1. this made me grin. i love shadows, especially silly ones!

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  4. hehehe I wish I had thought of this!!!

  5. that’s great!

  6. This is very sweet and playful!
    I’m new to blogging but really enjoying discovering all the truly great talent here. Thanks for sharing your images and insights.

  7. I love this…very creative and cute!

  8. I’m just drunk and looking at blogs of note.
    I love your photos.
    Especially these.
    The word verivication is kyjqht.
    What a pretty word!

  9. such a brilliant idea. love these. the green cast really is lovely too.

  10. lol! very very cute!

  11. you two are so much fun! px

  12. Funky shadows.

  13. So goofy and fun!

  14. do you remember that beatles photo i posted a while back that was taken by pattie boyd? it was just like this!!! you guys are so cute and so creative!!!

  15. These are so much fun. Does summer really have to be over?

  16. I don’t know you but I came across your blog and I just have to say that I love these photos! So creative and cute!

  17. love it.

  18. cutest {first} photo ever! AND the dancing shots are so clever. Great capture.

  19. These are the absolute BEST EVER!!

  20. dancing shadows are always fun “)

  21. Haha! They look like you had a blast taking them!

  22. awe, I loved these pictures!!! LOVED THEM!!

  23. how silly and fun!

  24. Those are delightful!

  25. You guys are too cute for words! So fun!


  26. love these.

  27. J says...

    very cute!

  28. I love these shots! They’re so cute! I would love to make a photograph arrangement of these on my wall at home – great photo idea!

  29. Those are keepers!

    abowhas is my word verification.
    A bow has many uses, it can be put in your hair, pretty up a wrapped present,embellish a skirt, dress or shirt..
    Does anyone else have any more ideas?

  30. the last one’s my fave :)

  31. Those are so great! These would be so cute framed and lined up on a mantlepiece, shelf or piano. Adorable!

  32. These are brilliant! How fun!

  33. Ohhh! These are just too fun!

  34. that’s so funny, I personally adore da first one.

  35. i think these are fantastic. this makes an interesting series.

    i could almost imagine one of these (cropped) being featured on 20 x 200!


  36. The one dimensional stilt people are really cute.;-)

  37. i like them so much – shadows on stilts.

  38. It makes me smile!

  39. Fun indeed! You guys are cute.

  40. And they made me smile. How sweet!

  41. Anonymous says...

    cutest. ever.

  42. Awe, even your shadows are adorable! :o)