Frannie Gilly

Over the past few years, I didn’t think too much about what I wore or put on my face, other than my trusty gingham mask. But now that spring has sprung, I feel excited about getting outside and being a person, and, I don’t know, I just want to feel… pretty?

After playing around with makeup for a while, I realized that one product makes the biggest difference: blush. As soon as I swiped it on, my whole face would light up. “Blush is EVERYTHING,” said my bff Gemma, who is a genius in all ways but especially makeup.

And apparently the secret’s out: “As makeup sales begin to recover for the first time in two years, blush is the unlikely hero product of a (sort of) post-pandemic world,” reports Glamour. “The product has shed its stuffy reputation to become a glowy staple.”

Joanna goddard

Next, I spent some time experimenting, and Gemma gave me instructions. “Blush is worn slightly higher than in the days of yore,” she texted. “Don’t go below your nose-to-ears line.” And the trend is to not just wear a faint tint, but really pile it on. I use this creamy multistick for everyday, and I also LOVE these two:

* This soft pink, which has a cult following, makes you look, as Gemma says, like you had “gentle but meaningful sex that morning.”
* For more of a pop, this highlighter palette has four fun colors to play with. “Dewiness is overrated and usually comes off greasy; instead, try to look velvety,” says Gemma, and this is perfect for that.

Do you wear blush? If so, which do you like? Please share below…

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(Top photo of Frannie Gilly by Clare V.)

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