What are you up to this weekend? Anton has a pie fundraiser at his school, so we’re brainstorming what to make. The boys were thinking a crumble of some kind, or maybe key lime? Any suggestions? (For another time, I’m bookmarking this gorgeous apple tarte tatin.) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Loving these for the holidays.

Adrien Brody’s many clothing layers in Succession were all his idea, haha.

The new West Side Story movie looks great.

Wellington, New Zealand, has over 300 individual cable cars to take residents to their homes. So cool.

Would you sleep here for a night?

Primary Kids is running 50% off family pjs, 50% off select dresses, 40% off puffers, and more. (Our kids live in these.)

The wildlife photographer of the year.

Tiny love stories: “Your husband will probably leave you now.” (New York Times)

Pretty colorblock sweater.

Love this touching comic by a teenager.

Venus and Serena playing tennis as kids.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says M.E. on 10 gifts for dads: “Because my family is massive, I am a fan of the signature holiday gift — one nice, small thing that works for everyone. This year it’s a beanie. Every single one of my nephews is getting one, and they’re all exactly the same, so nobody gets in a snit about who likes what color better.”

Says Kate on 12 gifts for wives: “Instead of donating to Planned Parenthood or another large national organization like the ACLU or NARAL, please consider donating to your local abortion funds. These large national organizations have massive budgets and are annually very well funded — and of course they need that money for large-scale impact litigation and so forth. But in contrast, small local abortion funds and clinics operate on a shoestring, and provide the medical fees, practical and emotional support, transportation, lodging, etc. directly to people who are seeking abortion care and couldn’t afford it otherwise. This is a much more immediate way to assist those most impacted by abortion restrictions, and invests in our communities rather than in large non-profits. Your dollar will go further – and straight to one of your neighbors in need. Thank you for considering!”

(Photo by Victoria Rose via Brooklinen. New Zealand link via Swissmiss.)

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