Katie Sturino

I couldn’t love Katie Sturino more, and her new book Body Talk — a guide to embracing your body — should be required reading for men, women and children. An inspiring excerpt: “I am fat. It’s okay. You can say it. I can say it. Once I accepted that I was inherently, unconditionally worthy of love — and that this love and worthiness has nothing to do with my appearance and/or body but rather by pure virtue of being a human being — the word fat lost its power as an insult. I’m fat? So what! Throw a party for me if you care so much. So here’s the mantra: You too are inherently worthy of love. We should all repeat that over and over together. It’ll be fun, I think. If we can accept that our appearance (including weight and body type) isn’t the thing that makes us lovable, successful, fun, stylish, etc., then we can accept our weight as our weight, our appearance as our appearance. Nothing more, nothing less. It just is.”


The boys usually have cereal in the morning, but the other day, we picked up a crusty loaf of bread and have been having toast parties in the morning, just piling on leftovers or whatever we can find in the cupboards. It’s a yummy way to start the day and clear the fridge.

track shorts madewell

A reader asked recently: “Now that summer is coming, what’s the shorts version of soft pants?” I’ve been keeping my eye out for cute styles and here are four: denim, track, paperbag and linen.

Have you seen the new show Hacks? Legendary comedian Deborah Vance sells out stand-up shows in Las Vegas, but to keep her dates she needs to appeal to a younger crowd. So! A down-on-her-luck 25-year-old comedy writer comes to help write jokes. The chemistry between the actors is perfect, and the script is fast and funny. After a TV drought this winter, I’m happy to have a new show to sink my teeth into.

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(Toast photos by Mav.)