somebody somewhere

somebody somewhere

Have you watched Somebody Somewhere? The HBO series is “a totally platonic love story” between two friends: Sam, a forty-something woman who moves back to her Kansas hometown, and Joel, her gay co-worker, who loves singing and his newly adopted dog. They have the giggliest friend chemistry, and even just seeing photos of them together makes me laugh.

The second season premieres on Sunday, April 23rd. Doesn’t the trailer look great?

I grew up in Michigan, and when I moved to New York, sooooo many people here expressed surprise that I was from the Midwest and even acted sort of consoling. But the joke’s on them because the Midwest is an amazing place full of amazing people (understatement), and I’m so glad this show highlights that. “I see a lot of stories about the Midwest that are making fun of the Midwest, or there’s a hokey-ness or quirkiness,” co-screenwriter Hannah Bos told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We wanted to make it as grounded as possible, not making fun of the characters.” The team also did lots of casting in Chicago. “The talent pool was insane,” Bos says. “I love the Chicago style of acting — which I feel is very grounded, very real, very nuanced — and we had many wonderful actors to draw on to fill our world in.” In sum? Midwest is best.

What other comedies have you loved? My long-time list includes PEN15, The Afterparty, Catastrophe, Starstruck, Never Have I Ever, Hacks, Derry Girls, Bad Sisters, Mo, Insecure, Life & Beth, and Succession. And I can always watch Frasier lol.

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