My sweets, hope you had a wonderful weekend! We’re back in New York now, but already missing San Francisco (and shrimp tacos). Photos coming up!

Meanwhile, I’d love to do two Motherhood Monday posts today. First up, have you ever worn a baby carrier? The comfiest one I’ve found (by far) is the Ergo, $135, which is really easy to put on. It’s great to walk around the city (and into stores) while wearing Toby; I wear him on the front, so we can chit-chat, and he’s always more mellow than when he’s in the stroller.

So I was psyched to see that the Ergo just got a makeover. I have the sea green color (which I like), but they’re now offering it in beautiful fabrics, like this lovely one above. Wouldn’t it add such a pretty touch to an outfit? I’m trying to rationalize buying one for the summer. :)

P.S. 10 things to wear as a nursing mother.

(Via Stroller Traffic)