21 Surprising Parenting Tips

Joanna Goddard and Anton

Cup of Jo has been running for 13 years, so we’ve decided that every week, we’ll be highlighting one of the most popular posts from the past. Here’s one of our favorites, originally published on January 12, 2015…

Over the past few years, I’ve picked up some surprising parenting tips from friends that have been really helpful, so I’d love to share them below (and hear yours)…

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Have a Good Weekend.

Brooklyn stoop by @stoopsofbrooklyn

What are your plans for the weekend? We took the boys to a Juneteenth march today and are teaching them the history behind what will hopefully become a federal holiday. Hope you have a good one — happy Father’s Day! — and here are a few links from around the web…

Racism is terrible. Blackness is not.

The most refreshing cocktail.

Nisolo, one of our favorite brands, offer 25 of the best masks (for kids and adults) in their mask marketplace.

That’s why I kept getting pulled over. They thought [my poodle] was a black man.

Contemporary films reimagined as vintage books.

Our lives happen in restaurants. Sloan Crosley’s story made me laugh. (New York Times)

10 anti-racist podcasts to listen to.

A colorful rental apartment in Cleveland. Those plants!

Juneteenth strawberry soda.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Jess on how to talk to girls about their periods: “As the mother of boys, I’d like to add that it’s important to talk to our sons about this, too. They will be interacting with women their entire lives (including us!), and we have the power to banish the taboo of menstruation through conversation! Obviously, there are age-appropriate ways to discuss the topic, but not teaching them about it at all is a disservice to them and to society. I’m trying to raise boys who will be saying to their college girlfriends, ‘Do you need me to run to the store for tampons?'”

Says Carrie on 10 food gifts from Black-owned companies: “Adding to the list McBride Sisters Winery, a Black-women-owned winery in California that makes a perfect picnic wine in a can.

(Photo by @stoopsofbrooklyn. Poodle story via Kottke.)

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My Beauty Uniform: Anjali Pinto

Chicago-based photographer Anjali Pinto is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I discovered her after the story of losing her husband Jacob went viral. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Jacob died suddenly of an aortic dissection — a rare heart condition. I’ve come to admire her grounded outlook on life and loss, and the way she uses her platform to uplift marginalized voices. Here she shares her no-fuss morning routine and her favorite way to relax…

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10 Food Gifts From Black-Owned Companies

10 food gifts from Black-owned companies

I think most of us would agree that the best gift right now would be an actual physical hug from a quarantined friend or family member we haven’t seen in a while, but until we get so lucky, here’s the next best thing: food and drinks that you can order online — and all sourced from Black-owned businesses. Friend got a birthday coming up? Want to let your sister (or aunt or teacher or uncle or grad) you are thinking of them? Here are 10 food gifts that they’ll love…

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Three Fun Things

orzo chickpea feta salad

We’ve been stuck in a dinner rotation — turkey tacos, chicken meatballs, scrambled eggs — so when we tried this orzo salad this weekend, we were especially struck by how fresh and springlike it tasted. I’d highly recommend it, if you’re looking for something new. — Joanna

puzzle huddle

Parents Matthew and Marnel Goins were frustrated when they couldn’t find puzzles featuring children of color, so they created their own. The characters have jobs like doctor, veterinarian, astronaut, chemist and president. How great are they? — Joanna


Have you seen the new show Quiz? It’s a three-part series, and I am hooked. It’s based on the true story of the couple who allegedly cheated the system on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The cast is full of favorite actors (Claire from Fleabag! Tom from Succession! Aine from This Way Up!), suspenseful moments and humorous turns. Bonus: Once you’ve watched a scene play out in the show, it’s fun to see the YouTube video of how it went down in real life. They do an incredible job re-enacting the infamous million dollar win. — Caroline

P.S. More fun things, and 9 great Instagram accounts.


“Does The Universe End,” And Other Casual Questions from a Five-Year-Old


Cup of Jo has been running for 13 years (!) so we’ve decided that every week, we’ll be highlighting one of the most popular posts from the past. Here’s one of our favorites, originally published on November 12, 2018…

Last night, Anton and I went for a walk around the block. Suddenly, he turned to me and asked…

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