On this summer Tuesday, let’s nerd out a little bit. Last winter, my friend Kath came over for dinner and casually busted out the sentence…

“The lighting in your living room feels crepuscular.”

Mic drop.

Apparently, crepuscular means “of, resembling, or relating to twilight.” I felt that little buzz of learning something new (don’t you love that feeling?) and now feel inspired to drop bigger words into everyday conversation.

Merriam Webster will email you a word of the day, along with how to pronounce it. A few words I’ve learned from them are quiescent, stentorian and confabulate. I also try to use bigger words with the boys, which come mostly when disciplining, I’ve realized — I’m always telling them not to antagonize each other and to stop being so histrionic!

Just for fun, here’s a quiz to see how strong your vocabulary is. (And remember the New York Times’s fun dialect quiz?)

What words are you using these days? Are you a vocab nerd, too? Please teach me some below…

P.S. The hardest tongue twister and annoying words. Plus, using big words with little kids, and a grammar rule I didn’t know.

(Photo by Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy.)