Daryl McCormack

Daryl McCormack

File this under “dorkiest question of all time,” but…

What vocab words are you into these days?

A couple years ago, I learned crepuscular, which feels appropriate for these dark winter days, and I’ve been telling my boys a lot recently to quit their histrionics.

And a funny story: I was just reading a newsletter from Pandora Sykes (the British journalist/podcaster/book genius, who we recently featured on Big Salad), and she recommended a pair of sneakers with one caveat: “They ship from the U.S., which is a bit of a ballache.” And when I read “ballache,” I pronounced it in my head as “ball-uh-shay” and googled it to see which new vocab word I was learning, how exciting, maybe with a similar meaning to “palaver,” which my British relatives often say?


It was ball ache.

Now I’m curious: What vocab words are you liking these days? Please share!

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