jannelle Sanchez

I consider myself a skincare-product skeptic. This is because my sensitive skin gets itchy and inflamed as soon as it touches any ingredient it doesn’t like. When I try a new face lotion, serum, or cleanser, I never know what to expect. Will my skin glow and feel as soft as a baby’s bottom? Or will I breakout in blotchy red patches? We will see!

So, when I first heard all the hype around Peach and Lily’s Glass Skin Refining Serum, I was intrigued but suspicious. Does it really work? Will it make my face break out? What even is serum? These questions rushed through my head whenever I saw the pink and white bottle on my Instagram feed.

But, after hearing a close friend rave about how silky the serum made her skin, I finally decided to give it a shot. Every morning and evening, I applied it to my face and neck. And after a month, the changes to my skin were undeniable.

Upon waking, I now look less splotchy and more like someone with, dare I say, an even skin tone. My skin also feels supple and looks brighter. Thanks to high school acne, I have my fair share of tiny bumps and scars. But now my skin feels so ridiculously smooth, I’ve developed this interesting habit of petting my forehead and cheeks every couple hours. The best part? No irritation.

I’ve used the serum for years now, and the hype is real.

Pro tip: To look like my ultimate glowy icon (baby Hercules), I pair Glass Skin with this dewy sunscreen. The end result is stunning, radiant skin.

Do you have a product that you always finish? Are you, too, part of the sensitive skin club? I also swear by this game-changer.

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