fortune tellers

This past weekend, my friend Maureen hosted her 44th birthday party. We snapped Polaroids and drank Champagne and ate coconut cake, but the funniest part of the night was…

Joanna Goddard

My friend Claire and me

…the moment her kids passed out templates for fortune tellers. Each adult made one, and we then mingled and told each other’s fortunes. (Guys, I’m going to have a lucky month and get a dog this year!) It was random and hilarious and definitely broke the ice.

I’m the least crafty person, but! If you’d like to make your own fortune tellers (maybe for Valentine’s Day?), we put together this easy template:

fortune tellers template

fortune tellers template

You write fortunes into the eight empty spaces and fold it up into a “cootie catcher.” First, your partner chooses a color, and you move the fortune teller back and forth while spelling out the number. Second, your partner chooses a number, and you move the fortune teller back and forth while counting out the number. Third, your partner chooses another number, and you open the paper to reveal their fortune. (Here’s a Youtube video, if that’s easier.)

Types of fortunes:
* Your fortunes can answer a question asked by your partner: “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” “it’s your destiny,” “probably not,” “time will tell,” etc.
* You can write specific fortunes, like “you have a secret admirer,” or “you’ll be lucky at work this month.”
* You can write compliments, like, “you always smell great,” or “you are the funniest person in this room.”
* You can write treats for kids, such as “you can stay up 30 minutes late tonight,” or “you will have a piece of candy right now!!!”

Thoughts? Will you make one? What fortunes would you write?

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(Top photo by Darina Belonogova/Stocksy. Templates designed by Diana Moss for Cup of Jo.)