best mother-daughter TV and movie scenes

best mother-daughter TV and movie scenes

I’m a sucker for mother-daughter scenes, maybe because mother-daughter relationships can be so intense. I’d love to ask: what maternal moments do you love in movies or TV shows? Here are five that always get me…

Lady Bird has the best fight scenes. One moment, they’re power-struggling over who should make eggs. The next, they’re having a passive-aggressive argument about whether or not Lady Bird is tired. The chemistry in each scene throws me back to high-school standoffs with my own mother, when emotions were high and it. was. on.

“I need more time with you!” Oh my gosh, SOB. Don’t all mothers yearn to hear those words from their children? This Never Have I Ever scene made my eyes well up. Despite all the times Devi had lied to her mom, and all the times Nalini had scolded her daughter, Nalini is still Devi’s #1 safe place.

Moira and Alexis’s relationship in Schitt’s Creek wins “mother-daughter goals,” hands down. They’re honest with each other about not naturally clicking. Yet they agree to build a relationship (during a very awkward lunch) and show up for each other, even if they don’t always get each other.

The Crazy Rich Asians standoff was made for every woman who faces an overly protective mother-in-law. “I’m not leaving because I’m scared or because I think I’m not enough. Because, maybe for the first time in my life, I know I am.” May we all one day be as brave and confident as Rachel Chu.

Finally, the tenderness in Little Women makes me clutch my chest. The way Marmee guides Jo to confront the truth that she does not love Laurie! The way Jo admits to her mom how she yearns for a partner but doesn’t want to prioritize only marriage! Somebody pass the tissues.

What mother-daughter scenes do you like? There are so many good ones out there.

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