Joanna Goddard Lucy

Joanna Goddard Lucy

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to Jenny’s house tonight for burgers. Also, CoJ reader Alexa made me laugh: “All I can say is, I fully expect to check in tomorrow and see that your weekend plans are watching Dirty Dancing,” she wrote yesterday. “There is nothing else. And if there is, cancel it.” So, that, too! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

LOVE this blanket for summer evenings.

Have you seen the trailer for Dumb Money? Looks compelling.

Now that’s an egg sandwich.

The Milwaukee airport has a Recombobulation Area.

This dress is so pretty. (Those scallops!)

Did you ever read the ground-shaking essay about being a twin, There I Almost Am? The same author wrote about her twin getting married, and about her own marriage: Giving Away My Twin. “To be just one person, it really is kind of scary.” (New Yorker)

As a side note, that reminds me: I once chatted with the guy next to me in the audience at an author reading, and it came up that we were both twins. “Are you guys identical?” I asked, and he said, “My parents always thought we were, and now there’s a test we can take to confirm that, but we’re not going to take it,” and I asked why not, and he said, “Because if we weren’t identical, I would be devastated,” and I asked why, and he said, “Because then I’d be all alone.” Fascinating, right? I’ve thought about that every few weeks of my adult life.

In other news, I’d marry someone if they made me this cake.

Who wants to take a walk in Paris? (NYTimes gift link)

The Icelandic word “ísbíltúr” translates as an “ice cream road trip,” where families get in the car, drive leisurely around town, and stop for ice cream. (via Kottke)

Body talk, co-sign.

Made me laugh.

Plus, three reader comments:

Mary says on the random thing I get the most compliments on: “During college up north, there was a beach-themed party in late October. My roomie and I had the idea to slather on Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen, and it was such a hit! Folks smelling us, breaking into huge grins. There is something so magical about a smell that transports you to summer vacation.”

Says Brooke on have a delicious weekend: “Season 2 of the podcast The Turning is called Room of Mirrors, and it beautifully captures the complexity of the American ballet world and its many entrenched issues (racism, sexism, homophobia, body-shaming, eating disorder prevalence, abuse) but from the perspective of someone who deeply loves the art form. (Season 1 is about nuns in Mother Teresa’s order and is equally nuanced and engrossing.)”

Says Anon on the random thing I get the most compliments on: “I’ve been going to the doctor recently for a painful recurring appointment. Whenever they’re putting needles in my arm, I close my eyes and picture the Cup of Jo header, and it brings tremendous comfort. Twice in the last week, I used this trick, as looney as it sounds. Just know this site brings me immense joy and calms my central nervous system.” [Ed note: Thank you, Anon; we are so touched.]

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo of my twin sister and me.)

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