New Girl Holiday Party Scene

New Girl Holiday Party Scene

Who’s left on your holiday gift list? There are always a few people who are tough to shop for — namely, teens, in-laws, grandparents, and teachers. So, here are a bunch of of ideas, most of which are under $30…


Teens are infamously hard to shop for, so here are a few ideas: first up, Owala water bottles are cool and come in a bunch of colors. A book you know they’ll love, plus a fun bookmark. The truly great face wash you use yourself. A gift card to their neighborhood café or movie passes to go with a friend (bonus points if they’re in a puzzle box). A light-up basketball for evening games, or an indoor basketball hoop (we have three, and the boys use them daily!). And I wish I loved anything as much as tween/teen boys love Nike hoodies. Every morning, on the walk to school, we pass swarms of them, and they look legitimately comfy and cozy.


For the wonderful educators in your life, a heartfelt thank-you note from you (or your child) can mean so much. Also, “emailing our bosses to let them know how much you appreciate us or sharing an anecdote about something we did for your child is the best,” says a teacher named Whitney. Gift cards are fantastic, “even if it’s $5 to a local coffee shop,” says Katie Larissa. Something to skip? “TEACHERS HAVE ALLLLLLL THE MUGS,” writes Katie.


For the in-laws or grandparents, go for something they’ll use regularly, like a magazine or newspaper subscription, and this artichoke plate for serving snacks when friends come over (this tray is lovely, too). Or go for a glorious scent, like tomato hand soap or this Portuguese body bar, which smells musky and woodsy (Alex used to wear their cologne). Finally, a donation to a children’s hospital, or another cause they care about, is always a wonderful gift.

Thoughts? Are these helpful? What stumpers do you have on your list?

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