English Wedding

Even though it was last week, our trip to England already seems like ages ago. So I was thrilled when my aunt sent the photos over this morning. This batch was taken at our cousin’s wedding. Congratulations again, Will and Emma!

A nervous groom with his mother right before the ceremony.

After the church ceremony, the bride and groom were showered in rose petals before riding off in a horse-drawn carriage.

My twin sister Lucy wore a peacock feather in her hair.

My sister Lucy and our uncle Hamish.

My cousin Eleanor (aka “Bunny”), my grandmother’s pearls and me.

Alex and my cousin Jeremy preparing to toss confetti.

My cousin Alexander (aka “Manny”) enjoyed five glasses of pink Champagne. When warned about the effects, he said gallantly in his British accent, “It takes more than this to get Alexander Schute drunk!” Moments later: He was found puking in the luxury port-a-potty.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about all the incredible hats!

  1. Lisa S. says...

    Wow! Beautiful! Where was this at?

  2. I love your Grandmothers outfit she looks wonderful!!! I would wear that too!!! Thank goodness you had reasonably good weather today is miserable and rainy. Congrats to the happy coupleX

  3. glad you had fun over here at your family wedding, we do like a pearl or two….looks like you have some lovely friends next time your here come and see us in lewes!

  4. Lucy looks gorgeous!

  5. jo says...

    Uncle Hamish?
    Two words:


  6. Anonymous says...

    You have a good-looking family! Especially Uncle Hamish.

  7. What an entirely foxified wedding!

  8. You were in England? Ooh, you have such a beautiful family, what a lovely wedding.

  9. Hellllooooooo Uncle Hamish!

    Manny is too cute. Everyone has to barf to learn their edge don’t they.

  10. kate says...

    emma is just lovely! what a sweet + happy couple.

  11. this post just made my day.

    perfection everywhere!!!

    luv it ; )

  12. L says...

    i am obsessed with alexander schute. amazing.

  13. Uncle Hamish is a silver fox! :)

  14. looks like you all had a great time! lucky you, with grandmother’s pearls ;)

  15. Auww…such beauty and cuteness. Weddings are great for catching up. I only got to catch up with everyone at a funeral this year.
    Maybe I should force my cousin to get married!

  16. mama says...

    Yes, the knotted pearls and peacock feather are nice touches! It all looks lovely! Emma is gorgeous!! Congratulations to her and Will.

  17. What a beautiful wedding. I love how much of a character your cousin is – so quotable already.

  18. ohmygod. that little guy with the pink champers and bold quote! love him.

    what a beautiful fam! love your knotted pearlies…

  19. You look so fine, almost English! And Hamish is a wonderful name, my first time coming across it.

  20. Looks like a great wedding!! You look beautiful!

  21. Hi Miss Jo! Your grandmothers pearls are darling, as are you! Thank you for the sweet photo comment. :o)

  22. Very cute outfit. I love Lucy’s feather

  23. this is beautiful. (:

  24. These are wonderful. You’re family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  25. wow, you have such a good-looking family! And everyone looks so happy and relaxed.

  26. lucy gk says...

    manny is the coolest boys school prefect around. not that i endorse overdrinking. or barfing. but i do endorse manny.

  27. Love the photos…what a great time you must have had.

    (Poor Manny! I totally feel for the guy!)

  28. What a great wedding, everyone looks like movie stars.

    And I would like to start the Uncle Hamish Fan Club. I think I saw a few candidates for membership here in the comments. As all the British kids say, he is “brilliant!”

  29. the pictures look just great! and you gorgeous!

  30. this is entirely too adorable! I want a wedding where the women feel free to wear feathers and hats!

  31. British weddings are so fantastic! I can’t wait for the hats! We should all wear hats like the british!

    And Hamish?! What an awesome name!

  32. it looks brilliant and like you had wonderful weather!

  33. Can’t wait to see the hats! I bought a new one, BTW…

  34. Joanna- you are too cute! And is it me, or are you & Lucy looking more & more alike?!

  35. Yes uncle Hamish is a fox! And you look lovely in your pearls-what a stylish family!

  36. delightful family…i might even have a bit of a crush on uncle hamish

  37. Gorgeous family! Sheesh. No fair. :)

  38. GREAT pics! I didn’t know you have a twin sister… hope you don’t fight as much as MY twin girls!

  39. Classic black dress & pearls. So elegant! And anything said with a british accent sounds lovely, no matter the subject matter. :)

  40. looks like a splendid time! i love england, and what better time to visit than for a wedding?! the pearls are lovely!!

  41. hello, uncle hamish.


    well, nonetheless, looks like a great time. i want to go to an english wedding!

  42. how fantastic! what a beautiful wedding and family! sometimes i wish i was british if not for the accent for the hats!!! :)

  43. Her dress looks gorgeous and they both look so happy! How fun!

  44. A lovely wedding, a lovely family and you are beautiful!
    It looks like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  45. I can hardly handle how picturesque your family is!

    What a sweet trip — I hope it was as fun as it looks.

  46. aw, thanks so much for sharing. it looks so beautiful. congrats to the new couple! xo

  47. Upon seeing the pic of Lucy and Hamish, my mouth literally fell open. Do you remember when Hamish came to the city and I developed a serious crush on him? He was adorable then, and he’s SMOKING now. My word!

  48. wow. it all seems so “4 weddings and a funeral” glamourous!! we don’t see much of that here in yeeewtahhhh.

    you look lovely

  49. Love your outfit! So cute!