10 Things to Wear as a Nursing Mother

A few readers have requested a post about nursing wear, so I thought I’d share my ten favorite things from the past five months, in hopes that it might be helpful…

Clockwise from top left:

1. Not to sound like a broken record, but I am in love with Gap skinny jeans. They’re flattering, not-too-expensive and perfect for new moms. (And if you don’t believe me, take it from Jenny and Abbey, too!)

2. When carrying a baby around town, I’ve been surprised how tricky it is to juggle a regular diaper bag and balance it over one shoulder. So instead I’ve gotten hooked on backpacks. At first I figured that I’d look like a dorky seventh grader, but I love the backpacks from etsy shop LetsPlayAllDay. She even makes them in stripes and polka dots!

3. The Ergo is the comfiest baby carrier I’ve used, by far. It’s easy to put on, and Toby can cuddle up against my chest as we walk around the city.

4. Ray-Bans somehow miraculously manage to make you feel cool even when you’re covered in spit-up.

5. Stud earrings, like these stars, are pretty and can’t be grabbed and pulled by little hands.

6. Boob nursing wear is, hands down, the best nursing wear I’ve found. The Swedish brand makes adorable, uber-flattering T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, and even hoodie sweatshirts with a subtle fold-over flap that you just lift up a little when you want to breastfeed. I wear these all around New York City and feel very comfortable and modest when feeding Toby, even as countless strangers walk right by us. It’s surprisingly hard to find Boob designs in the U.S., but thankfully Due Maternity (and the Upper Breast Side, if you live in New York) carry some of their pieces. (Update: Erica let me know you can order from Stockholm Objects, too. Yay!)

7. With a baby in your arms (or in the Ergo), it’s hard to bend over to tie your shoes. So slip-on shoes come in handy! French Bensimon shoes are cute and comfy, and Minnetonka moccasins and striped espadrilles would work well, too.

8. Nursing bras can be hideously functional, but Elle Macpherson nursing bras are (surprise!) super sexy. When the lace at the top peeks out under your a V-neck tee, it looks like a flirty camisole.

9. These days, many people use their cell phones to check the time, but when I have Toby in my arms, it’s not always easy to grab around for my phone. So I’ve started wearing a cheap Timex men’s watch, which I really like.

10. Finally, as a nursing mom, your breasts might leak milk. (We were at brunch with friends a few months ago, and milk literally started dripping through my T-shirt onto the table. Awkward!) But if you tuck Lansinoh nursing pads into your bra, they absorb the milk and prevent leaking. Now I wear them night and day. (Bonus: They also make your boobs look bigger :)

Hope this helps — and huge congratulations to all you new moms and moms-to-be out there!

P.S. Breastfeeding in public.

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  5. The trick of wearing a watch while nursing would be so helpful. I remember when I had first baby, I was always pulling out my phone or asking my husband to check the clock on the stove to know what time it was. Like you said, with a baby in your arms, doing everyday tasks suddenly becomes so much harder. Even once you’re not nursing, these tips could be incredibly clever for helping to make life a bit easier.

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  19. Oh I love the earrings. I can wear this skinny jean as a work wear too.

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  23. Hi, this is absolutely a great help! I also had fun reading the whole article…I must say that we practically love the same I have practically all the things you mentioned..another tip also is that I still use my maternity clothes because I feel most comfortable wearing them around..and husband thinks its sexy! :)

  24. Great list. And so great to hear others dealing with the “in between”/post partum body phase. So many media stories of celeb/model moms jumping back to their pre-pregnancy size after 8 weeks post partum make me feel like an alien for still carrying an extra 20 lbs after 4months of having a baby. And Gap does have great jeans for when you need something to hold you over before fitting back into your old skinny jeans. Amen!

  25. Great list.. I just had my 4th and still it is great to see what is new out there and what others like. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut. xo

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  28. Just wondering Joanna – can you buy Boob products online in the US? I’d love to get one of the tops for my best friend who is due at the end of this month but can’t seem to figure it out from their site. Thanks for any tips!

  29. This is FANTASTIC! BLESS YOU! My baby is only 6 weeks, but may I add that I bought the super nice nursing bras, dropped the big bucks on a Bravado, but my favorite one has ended up being one I grabbed at Wal-Mart! I have two now. it’s the “bestform” brand and it’s $12.00!

    I have a VERY large chest and it has fab support! And stays so comfy all day. Plus the nursing pads don’t show through like they do with some bras.

    thanks again for the list!

  30. Hi Joanna,

    i saw you are using the disposable nursing pads and i wondered if you have heard about the stylish reuseable cloth pads “honeysuckles” (organic, cotton, or flannel) made by the Daum sisters? They are amazing and I thought it would be a fun way to add style in unexpected places :)

  31. la franglaise, i haven’t worn dresses while nursing but Boob makes some nursing dresses….also i’ve worn v-neck t-shirts with skirts, and just pulled down the t-shirt, so that seemed to work ok, too!

  32. so fun to read about all the other moms and moms-to-be-very-soon! so exciting!!! congrats to all! (and thanks for the tips about yummy mummy and mamanana xoxo)

  33. haha, rachel, but the boob pads are secretly amazing for truning a regular bra into a padded bra :) i’ve been thinking of doing that even after i stop nursing. heehee

  34. I want to wear all of these clothes minus the boob pads, but i’m not a mom yet. comfortably pretty.

  35. LOVE this list! I’m sure it will be super-helpful to moms out there – I have used so many of these items too.

  36. that yellow hoodie girl reminds me of cher!

  37. I loved this list! It is so beautifully practical! I am currently a nursing mom, and would LOVE to have all of these items. Thanks for always giving me something great to look at : )

  38. I’m nowhere near being a nursing mother, but I sure do LOVE those Bensimon sneakers! Too cute.

  39. Yummy Mummy on the Upper East Side sells Boob Nursing shirts too!

  40. Awesome post. Thanks so much, Jo!

  41. I wish I knew about those cute breast feeding hoodies six months ago! Well, I guess baby number two will be MUCH easier thanks to you! Those nursing covers can be such a pain in public. I like the Timex watch idea too.
    You have great style Joanna! I’m sure you are the cutest ever mama in NYC!

  42. I seriously can not live without my ergo. I mean, I can. I just don’t want to.

  43. Thanks for sharing this! Exactly what I need to prepare for when my baby is expected to come, which is in 8 wks!

  44. Great list! I’ve got 2 1/2 weeks until my due date and I need to do some stocking up. I appreciate the tips.

  45. thanks joanna! i love this post! i’m 31 weeks and due dec. 23 w/our first baby so all the nursing info is SUPER helpful!!

  46. Great suggestions – some are new to me, thanks!

  47. Thank you for this list Joanna! I’m expecting my first baby in March so I will put these items to use!

  48. This is a great list! Tank Tops have saved my life when nursing, especially the control tops!

  49. I have those red Bensimon shoes, and even though they look really good, the elastic band on top is sooo tight, it digs deep on top of my foot and I’ve been trying to stretch it forever, but it just doesn’t work. I don’t think I have a high instep. If you want to get a Bensimon, choose the ballerina or the one with laces.

    The Ray-Bans are next on my list…

  50. Anonymous says...

    Great post!

  51. Great post! I’ve been on the hunt for a backpack for over a year. Love the one you feature here.

  52. Great post! My boobs still leak, even with a 7 month old! I use washable cotton breast pads and they have saved me from many an embarrassing moment. (I totally had the leaking through the shirt moment during a work meeting. Ugh! Thankfully my coworkers are awesome.)

  53. Anonymous says...

    sewing some using super soft (and absorbing)flannel –layer it, then throw them in the wash after wearing them. It would less consumption and waste.
    Oh, and it’s hip earthy moms like me (w/children 13, 9,& 7) that paved the way to give you girls such hip and fashionable and REAL clothes. I was pretty cute in my homemade stylie dresses and pants and cut off shirts, but some of these new clothes are so sexy and fabulous! Wear it well girls, and you’re welcome. ;)

  54. Thanks for this list, Joanna! I’m loving the backpack idea more and more now that I’m a new mama myself!

  55. Love those jeans…
    Wish i had known about Boob wear though when I was breast feeding earlier this year… oh well
    But I do know some one who this list would come in handy for

  56. i’m not a mom, and probably won’t be for several years, but it’s nice to know that a new mom can still be fashionable! you’re a perfect example! i also love gap skinny jeans.. i never wear jeans, but i’ve had this pair of gap skinny jeans for 4 years now, and they’re wonderful!

  57. ps: do you manage to wear any dresses? I found that was the only frustrating thing as a nursing mum: always having to wear jeans or shorts, and no dresses.

  58. Hi Joanna, that’s such a great list. I had never heard about the Elle McPherson nursing bras! I struggled to find a nice bra even in Paris and in the end went for a brand called Anita, not the sexiest but very comfy nonetheless. Between, I have a new post on my blog which I think you would like: it’s a Keith Haring rocker for kiddies! Have a quick peek. Bye for now! xx

  59. I’m going to bookmark this and comeback in about a year and a half :)

  60. I love BOOB! I also love those shoes and the backpack! Great list :)

  61. Love this list. So chic and so helpful. Thanks x

  62. amazing!))

  63. I love when mamas share their personal tried-and-true info (especially when it’s like this and so non-preachy). One day, I may put this to good use!

  64. PJ says...

    Your list is right on the money… My babies are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and I could not have made it with out my backpack, I splurged on a nice designer one, I still carry it… best advice from a friend and what can I say about Lansinoh… but the cream, Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin… no need to remove before you nurse, my advice is that you use it daily… use it before you actually need it and you will!! Toby is super cute, but I think I’ve said that before.

  65. I wish I had known about the Boob Nursing wear. I stopped nursing my 2nd a couple months ago, but I always felt very limited in what I could wear.
    I also love my Ergo. We used it with my 3 year old in Yosemite a couple years back and she rode around piggy back style. It was awesome!

  66. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I just ordered my first boob nursing top with high hopes that I’ll finally be able to nurse in public without being self-conscious.

    Also, while I love my Ergo, have you tried a ring sling like the Maya Wrap or Sakura Bloom? Even easier! And not as hot (important in FL) :)

  67. I live in the bravado nursing tanks.
    I like that hoodie, but I find the obvious panel to be so hideous. It’s like a giant “NURSING MOM!” sign on your chest. If only they would make the panel more subtle…

    Nordstrom has a great selection of nursing bras. Elle Macpherson and a few others whose brand slips my mind – all dead sexy.

  68. Great list! I’m four months way from having our first, and am collecting as much good info like this as I can. Thanks so much!!

  69. Good list, however, the last thing I wanted when I was nursing was for my boobs to look any bigger than they already were (you are lucky you were able to nurse for so long, I wish I had better luck! Recovering from my c-section and broken ribs made it hard for me to even hold my baby).

  70. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to learn to nurse hands-free while wearing the ergo! Just loosen the straps, put up the hood and, shift your little one over to one side then you can pull out a boob and be on your way. I have done this a ton and in very busy areas and really, no one knows!

  71. if i had known that i would still be nursing at 20 months, i would have invested in a few nursing tanks/tops, especially for the winter when pulling up my shirt isn’t an option outside. i’ve been layering a nursing bra (bravado), tank, and long sleeved-shirt, but i find that my tanks have gotten stretched out from being yanked down constantly.

    i heartily second the watch and the backpack. will be interested to see how you combine babywearing and winter coats. it was easy with a sling, but now leon’s too heavy for a front-carry in my SSC and i don’t have a coat that accommodates a back-carry.

  72. What a great list, Jo! I’m a new mom (again) and have a 5 year old and I can vouch for this list- great, great pics. Those shoes are super cute- thanks for posting. I found your blog via Ohdeedoh a couple weeks ago and it’s now one of my faves.

  73. *LOVE*

  74. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this, and all other useful mommy hints. As a first-time momma to be I am so grateful.

  75. Okay, so, I’m freshly 18 years of age and no where near children, but. I still apprecaite the list.

    It’s adorable.

  76. Great post for new moms… I am checking out those gap jeans now!

  77. Thank you for posting this, Joanna! So helpful!
    It’s great hearing about cute things for when I start nursing in January when my daughter is due!

  78. Hi Joanna,

    I have been meaning to comment on your amazing blog for such a long time now not only because it is so much fun to read and look at but also because I started reading it when i was pregnant with my now 4 month old daughter and felt like we had that in common. (wow run on sentence)
    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for always posting such inspirational, useful, fun photos and info. It’s all right up my alley and it’s the first thing I read in the morning, after nursing my baby. I absolutely love Cup of Jo!!!
    Thank you,
    Hilary de Roy

  79. this is such a great post! I agree on the Gap skinny jeans and I just picked up a pair of hot pink Bensimons at Madewell that I’m excited to wear!! How I wish the Ergo and Boob line were out when I was nursing my almost 4 and almost 6 year olds. I’m saving this list though because…you never know!! The Lansinoh pads are a lifesaver!! Non-mommies never believe me when I say that sometimes you can start leaking just from hearing a baby cry!!!

  80. Thanks so much for this list, Joanna! I’m expecting in January, and I was wondering about nursing but didn’t know where to start researching.

  81. lol @ the boob leaking. My baby is about to turn 2 and that is something I had forgotten about!!

  82. Alicia Marie, i haven’t use a cover, since the Boob shirts make it so that you really can’t see anything except a teeny bit of skin. :)

  83. kelly, such a fun idea about modern art!! and Anna Claire, thanks for the Target tip. xo

  84. Can’t wait to send this to my friend with a new baby! And those earrings are seriously cute. I have a pair of pyramid stud earrings from my shop I wear every day and am always looking for more like that.

  85. This is just what I needed. As a mom to be I know I’ll be looking over at this when the time comes. Very helpful.

  86. I swear by my Ergo carrier, too. I’ve brought it travelling with me, and it keeps baby in place! LOL! Yeah, and those nursing pads rock! Don’t want stains around the boob area! I always carry a nursing canopy with me as well :)

  87. Ok, I’m not a mum, but just had to comment and say how brilliant a name “Upper Breast Side” is for a shop! Genius.

  88. Those backpacks are simply amazing! I’m such a sucker for backpacks.

  89. The ergo carrier is fantastic and I never left home without those nursing pads!

  90. Awesome post. Just the kind of thing I needed to read today as I’m feeling a little down in the wardrobe dept.

  91. Oh and I loved the Ergo AND the Beco Baby Carrier – but bought the Beco simply because I loved the cute patterns (silly reason, I know!).

  92. Yay!!! This list makes me so happy!!! I would add a Hooter Hider (or Bebe au Lait, if you prefer). It was great to use to cover up when going around town – I tucked it into the diaper bag.

  93. Fun list. I wear the nursing pads day and night as well. I love a nursing tank…makes it a bit more modest when my shirt gets pulled weird from a wiggly guy. Would love to check out boob wear though.
    Do you use a nursing cover at all? I swear by my bebe au lait. Hands down the best one I have seen and tried. Cute patterns and has the most coverage and the nicest fabric.
    Glad to know that others can make nursing chic! :)

  94. i looove my ergo! and i love those red shosies! i want a pair. great list. xo!

  95. Thanks! Super list. I’ve been wearing the Ergo w/ RayBans too. If you haven’t brought Toby yet to see modern art. The contemporary/modern wing of the Met – especially the Anish Kapoor – was a hit.

  96. Great list, Joanna! I’m also a nursing mom and have found all these items to be super helpful.

    I also always carry an Aiden & Anais muslin blanket with me to use an extra nursing cover if I need it. Plus, I can also wrap the little one up if he’s cold, mop up drool, shade him from the sun, etc.

  97. H says...

    Thank you so much for posting this! As a former (and future in January) nursing mom, I found it difficult to be chic in nursing-wear. I hope your list encourages any future moms out there to breastfeed!
    I have a law about post-pregnancy clothing: Can I get my boob out? I find myself doing all sorts of really risque moves in dressing rooms these days.
    I am a big fan of nursing tanks/camis under soft tunic blouses. Patterns hide leaks well, too.

  98. Anonymous says...

    Great info! Thank you, I would love to see a list of newborn most haves, I am currently pregnant and overwhelm with all the options, what has worked for you and Toby?

  99. i’m not a mom, but i LOVE that Etsy shop of backpacks! what a great find :-)

  100. Megan says...

    Thank you Jo. I’m having my first baby in a few months and this sort of practical advice is really really helpful.

  101. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of using a back pack! Genius!

  102. Great advice! :) I’ll keep all these things in mind when I have a little one. Except I’m going to check out the Gap skinny jeans right away! :)

  103. not nursing, but i definitely want to pick up a few of these items just for the heck of it. :)

  104. Thanks for this list!

    Believe it or not, Target sells some good, inexpensive nursing bras that look great under t-shirts…they’re the gillian & o’malley brand, I think. I like them way better than some of the more expensive ones I’ve bought.

  105. those nursing pads were the best! they don’t show through like some other brands. i recommend them to every new mama i know x.

  106. Yes, and yes and yes on every thing you listed. very nice photos from your Sunday picnic. Toby looked adorable as usual! and i liked the photo where he has his little hand over yours!

  107. Lilia says...

    Another great article!

  108. Great advice! I’ll be sure to pass this along to anyone I can.


  109. That is such a great guide…I am going to pass it onto my friend who just had twins…She will love to read this, for sure
    Btw: I am addicted to Gap skinny jeans and those star earrings are so adorable