the white lotus books

Have you watched The White Lotus? Every detail of the HBO satire — which follows guests and staff at a fancy resort in Hawaii — is pitch perfect. Even the books! I loved that the rich kid Shane lazes around with a copy of Blink, the pop psych sensation from 2005, without ever getting any further into it. Then, when Shane asks two teenage girls if they’re actually reading philosophy by the pool, they quip, “We have a stylist pick our outfits and then we have a book stylist pick out our books.” Here’s a New York Magazine interview with the director, if you’d like to read.

burrow bakery Brooklyn

How beautiful is this cherry tart by Ayako Kurokawa of the Brooklyn bakery Burrow?

Phoebe Robinson

Madewell just interviewed comedian-writer-actress Phoebe Robinson, and her answers were fun. When asked to describe her perfect meal, Robinson said, “That depends. Am I eating my feelings? Am I enjoying the holidays? Am I trying to eat for a marathon I’m training for? Just kidding, I don’t run. This is going to sound basic as hell, but having lived in New York for half my life, I think I could always have New York pizza and a glass of wine. Whenever my boyfriend asks, ‘Do you want to do pizza tonight?’, I’m like, ‘Yeah, I do want pizza.'”

farro recipe smitten kitchen

What weeknight dinners do you swear by? We often make chicken curry or salmon sandwiches. Next, I’d love to try Smitten Kitchen’s farro with tomatoes, which she says “cooks in one pot and tastes like you worked all day on it.”

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