women in a boat

women in a boat

On this chilly Thursday, let’s talk about something fun…

Recently I came across actor Richard E. Grant’s Instagram reels, where he’ll chat while jogging AND somehow wearing a button-down shirt? He’s always smiling and “running out of puff.”

So sweet, right?

He even got spoofed by Luke Millington Drake.

What are your simple pleasures, if not running in button-downs?

A few of mine are:
Sunny winter days
Bagels with scallion cream cheese
Watching movies with both my children cuddling against me
Strega Nona stamps
Opening up roses
Wearing glasses again (Guys, I can see!!!!)
This hilarious/sexy/incredible book coming out in May
The word “penultimate” because it actually comes in handy
The words “antepenultimate” and “preantepenultimate” because the specificity makes me laugh and can you imagine busting them out in normal conversation?
Funny teenager texts
A deep night of sleep

What would yours be? I’d love to hear. xoxoxo

P.S. Seven funny things, and what’s your comfort movie?

(Photo by Kayla Johnson/Stocksy.)