12 beauty tips

Over the years, I’ve realized that one way to start a fun conversation with friends is to ask for their beauty tips. So, let’s share all our hacks and secrets! Here are 13 revelatory reader comments…

On holy grail products:

“A big vote for Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks blush sticks. Pricey no doubt but I have the shade poppet which is a bright pink in the pan and translates to the prettiest naughtiest flush on my pale cheeks. (I have actually gotten rid of all of my other blushes.)” — Jade

“When I was in high school, my mom took me to the Clinique counter at Dillard’s to get my first set of makeup, which included Clinique Black Honey lipstick. It fit perfectly at my high school formals in Houston, college clubs in L.A., and dive bars in San Francisco. In my 30s, I wore it to weddings, baby showers, and job interviews. Now, in my early 40s, it’s the color of my late-night nursing-school study sessions. Black Honey forever!” — Maggie

“I have rosacea and struggle finding sunscreen that doesn’t upset my skin. But then I discovered MDSolarsciences Kidcreme and am obsessed. It’s totally invisible and pore-blurring and has a beautiful, natural finish.” — Jessica

On seeing yourself through a child’s eyes:

“Whenever I get self-conscious about the big eyes, big nose and big teeth on my otherwise small face, I remind myself how intently babies look at me. My theory is that babies can see my big features clearly while the rest of their world is still blurry, and I feel special.” — M.A.

“My friend’s second grader was describing someone and said, ‘You know, they’re tall and have red sparkles on their face.’ Imagine that! Through the eyes of love, this little one didn’t see acne, they saw sparkles.” — Toni

On hair freedom:

“When my hair started graying in my thirties, I debated dyeing it. But then the pandemic came, and salons closed. For the first time in my adult life, I realized how many thirty-something women have gray hair! I’d be running through my neighborhood and would gasp from a place of deep happiness and self-recognition seeing a fellow runner/young mom/cool twenty-something with gray hairs. The silvers looked like natural highlights! I realized I was part of a secret club that suddenly wasn’t so secret. I was able to throw my shame over going gray in my mental trash can.” — KR

On smart tips:

“A YouTube makeup artist pointed out that *where* you put blush makes a huge difference. I decided to take a post-orgasm selfie to see where my natural flush is. Surprise, surprise, it was UNDER my cheek apple. I moved it to where it should be and woowwww. One of the better research assignments I’ve given myself tbh.” — Kara

“Unless your hair is very curly, brush it before showering instead of after. It’s much easier to detangle when dry, and then easier to wash.” — Kels

“Use a men’s beard dye kit to dye your eye brows. It takes a total of eight minutes and the box lasts a year. I’m super low maintenance, but this helps me feel put together.” — DD

“While traveling, I’m 100% on board for pharmacy jaunts. I love finding locally-sourced beauty, skincare and health products.” — Pooja

On redefining beauty rituals:

“I love painting my nails. The process is a 30-minute chunk, uninterrupted by my family, once a week. I focus on just what’s in front of me and reflect on what my hands accomplished that week (pulled weeds, done medical procedures, bathed my kids). By the end, I feel relaxed and it’s something beautiful that I get to look at every day.” — Cydney

On beauty mishaps:

“At our wedding ceremony, my husband started crying during his vows. I didn’t want to ruin my makeup, so I tried to keep it together. However, apparently my ‘try not to cry’ face looks extremely angry. In our pictures, he’s smiling and I look like I’m about to slap someone.” — Laura

On loving your looks:

“I used to hate my body – after kids, it was too flabby here, too saggy there. But now that I’m 67 and fighting cancer, I’ve lost weight and find that I miss my gentle soft curves very much! Ladies, life is short — love what you are and embrace how you look.” — Susan

What’s your relationship with beauty right now? Do you have any tips or products that you swear by? And, if it ever feels like too much, Tina Fey says, “Always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?” xoxo

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(Photo by Stocksy/Jess Craven.)