What baby names do you like? As I’m sure you’ve heard, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just named their newborn daughter ‘Lilibet,’ which is Queen Elizabeth’s family pet name. How sweet is it to name a child after a nickname? My favorite names are…

Toby and Anton for boys, of course. :)

But for girls, I’m fickle! When I was pregnant the first time, Alex and I loved the names Penelope, Sophie and Beatrice. When I was pregnant again a few years later, our top girls’ names were Jane, Margot and Sabine. Nowadays (I’m not pregnant, just daydreaming!), we like Louise and Claire. Funny how name preferences can change.

Also, a sweet story: My cousin and his wife named their baby boy Graham, after his wife’s grandmother, whom she’s especially close with and always called Gram. Isn’t that a lovely way to honor her?

Now I’m curious: What are your favorite baby names these days? Please share below…

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(Photos by the incredible Nikaela Marie Peters of Rose & Crown.)