What Do You Wear on Nights Out?

Joanna Goddard Cup of Jo

What do you wear when you go out at night? For the past five years, I’ve worn a black top, jeans and heels (see above!) to dinners and parties, but the black top recently got a stain. So, I’m looking for an easy top for the next five years. Here are a few options…

Thoughts? Which do you like? And what do you usually wear to parties? These shoes are so cute, too.

P.S. My packing list for England, and Kelsey’s 14 favorite size-inclusive brands.


Have a Beautiful Weekend.

Paris by Veronica Olson

What are you up to this weekend? My friend Jay is having a fortieth birthday party, so we’re heading to his place to drink Champs and eat pigs in blankets. I’m excited (and wearing this dress with red lipstick). Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

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Plus, a reader comment:

Says Amanda on a Valentine’s Day gift guide: “If anyone is feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, here’s a trick I’ve employed in the past: Buy a pack of kid valentines and send them to your friends, your grandma, the neighborhood kids, your work bestie, etc. It’s SO fun and silly and such a whimsical way to remember that romantic love isn’t the only or even best love — and isn’t it fun to be REALLY cheesy sometimes?”

(Photo by Veronica Olson.)