Kim Rhodes

Last summer, I had a problem…

My boyfriend and I would often grab food and have a picnic in Washington Square Park. Afterward, we’d take a humid walk around the city, and as the sun set, we’d walk home across the Williamsburg Bridge, playing Would You Rather.

Most of the time, I’d be wearing some sort of flowy dress which means my inner thighs were on fire, and I’m not talking about my muscles. My thighs touch when I walk, and when they’re met with hot, humid weather, it gets dicey. By the time we’d get home, my thighs would be chafed and sore and developing painful little bumps. The next few days, I would hobble around, trying not to let my thighs meet in the middle, even though they inevitably would.

Around the same time, I began to hear about this magical anti-friction balm, perfect for chafed skin. Everyone was raving about it, which meant I naturally ignored it (that’s just my way). I come around to things on my own time, and I was also skeptical…it sounded too good to be true.

Skip to a few weeks ago, as spring entered the picture, I kept seeing videos of Megababe founder Katie Sturino, gleefully rubbing her inner thighs with what looked like deodorant, before heading out to conquer her day. It wasn’t deodorant, though. It was the magical anti-friction balm! I decided why not give my thighs a fighting chance? Enter Megababe Thigh Rescue.

Megababe thigh rescue

Let me tell you: it’s as good as everyone says. A few days ago, I applied it before wearing a pair of straight-leg jeans that can irritate my skin on long walks, and my skin felt like silk all day long, with no irritation, whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it. My favorite part is that it doesn’t feel like a greasy mess when you apply it — it simply becomes a smooth, even barrier on your skin, soothing and protecting you. Just knowing my thighs don’t have to face this summer in danger of chafing gives me so much peace of mind.

Any other summer products I have to try? Let me know!

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