Vacation Photos: Palm Springs

On our Christmas vacation, after spending the four days in L.A., we headed to Palm Springs to meet Alex’s mom and sister. We all stayed together at this rental house. The house was totally tricked out–with a huge pool, a waterfall, a hammock, a fireplace, and toilet seats that automatically opened when you walked into the bathroom (seriously, they had sensors!). Bonus: Crazily enough, it was actually cheaper per person than a budget motel.

We took Toby swimming for the first time. He sort of loved it for a few minutes…and then decided he hated it. :)

One morning, I took a quick shower and came outside to find Toby and Alex playing “helicopter.”
I have to say, it made my heart swell a little bit :)

Here’s the Toby-eye-view!

Toby loved chilling with his grandma. And check out the mountain views! The desert is so gorgeous. (We heard a freaky story about a now-infamous tourist couple who took the tram up the mountain and then decided to stroll back into town. “It’s just a short walk,” they figured. “Doesn’t our hotel look close from up here?” All they had was a pack of chewing gum, and no maps or hiking gear. Five days later, they were rescued.)

Right before Christmas, we thought it would be cool to take a family photo, inspired by these old shadow shots. It didn’t really work, but we tried!

Another morning, we went to Ruby’s Diner, and Toby tried mashed banana for the first time.
Despite a valiant attempt…
…he was not impressed. (His expression cracks me up.)

Another afternoon, Alex, Toby and I snuck off for a couple hours and went to the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, which has a rad pool and is amazingly family- and dog-friendly.
Alex immediately got a beer and parked himself by the hot tub.

Toby and I hung out on deck chairs…
…and dipped our feet into the gorgeous pool. Everyone there was really friendly and chatty; it felt like being at a party. :)

And on the walk home, Toby fell asleep in the stroller…

…and since he’d wake up if we stopped moving, we had to keep going…

…so we walked in circles around a cul-de-sac…

…over and over…

…for a half hour…

…ahhh, vacations with a baby! :) It was a wonderful, restorative trip and made us much more confident about family travel and, honestly, parenting in general. Sometimes it takes a break in your routine to show you what you can do. Thanks so much for reading! Have you been to Palm Springs?

A couple other favorite things: Renting fat-tired bikes, everything on the lunch menu at Cheeky’s, and the local speciality: delicious date milkshakes. Any other tips, my lovelies?

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  2. What a fun trip! We love Palm Springs so much we go there a few times a year-it’s just a quick drive from LA. A couple of tips for your next trip: Room Service has some super swanky rental houses, all of them have different themes, so far my favorites are Casa Verona and The White House.

    Birba is a sister restaurant of Cheeky’s and has a wonderful indoor/outdoor setting that is just lovely in the evening with fire pits and succulents and a menu of simple, rustic Italian dishes and artisan cocktails like the heated snake made with tequila, lime, triple sec and habanero oil.

  3. These lovely photos are making me want to take my first trip out west. So far we have taken our babe to Chicago from St. Louis but nothing further than that.

    Your photo of your husband and Toby reminded me of the time I found my husband playing “stuntman” on the comforter pile on our unmade bed with our baby Frederick. I know the exact feeling you described! I had to stop and kiss them both!

  4. what a lovely vacation! and lovelier family. my best friend is getting married at the ace in june. we are all so excited!

  5. Just found your blog and have loved looking at it! Your son is adorable- aren’t little boys so much fun?! We have an 18 month old little boy and they only get cuter as they get older!

  6. you know we all adore toby (even though we dont know him) but i have to say he is one cute babe… and those eyebrows get me everytime… glad you had a wonderful trip… xx

  7. These pictures were so much fun to look through. Thanks for sharing so many. They put a smile on my face today. =)

  8. Looks like a lovely trip and you are a lovely family… Baby is adorable!

  9. oh my goodness! look at your sweet chubby baby? i just know our bubs would get along famously. xo t

  10. S. says...

    Other wondeful photos, eh?! : D mhhhhh lucky girl! ;)
    the photo of the shadows on the lawn, and the first photos which he brings the stroller are my favorite! .. as always, wonderful light! beautiful Los Angeles!!!!

  11. You guys are such a gorgeous family! And your vacation looks like it was amazing. Love that house!

    Toby is looking more and more like you every day. What a lucky boy. :)

  12. So many more memories to be created – it only gets better…


  13. abf says...

    I’m in love… with your baby! I can’t help it — every time I see his picture, I smile. He is just beautiful and I love the wonderful shots of your happy family unit (and his chubby toes). So happy for you! Please keep posting!

  14. I’m an east Coast girl transplanted in California (Santa Barbara… where many many LA peeps like to kick back). While hearing from family and friends that they are freezing their fannies off and are snowed in, I’m enjoying the sunshiny warmth. The hubs is from California, too, so likely we will grow old here. But I go back East to visit to get grounded, but stay out here for my general sanity. You are lucky you, too, have ties to both coasts o’ beauty.
    p.s. That Toby… how cow… what a happy and sweet sweet little bundle.
    p.p.s. Those walking photos…hilarious.

  15. oh thank you so much for posting a link to airbnb. I’m obsessed with it now! It’s great!

  16. Your blog is so lovely! I really think you do this better than most! Great style, beautiful photos, sweet sweet family and overall class. Nice cuppa! Happy to be along for the blog ride. :)

  17. I can almost feel the sunshine on my sun-starved skin! Looks amazing. I have to say I feel the same about mashed banana… :)

  18. First off, that little guy of yours is adorable.
    I am all too familiar with the walking in circles. Or driving around the block a million times. The joys of being a parent:)
    Also,I love how the photo’s look all old like they were taken in the 70’s. Very cool.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  19. what a lovely time! and the photos are so pretty.

    p.s. i really love your blog.

  20. So happy you enjoyed a your break Joanna. It’s funny that sometimes holidaying with a baby gives you the most beautiful moment in a time of frustration! Or at least the cul-de-sac pic would imply ;)

    Anna x

    PS. Toby is looking so cute. Love his chubby arms in that first pic.

  21. When traveling with friends and or family, we only rent houses now on vacation (vrbo) as I would much rather spend LESS money on an awesome house with a kitchen and place for us all to converge. Plus you really feel like a local, grocery shopping, helicopter rides on the grass… that made my heart swell too!

    The toilet seat thing is a little nutso but hey, whatever floats your bowl.

  22. Lovely family photos. I love the shadow one – very cool idea (which I may pinch!). We haven’t gone far yet with our little man. I am hoping our first trip by plane to somewhere hot and sunny will be soon!

  23. Thanks for sharing this trip! I laughed at the cul-de-sac set of photos. Oh how I’ve been there!

  24. the Ace Hotel is my absolute favorite!! My boyfriend and I have been twice to the one in Palm Springs, and last year we took a trip to Portland and stayed at that one there! Seriously can’t get enough of it!

  25. LOVE love LOVE that first pic of you and Toby…beyond sweet and beautiful!

  26. It’s fun to go to Cabazon and visit Hadley’s (been there forever) and the dinosaur “museum” where they have those huge dinosaur sculptures outside…Toby will love it next time and you can get some rad photos there.

    You guys are so cute!!

  27. Oh Joanna! I love the first picture, you look absolutely wonderful with Toby! You guys are a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us. We can travel and also have fun looking at these pictures. I’d love to visit Palm Springs someday. Lots of love and warm hugs from Brazil for you all!

  28. that baby is SO cute. i like the photos of walking past the same house. this might sound lame, but i always imagine palm springs as being a great place for a super relaxing, low-key, but sort of glamorous honeymoon. or a good anytime getaway!

  29. Your photos are so fun! Looks like you had a great time in the sun. I love seeing families with babies still doing all the things they love, including travelling. It gives us future mama’s hope :)

  30. Aaaaaaah… DYING to go! Renting a house is definitely the way to go. I still daydream about Melissa’s rental!

  31. Aaaaaaah… DYING to go! Renting a house is definitely the way to go. I still daydream about Melissa’s rental!

  32. You have the cutest little family lady! Looks like you had a blast :)

  33. You guys are totally 100% ADORABLE!! OMG, I don’t know what I love most about these, Toby, how cute you all are or the nostalgic feeling of your hipstamatic Palm Springs pics!

    I LOVE the helicopter picture!! My husband does that with my baby boy when he’s upset and he sings, “You can’t be crying if you’re FLYINGGGGGG.” Amazing.

  34. adorable! he was totally NOT into that banana!

  35. The pics are really wonderful.. this is what its all about! Thanks.

  36. Ive been having some serious baby fever lately…. seeing Tobys sweet chunky feet is not helping ;-)

  37. thanks for these really sweet comments! stephanie, the ace is really, really amazing — i know you’re going to love it!!

  38. So happy that you had a great time!!! The house is awesome and You guys are so sweet together…XOXO

    P.S. Photos are lovely!!

  39. Gosh! Amazing shots! Looks like fun. What a happy family…

  40. Toby is so charming <3 Beautiful views. Hugs!

  41. Toby is so cute! You and Alex look both gorgeous! Great Christmas well spent indeed :-)

  42. Looked your photo with a big smile on my face, love your pics:) I hope, one day I can also have a trip with my hubby and son like you :)

  43. toby is such a doll!

  44. Love!! Toby with his granny, made me smile now… grannies are the best!! xxx

  45. Love these pics! Palm Springs is my fave spot – spent New Years at the Ace with many close friends…it was freezing, but nothing their sauna couldn’t fix. Adore!

  46. palm springs is so fun!!!!! been my family vacay spot since i was tiny. beautiful, fun and family friendly.

  47. wow — it sounds so fun!

    we recently got the chance to stay in a rented house, too, and it was such a great alternative to hotel rooms — we loved being all together and being able to cook!

  48. Looks like a great time! Palm Springs is fun, but you’ll have to come over to San Diego next time. Even better!

  49. there’s a lot of awesome hikes around the area.. of course you can’t do those now, but when the baby gets older I think it would be fun! the vistas in Palm Springs are breath-taking :)
    Peace and Love to your precious family!

  50. Those mountains! Toby will treasure these photos when he’s older. I have photos of my first dips in the pool when I was a baby and I adore them. :)

  51. You must must stay at the Viceroy! I went last May & stayed in a room with a fireplace. Unfortunately I didn’t have much use for the added warmth that month. Also, El Mirasol has great Mexican fare and the best tap water I’ve ever encountered (not joking). Manhattan in the Desert, full fledged Jewish deli. A must for lunch. How much did you love Cheeky’s? Pesto fries, who would have thought!

  52. That cul de sac story was hilarious!

    You have one adorable baby.

  53. this looks like a magazine spread! looks like you all had an amazing time and toby is adorable (but i’m sure you already knew that!) ;)

  54. The story about that couple always kills me! My grandfather designed the tram, and oh, the stories he told about how they got the materials to the top. Nobody ever realizes how high it is until they’re staring alllll the way down! So glad you had a great trip, and most importantly, enjoyed the view of the mountains instead of hiking down :)

  55. Kat says...

    *Love* (and I live here!) :)

  56. Anonymous says...

    lovely photos…my favorites are the the ones at the Ace it looks so Palm Springs in the ’40’s (:

  57. we went on our first trip and like you I was SOOOO nervous. But, also like you, it was not nearly and difficult as I thought it would be! Lucia was a doll and she was her usual sweet, funny self.

    I am taking her this month to visit my family in Argentina all by myself. For this trip I am REALLY freaking out. Like, really. We will be alone since daddy can’t get away this time but I’m just going to take a deep breath and stay relaxed so that she can too. 12 hours…eek! the reward is that she gets to spend two whole weeks with her great grandma, great aunt and uncle and about a million cousins and friends. :)

    oh, and, lucia didn’t much love anything when I first mashed it. I started her at about 18 weeks and she LOVES her food. She also loves to nurse and her bottles more than ever but she really loves her food. and I have so much fun trying to give her new stuff. this week she tried avocado for the first time and she decidedly HATED it – lol – but papaya was a HUGE hit! :) babies are funny.

  58. I am so totally impressed by your ability to wear a bikini when baby is less than a year old! Plus, I love the picture of TOby’s feet… baby feet are lovely.

  59. I love the baby toes photo! Anyone could see that you’re both awesome parents! Your love for Toby is totally evident. Rock on, cool mom! =)

  60. Anonymous says...

    The top picture of you and Toby is stunning!

  61. Love the vacation pics ..Toby seems to be growing up fast but glad you’re having such an awesome time ..I’ve visited Palm springs and apart from visiting the lovely city we also visited the Joshua Tree National park..I don’t know if you could manage it with Toby but its good fun ..also the Palm Springs rotating aerial tramway .. maybe you could do that if you haven’t already ..
    And the rental home ..its awesome :))

  62. I love your vacation photos! They are such a sweet narrative. I can’t believe how quickly babies grow up.

  63. Jeanne says...

    I have a five month old baby and we’re going to take her to Maui next month. We’ll be putting her into the pool for the first time and we can’t wait to see her expression.
    Seeing photos of Toby makes me feel even more excited about our trip. He is super adorable! Baby Rules!!

  64. That rental house is fabulous – it looks very Mad Men! I’ve never been to California and you have inspired me to add Palm Springs to the list of “must-sees”.

  65. All along the ten (the business loop, not the freeway) from Palm Springs eastward, there are big thrift and consignment stores. What happens is people buy second homes, furnished, and re-do them, naturally. Also there are lots of old folks, so their stuff makes its way to the stores when they make their way to smaller apt.s, assisted living, or the great beyond. I am always there as a visitor (my in-laws live 20 mi. east, in Palm Desert), and so can’t really haul things home, but if I moved to LA….that’s where I’d go. And I’ve scored some fabulous vintage and new clothes that I’ve managed to stuff in my suitcase. Go soon, before Toby becomes unmanageable in shopping venues. (I have to leave the Hooligans on the mini-gof course with their father. They loathe shopping.).

  66. Makes me want summer!

  67. looks like a wonderful trip, i am glad you had fun :) adorable photos– thank you for sharing! xoxo jcd

  68. I love Palm Springs! And all (3 or 4…sad that I’m not sure) of my visits have been for New Years so I visited at around the same time of year, the weather is so nice:) I went on the tram during one of my visits, I do not know what posessed them to want to hike down! Glad they were okay in the end:/ I will definitely check out the Ace Hotel next time I visit. And I’m glad you had a nice experience with airbnb I was about to book an apt through them once and chickened out due to bad reviews I found.

    PS: Toby is adorable!!

  69. I also love the pic style, very Hollywood movie! What a lovely holiday and so glad you’re little family is going well.

  70. Cute lil babe!
    OMG, toilet lids that open when you walk in the room?! That’s so cool! Now if they would just close automatically after a man uses them!

  71. Joanna – I have been emailing back and forth with a guy from the Ace in Palm Springs. I’m planning a vacation there for early this summer. I’m so curious, is it everything it appears to be?

  72. What a great family vacation. You captured very memorable moments. You are so right, traveling with a child is tricky but it just goes to show you that if you did it once, you can do it again!

    Personally I have never been to Palm Springs but I wouldn’t mind going there, the views you captured are breathtaking.

    P.s that is too funny about ALex going in circles, again and again with the stroller. Hehe

  73. Looks like y’all had a great time. Toby is adorable! That house—-beautiful!

  74. The family shadow photo came out pretty cool. I’m glad you had a great time in PS.

  75. Christin says...

    My husband’s family lives in Palm Springs, so we spent most of the holiday there too. We love it–glad you did too!

  76. Ah I am loving Toby in these pics! And the some of furniture in the beautiful, can’t believe it was a cheap holiday home! Yay!

  77. I just went on a vacay to PS with my entire family. You’re right – amazing rental houses are so much cheaper than hotels and it’s nice to have your own kitchen, pool, etc.

    Your trip was very similar to ours…Ruby’s Diner, swimming, walking the baby :). Glad you guys had fun!

  78. When I lived in San Francisco I used to go to Palm Springs twice a year for long weekends. Renting a house is the way to go, the Ace is fun to drop in on for poolside snacks or drinks and Cheeky’s is the best breakfast in town! You hit some of my fave spots for sure!

  79. These photos are beautiful Joanna. You’ll have such fun looking back on your first family vacation years from now.

  80. Looks like such a lovely family holiday. Isn’t your little man just so darn cute. I totally agree, making the effort and embarking on family trips is a definite confidence booster. We are really going for it in a month’s time when we go on a 20 hour flight from Melbourne to South Africa. Now, that will be interesting!

  81. Toby’s such a little cutie pie!!! He looks so miserable eating bananas lol And the shadow shot is pretty hilarious hehe

  82. Anonymous says...

    i think that airbnb sounds like a great idea. my only reservation, as a young, single woman, is about safety issues. did you have any concerns? do you think it’s safe to use? thanks!

  83. I love date milkshakes! I live in AZ and every time we drive to San Diego we have to stop for date shakes.

  84. It looks like you all had a great time! I love the pictures.

  85. Love this post! There’s something special about the light in Palm Springs & your adorable family is inspiring.

  86. Gorgeous photos and Palm Springs looks so fun! (I live in Alabama and we’ve got a super-unusual 6 inches of snow here and I’m PINING for the sun)

    Toby’s face with the banana is so funny. My son is nearly eight months and does the same with green veggies. He also does the same with the stroller…if we go to Target and he’s not in the mood, either I or my hubby has to keep him moving up and down the aisles or he freaks out. It’s good to know we’re not alone :)

  87. My family and I were in Palm Springs for the week after Christmas! It was great! We got caught in the “cold” weather there, but had two days of warm before it came so it all turned out! The Coachella Valley Preserve is an amazing place to go hiking, it’s like a desert oasis!

  88. I mean Tob-ler-one (is it ok to give strangers babies nick-names, cause Im doin it) might be the cutest baby I have ever seen.

  89. Again awesome pics! Looks like such a relaxing vacation. I need a sun-vacation pronto. Damn school!

  90. we’ve taken the tram twice now in the summertime on our way back from the beach to phoenix. so much fun, and also a little scary if you don’t do well with heights. i CANNOT imagine trying to hike down, it’s so steep going up!!!
    looks like you had so much fun. i love that you stayed in a neighborhood and comparatively it was less than a hotel plus you get your “own” space. i want to stay in that house, sounds and looks amazing!
    …round and round with toby, my favorite part. love how babies get us do pretty much anything just to pacify them.

  91. I have been to Palm Springs a few times and I imagine during winter is the best time (I think I have only been during summer where it is a million degrees). I love the architecture of everything! It is a perfect getaway spot for us southern Californians. Love your photos!

  92. Anonymous says...

    Ooooh I love Palm Springs! Your photos are so cute. Palm Springs is a great place for long walks or bike-rides what with the pretty weather, gorgeous mountains, and beautiful palm trees and grass. I also love hanging out downtown, it’s sort of cute there. Also, there is a little corner downtown that I LOVE. It’s in the middle of a regular street, but its grassy and has 3 or 4 very old cute little buildings (2 are mini-museums). And there’s some gorgeous homes near the mountains.
    My favorite photos are the ones of alex and toby, the one of toby’s foot, and also the photos of the ace remind me of photos of palm springs from the ’40’s, ’50’s, and ’60’s.
    Are there any photos of the wedding?

  93. i live in australia but i am american, so when i travel home with my two small boys ALL BY MYSELF (think luggage, carry-ons, stroller, car seats) i feel like i can do anything.

  94. Ahh, cuteness! It sounds like you had an amazing and relaxing xmas!

  95. That Toby is getting cuter by the day! Lovely photos. We rented a house on a cul-de-sac in PS when my little boy was about 5-months-old. It was the way to go. So private and quiet and relaxing. So are you a California girl now??? Please say yes!

  96. Joanna,
    thanks for this quote at the end about parenting. You are so damn right, but sometimes we easily forget about what we can do, about our love and power. Well, at least I do sometimes have the feeling I can hardly handle my role as a mum, but reading this encourages me completely.
    You guys had a wonderful trip!
    Best wishes for future trips!

  97. Oh Toby!! That banana is bumming him out so hard, love those little faces. He just keeps getting CUTER!!!!

  98. Glenda says...

    Beautiful pictures. Toby’s lil fat toes. chomp,chomp! lol! Been to PS. Been to the tram that takes you up the mountain and we were dressed in shorts and got to the top and it was freezing and snow. Gotta love Cali though!

  99. Looks like a lovely time. The baby is so healthy-looking!

  100. i’ve heard that the rental plan is the way to go. and his banana face expression is cracking me up, too! oh, and FIVE DAYS LATER THEY WERE RESCUED? omg!

  101. these pictures are adorable! you mentioned before you left that you were going to a Buddhist wedding ceremony. Could you do a post about that experience? I’m so curious!

  102. How fun! What a wonderful time for you and your family. Toby will cherish these photos forever.

  103. i really want to go to the viceroy now, based on these comments!!

  104. nicole, that is so sweet and amazing! i love that. and becca, i’m terrible at using the camera (it’s alex’s camera); i know how to do like two settings and just stick with them. :)

  105. I just love the palm springs area. we were in the la quinta area over thanksgiving {my parents have a home there].
    Love it. and it’s nice and sunny in the winter.

  106. aw, I love these family vacation photos! So sweet. I went to palm springs for my bachelorette party this past spring and it was SO perfect. the girls and I loved lounging by the pool at The Viceroy!

  107. Hi Joanna! I love your photos, thank you for sharing with us. Toby’s little face just makes me smile.
    I eloped in Riverside County last March and Palm Springs was our home base for the whole journey. We stayed at the Ace (our second time at the PSP location) and loved it so dearly. The day before we were married we went for a mild hike in Tahquitz Canyon after the flight from Philly. I’ll always remember the day we eloped, after all the hoopla was over and we returned to Palm Springs in the evening we hit up the Art Museum’s free Thursday night! I still had my sortof wedding dress on (an off-white number from Anthropologie). My husband’s wedding band didn’t fit well suddenly, so we had to buy a cheap substitute at the little night market along Palm Canyon Drive. Its still so special to us. After wards we dined on tamales and cocktails at the King’s Highway and went for a relaxing soak in the hot tub.
    Our favorite thing to do in that area is to drive the Palms to Pines Highway (I think they call it a highway) it travels from the Desert high up into the pine forests. After you are up in the forest there is the cozy little town of Idylwild and some great hiking in the San Bernardino Forest. We went from short sleeves in the desert to hiking through snow. So much fun!

  108. Looks like you all had a great time, Joanna! The shots with the Nikon look so vibrant and crisp. Have you learned any helpful tricks of the trade? I’m a Nikon user, and love to play with it, but feel that I’m not a master (seriously, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to take a photography class :) ).


  109. Great photos. I do love the family shadow portrait. Hopefully you can get a take two. I guess you’ll just have to take a trip to somewhere sunny again….darn. ;)

  110. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…Toby’s eyebrows are the best.

    Looks like a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Also? You look fantastic.

  111. My husband and I love Palm Springs, we go every couple months or so; which is easier to do when you live in San Diego than when you live in NY.

    We love:
    Sherman’s Deli, they have a wonderful Reuben and a lot of other different sandwich options.

    French Corner Cafe
    . Great crepes and great macaroons.

    And last but not least, Las Casuelas Terraza; best mexican food there!

    Toby is one handsome little man, a heartbreaker for sure. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  112. we took the top shots with a Nikon d300 and the bottom shots with the hipstamatic app on the iPhone. thanks for your sweet comments! :)

  113. Toby’s “I don’t like bananas” face is seriously adorable.

  114. Your trip looks sooooo perfect. I’m dying to visit Palm Springs. xo.

  115. Thanks for taking me away for a few moments from our ice encrusted, freezing Atlanta. Yes, have been to Palm Springs…amazing restaurant there with an amazing Asian chicken salad…can’t remember the name right now, but am imagining the flavor and the feel of that sunshine!

  116. lets not forget the awesomeness that this is from december! yay for california in december.

    looks like a great vacation, joanna.

    and i wonder if that couple in palm springs is the same couple that just did a similiar story on that show, I Shouldn’t Be Alive?

  117. So happy that you had a great time…The house you rented is amazing and I love all the photos:) You guys are so sweet…Adorable little family. Kisses and hugs

  118. LOVE. ohhh, you just reminded me of playing ‘helicopter’ with my dad growing up…and how it was just about the best part of being a kid. well, that and the smurfs of course. :)

  119. How cute is your little one?! Love the pics, esp of the hubby holding your baby up in the air:-)

  120. Abby says...

    Love the pics — Palm Springs is such a great retreat from the city.

    And the Ace is my favorite hotel pretty much ANYWHERE. If you ever get a chance to stay there, the rooms are airy and modern and totally unpretentious, and it’s amazing to just come out to that pool every day.

  121. Did you book the house through airbnb? I booked five different spots through them when I went to Europe and it was AMAZING. So much cheaper (and better) than hotels.

  122. Travelling with a baby is tricky, but you’re right you do feel so much more confident after! Looks like a wonderful time! And how precious are those baby toes?

  123. We went to palm springs (stayed at the viceroy) for our honeymoon last summer and it was completely perfect for what we wanted to do, which was nothing. Loved every day we spent there.

  124. what a wonderful, wonderful time. & these pictures are just perfection!


  125. What kind of camera or editing did you do for those pictures? They’re so classic.

  126. this looks awesome— that rental propery is amazing.

    tell me you got in n out while you were there???

  127. Toby is SO adorable!