Even though it was last week, our trip to England already seems like ages ago. So I was thrilled when my aunt sent the photos over this morning. This batch was taken at our cousin’s wedding. Congratulations again, Will and Emma!

A nervous groom with his mother right before the ceremony.

After the church ceremony, the bride and groom were showered in rose petals before riding off in a horse-drawn carriage.

My twin sister Lucy wore a peacock feather in her hair.

My sister Lucy and our uncle Hamish.

My cousin Eleanor (aka “Bunny”), my grandmother’s pearls and me.

Alex and my cousin Jeremy preparing to toss confetti.

My cousin Alexander (aka “Manny”) enjoyed five glasses of pink Champagne. When warned about the effects, he said gallantly in his British accent, “It takes more than this to get Alexander Schute drunk!” Moments later: He was found puking in the luxury port-a-potty.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about all the incredible hats!