The trailer for Past Lives, which premieres June 2nd, looks really good. Here’s the premise: Childhood best friends Nora and Hae Sung are torn apart when Nora’s family emigrates from South Korea. Twenty years later, they come together again in New York to spend a week together. Can’t wait to watch.


When we were growing up, my British dad made us cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches ALL THE TIME, but I’ve never seen one made with olives. Would you try it? “This cream cheese and olive sandwich doesn’t have to explain itself to you,” writes Bon Appetit restaurant editor Elazar Sontag, who is a fan of the S&P version. It’s “a three-ingredient sandwich you’ll either love or hate. But let’s go with love!”

Eames hang it all coat rack

My sister Lucy called today with a question: “I need a coat rack, but does a non-hideous one exist?” Yes, you can find simple styles (this one’s named Toby!), but they also take up valuable floor space. So, what about a hanging rack instead? If money’s no object, the Eames Hang-It-All is a design classic; if you’re on a budget, H&M has a cutie for $13.

Rebecca Makkai short story

Last night, I climbed into bed with The New Yorker and read this short story by Rebecca Makkai. Who knew that a tale of a small-town girl falling for a big-city boy could have such twists and turns? I gasped so many times that Anton begged me to read it out loud. I did not — he is nine — but you should!

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(Sandwich photo by Alex Huang, food styling by Mieko Takahashi. Illustration by Joana Avillez.)