dad doing pushups with daughter

dad doing pushups with daughter

How sweet is this idea for birthdays or holidays? Says a reader named K.: “We came up with a coupon idea. We write things like, ‘You pick the movie for family movie night,’ or ‘ice cream for breakfast,’ or, everyone’s favorite, ‘one hour of alone time with mom’ (or dad). The kids LOVE these and talk about them all the time. Getting to pick a 30-minute show to watch on a random Tuesday when that’s usually a no-screens night is THRILLING.”

dad painting daughters nails

So adorable, right? I brainstormed a few more:
* Mom picks you up from school for a hot chocolate date
* Dad works out with you (push ups, sprints, etc.)
* Get an extra long bedtime cuddle
* You pick the music in the car for the entire ride (!!!)
* One night of NOT clearing the dinner table
* Add one item to the grocery list
* Choose what dad makes for dinner
* Put on nail polish with mom
* Play a card game with dad
* Mom takes videos of you doing cool stunts
* Choose one book of your choice from the bookstore
* Get an extra half hour of screen time

mom and sons on beach

Thoughts? What would you add?

P.S. A slamdunk present for kids (for $1) and going on dates with your child.

(Dad doing push ups by MaaHoo Studio/Stocksy. Dad painting nails by Tanya Yatsenko/Stocksy. Mom on beach by Erin Brant/Stocksy.)