years younger than i am. his girlfriend looked awesome; i should have posted her photo, too :)

  12. I have the same moped as a bedbug! Neat!

  13. Mo says...

    Your brother looks like tons of fun. Great family!

  14. Very funny! Bedbugs are every where these days… they’re almost hip. lol, ok, NOT.

  15. Haha! Such a great idea!

  16. What a clever brother! That’s awesome.

  17. That is fantastic. You’ve got quite a fun family, Joanna! Thanks for sharing, totally made my afternoon. :)

  18. Jo, is your little brother single? Ha ha!

    …No, but really.

    Loving these fabulous gift guides. xo Lola

  19. Anonymous says...

    So amazingly cute!!!!!

  20. Kslots says...

    In a word-awesome! That totally just made my day :)

  21. oh joanna, that IS hilarious! thanks for the giggles

  22. Wonderful, especially dressing up as a mattress:-D

  23. Oh Joanna that is hillarious! Thanks for sharing this post, it eased my mood from this horrible day.


  24. LOVE!!! i think this is the best costume in the history of the world! i would have loved to be at the halloween party with the mattress and the bedbug!!
    p.s. i think you “told” me once that your brother went to tasis, but i never told you that that is so close to me!! I’ve never known a tasis kid to be so cool!!

  25. Anonymous says...

    That is the funniest costume I’ve ever seen. Let’s see the mattress!

  26. Best costume ever. I doubt anyone has ever dressed up as a bedbug before.

  27. Hahaha, this is the best costume ever… hands down. I check your blog every day, and, after today’s post, I’m so glad I do. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  28. this makes me cringe and laugh at the same time :)

  29. This is too much! I don’t know what I would do if I saw your bed bug brother driving by…love love love this!

  30. This picture made my morning. {Smiles}



    it is brilliant! Wish we could see him standing up too :)

  32. LOL that’s awesome.

  33. This is absolutely the best costume idea I have ever seen.

  34. Hahaha! This is amazing and adorable! I need to see photos of the GF!

  35. hehe this is soo funny but it’s really cool too! :D

  36. ahhhh, that is quite possibly one of the best costumes ever! so very appropriate for NYC.


  37. best current events costume ever!

  38. HAHA!!! that is such a sweet costume!

  39. i agree with all of the above… totally hilarious…
    have a great weekend… xx

  40. ah my gosh! too funny!!! reminds me of something my little brother nick would do. hilarious! xoxo jcd

  41. This just made my friday!!! I love it!

  42. Hilarious! Dang, your brother has a girlfriend? I remember from your Smitten days that he was single. Boo for me! ;)

  43. That is awesome. I’ll be laughing all day.

  44. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I laughed so hard when I saw it this morning!

  45. hehe, what a unique idea. I love it. can we see a photo of them together?

  46. Awesome! Love the picture, and the idea of his girlfriend dressed up as a mattress!!

  47. Ahh! That is beyond adorable.

  48. LOL that is hilarious. But, am I the only one that is concerned for his safety? I mean, driving on in the city on a scooter without a helmet is risky as is, but dressed as a bedbug? You just know someone’s gonna want to squash you. :)

  49. That is so cool! Would love to see pics of his girlfriend…

  50. Lol I love people who are silly like this! And also, even though his face isn’t completely visible, I can definitely see the resemblance between you two! How far apart are you in age?


    {Stop by and say hello!}

  51. What a great laugh on a Friday!

  52. Ha! I wore the exact same costume this Halloween with a bra on top and was a “sexy cockroach.” I thought it would detract unwanted male attention…but really they couldn’t stop themselves from fondling my antennae…

    Riding a motorcycle in that costume–amazing skill!

  53. This is why we love Nick!! Amazing!!

  54. I would have laughed so hard if I saw that in real life. So funny!

  55. don’t get me wrong, you post amazing things. But this? This might be my favourite.

  56. That is hilarious! And love that his girlfriend was a mattress!

  57. haahaha…fabulous!!

  58. oh my goodness this is hysterical! you clearly have an AWESOME brother!

  59. So funny! I would have died if I saw him riding by in that costume. Love it!

  60. Ha this is hilarious!

  61. emily, yes! he lives in brooklyn heights :)

  62. This is hysterical! Thanks for a good laugh! I love that he actually commuted in the costume. I heart the American Halloween spirits. You know how to enjoy life!

  63. ha! i wish i would have seen this on my way to work–would have made me laugh so hard!

  64. This is hilarious! What a creative couple, I love the bedbug+mattress Halloween costume idea :)

  65. That’s awesome!

  66. amazing! i’m so jealous of people that can pull off creative costume ideas – the bedbug is genius!

  67. Emily says...

    Is that Borough Hall!? Does he live in Brooklyn Heights!? Me too! That costume is amazing. I’m so jealous of people that creative.

  68. That is both hysterical and SO original!!

  69. No WAY. That is hysterical. So glad you posted these — so much more hilarious than I imagined!

  70. Now that is creative. Haha hilarious!

  71. Thanks for sharing! I was dying for some visuals when I read that! He is hilarious!

  72. dying dying dying! What a great way to start a Friday! hahaha

  73. Hilarious! What a fun family you have, Joanna!

  74. That is hysterical! Nice to start the day off with a good laugh. I’m sure everyone who saw him that day on their way to work got a good chuckle!

  75. HA! thanks for the laugh this morning … this is great!

  76. HAha, That is so funny! Your brother, reminds me of my brother!! haha

  77. hahahaha! you’re right – the feet make it hilarious!

  78. Hahaha this is awesome

  79. HAhaha! You have the most awesome family! And he’s your twin, right? So funny. I love that his girlfriend went as a mattress.

  80. This is hysterical! What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. Yes, it does seem that creativity runs in the family!

    One year my friend dressed as the West Nile Virus ( a mosquito) and her husband was a bug exterminator.

  81. That is super funny and clever!!! I love it!

    Early this morning (still a bit dark) as I was leaving my workout, I heard feet scuffling behind me. So I turned around and to my surprise, there was a 6′ tall hound dog with huge floppy ears walking towards me. It was someone heading to the corner in a super cool dog suit to advertise pet sitting. He brought me so many giggles all the way home.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  82. ok i totally read that yesterday and thought you were just being funny…i thought ”hmm, that’s random”….now i realize you weren’t kidding! :)

  83. as gross as bed bugs are this idea is brilliant and so super funny. and with a matching mattress, even better. i love that he was daring enough to hop on a scooter and head to work like it was any other day ;)

  84. Anonymous says...

    You go nick!! Awesome! Hey Jo why don’t you post about his gf’s halloween costume? :)

  85. really funny! Great idea!
    And great blog. I become an addicted reader :)
    Best wishes!
    Ola A.

  86. Hahahah…That is so amazing! I bet he made many people smile that day! Imagine driving car next to his litlle yellow motorcycle. How creative and fun!

  87. Best costume idea of the year! Thanks for the photo. I was trying to make a picture in my head. And his girlfriend as a mattress! I love it!

  88. Nick is awesome!!! That is totally cool and absolutely amazing. Although I must say I doesn’t look quite traffic safe, could he see anything at all?? Haha go Nick!

  89. This is seriously so funny! Thank you for making me laugh this morning :)

  90. Um, that’s completely genius and also hysterical. And the yellow vespa! Classic. x

  91. oh wow this is so funny.! and original. i love it