Vacation photos: Los Angeles

My darlings, I’d love to share a couple photos from our Christmas vacation. California was a great place to travel as a family. As a new-ish mom, I was a little nervous about such a big trip with the baby, but the warm weather made things soooo easy and fun; Toby loved all the action (and avocados), and we could take walks on the beach while he napped in the stroller.
One afternoon, we went out onto the Venice pier. I was impressed that the surfers were going strong in December–the water was freezing that day!
It was really nice to be out and about with nothing to do.
Guess what Toby got for Christmas? His two front teeth!
After a while, we stopped so I could nurse Toby next to a bunch of guys playing basketball. Of course, he wanted to watch the game afterwards. :)
Whenever we’re in L.A., Alex always wants to stop by Stronghold, an hipper-than-hip store with selvedge jeans, Filson bags and friendly salespeople. Toby loved rolling around on the rug and trying on the hats. (He looked awesome in a fedora:)
Bonus: They have free whiskey, so you can pour yourself a drink!
Late that afternoon, we met up with our friends Michael and Caroline at the restaurant Gjelina. We sat in the back garden and got pizzas and salads.
I love this photo of Toby. Doesn’t he look like such a player? :) He’s like, “Yeah, I’m chilling in the arms of a beautiful older woman, no big deal.”
Now we’re secretly fantasizing about moving to L.A. :) It’s such a fun place, and we can’t wait to go back!

A few of our favorite places in west Los Angeles, which we’ve been to over the years:
* Huckleberry Cafe for lunch. (The yummiest salads and sandwiches and desserts. I could eat here everyday.)
* Blue Plate Oysterette for lunch. (Fish tacos in a breezy little nautical restaurant across from the beach.)
* Tavern. (Big, beautiful, understated room with trees indoors. We think we spotted David Hockney at the next table. Their adjoining bakery sells delicious desserts, including chocolate-chip cookies made two ways: crispy and chewy. Genius!)
* Gjelina. (Dark, bustling, sceney. Fun vibe; sexy lighting. A fire pit in the back garden.)
* The Tasting Kitchen. (We had such a romantic date here. Dark, lovely. Don’t miss the bread pudding.)

Have you ever been to L.A., or do you live there? Any favorite restaurants or tips? I’d love to hear. xoxo

Next up: Palm Springs

(Photos taken with the Hipstamatic App on the iPhone)

  1. Anonymous says...
  2. I’m so glad you made it to Huckleberry! It’s my favorite place in LA. :) I TRY to eat there everyday. Hehe.

  3. I read your vacation posts while we were on vacation in Colorado (we live in LA). Lovely to hear your thoughts on this city as I really love to hear about your NYC life.

    Everyone gave you great suggestions…Urth Cafe, Vermont Ave in Silver Lake etc. Love all those places but I noticed no one (i think) gave you suggestions on what to do when you have a child. I suspect the next time you come to LA Toby might just be walking and soon your time will be split by his activities. I’m not a mom who goes to “kid joints”. I love doing things in our city that my daughter and I will both enjoy ie good food and creative stuff so here is my list of things to do in our city when you have a little curious one en tow.

    Skirball Center (west side)
    They have an exhibition called Noah’s Ark. Beautiful, educational and a lovely place all around.

    Getty Villa and Center (Malibu and west side) Both places have great views, great food and great kid friendly activities revolving around art. At the Getty Center you can also run around and picnic in their garden which is beautiful and seasonal.

    Malibu Country Mart
    outdoor shopping space with a playground in the middle so you can order food from surrounding restaurants and then eat right there while you watch your kid swing.

    LACMA (LA County Museum of Art)
    In the heart of Hollywood so you can hit the Grove or the shops on 3rd and 6th. If you sign Toby up for NexGen(free) he and a parent get into for free. Great painting area for kids. Great food but if you prefer to walk just down the street there is Mani’s Bakery Cafe. Organic, yummy food and they are so helpful with kids, ie they’ll bring you little samples of the food to make sure your kid will eat a bowl food.

    If on the West side you can go to the Sunday Santa Monica farmers market on Main Street ( close to Venice). They have pony rides and you’ll get a better vibe for living in LA.

    Ok. some idea for future trips.
    Love your blog. You inspire me!

  4. Anonymous says...

    What kind of camera do you use? I love your photography and your site is awesome!

  5. Auntie Ems in Eagle Rock is my fave!(East Side)

  6. URTH CAFFE is a MUST! :)

  7. I grew up south from la and there is plenty to do and see down south as well. Disneyland, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Aquarium of the Pacific, Queen Mary, etc. etc. and quite alot of restuarants to choose from as well :)

    Btw – I can’t believe how big Toby is getting!! Time flies! :)

  8. you’ve hit all the good spots in sm/venice, now come inland a bit (all my suggestions are bh/west hollyood/miracle mile, save botegga louie, downtown):



    pizzeria mozza

    comme ca






    chateau marmont

    polo lounge (brunch)


    bazaar at the sls

    bottega louie

    ps- just had my first dinner at the tasting kitchen last week. it won’t be my last!

  9. Anonymous says...

    Stumbled across your blog through my son’s girlfriends blog.I’ve been going back and reading some old post to get caught up. You have a nice family Toby is totally adorable enjoy every minute of it. My oldest will be 27 this week. Wow where has the time gone. Take care :)

  10. Uh, Toby is totally terrifically adorable!!!!! So flippin’ smoochie, makes me miss my son’s early years something terrible, especially since I haven’t been able to have a second. Such is life! Just joined your lovely blog. Wishin’ I found it earlier, but I must say…A CUP OF TEA for me, coffee does a number on my stomach. Ok, way too much info., I’ll stop while I’m ahead or am I behind now. Seriously, your son is cute and your blog fab. xx Danielle