anton thumbs up

This weekend, after much begging and pleading and hand-wringing and letters and promises to be responsible, Anton finally convinced me to let him get a pet…

Anton hamster

Allow me to introduce you to Buttercup! She’s a Syrian hamster and soooooo cute. We got her on Friday evening. On the drive home from the pet store, she was nervously whimpering. Anton looked like he was going to cry, too, so I told him, “As a parent, it’s really hard to see your child in distress. But you come to learn that they can handle it.” And Anton leaned over the box and whispered, “It’s okay, this is hard. You’re a strong girl.” SOBBBBBB.

hamster name ideas

He and his friends brainstormed a list of name. (My fave was Uncle Larry.)

hamster aquarium

We were able to get her a huge aquarium with lots of wood chews and toys and wheels and hideaways. She LOVES organizing her home and making big fluffy places to sleep and primping her cute face. Our little diva! At bedtime last night, Anton told me, “Buttercup is my #1 top priority.”

christmas tree

Plus, a few more pics of this weekend…

tenzi dice game

Playing Tenzi with my step-niece (right) and her girlfriend (who crushed us all).

And dogs in sweaters!

What about you? Do you have any pets? Any hamster pro tips??? We’ll take ’em! Thank you so much xoxo

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