Mindy baling

Mindy baling

Ever since Alex and I announced our separation, the first question EVERYONE asks me is…

“Are you dating anyone?” “Will you date?” “Do you want to date?” “Who are you going to date?” “Can I set you up on a date?” “When will you start dating???”

It makes me laugh, but also I get it. Dating is fun to gossip about (I LOVE a good dating story), and who doesn’t want to see their friends fall in love? But right now I’m flying solo and so happy about it, soaking up this time with my kids and seeing friends and reading books and taking long walks and doing the crossword and sitting on my stoop in the evenings and sometimes just staring at the ceiling. I’m really liking hanging out with myself! It’s like Nora Ephron said: “Above all, be the heroine of your life.”

Still, one of these days, I imagine I’ll find myself in the mood to meet someone new or maybe have a drink with a cute dad… we will see! Although the idea of online dating both excites and terrifies me. Are you dating online these days, or have you in the past? How has it been? Any pro tips?

Also, this Middle of the Date Questionnaire is hilarious. An excerpt:

1. Do I look pretty?
2. Are you just saying that because I brought it up?
3. When the bartender came over, did you put on a little voice, or do you just talk like that?
4. When I interrupted you earlier, was it endearing or annoying?
5. This dress cost me fifty-five dollars. Without using a calculator, was it worth it?
6. When I was ten, I saw a body in the woods and never said anything to anyone. Do you think it would have changed anything if I had?

So! I’m curious: What’s your relationship status? Single? Dating? Engaged? Hitched? Divorced? It’s complicated? Please share below, I’d love to hear… xoxo

P.S. My sister’s awesome dating tip, and and 14 great reader comments on dating. Also, how do you know your partner is the one?

(Photo from The Mindy Project.)