the white tiger movie

the white tiger movie

I’ve always loved a good club — an articles club, a documentary club, a cooking club, a soup group — so during quarantine, I was thrilled when my friend Ameer suggested a movie club…

movie club

Here’s how it works: First, gather a group of 8-10 friends. Take turns choosing a weekly movie, and all watch it separately. Then get together on Zoom to chat about the movie every week — for us, it’s Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. And, yes, you can wear pajamas.

We’ve watched and discussed these movies so far:
Harold & Maude
The White Tiger (I loved this)
Three Days of the Condor
Sense & Sensibility
Judas and The Black Messiah
Defending Your Life
Purple Noon (the 1960 version of The Talented Mr. Ripley)

During the club, I’ve been continually surprised by how differently people interpret movies — I love hearing friends’ hot takes and debates — and some of the movies are split down the middle in terms of people loving or hating them. Also, Harold & Maude used to be one of my favorite movies — I even took Alex to see it on one of our early dates — but this time around, I found it sort of cloying. So fascinating how your tastes can change!

What about you? Would you start a movie club? Do you have one already? What movies have you enjoyed lately? I can’t wait to see Minari.

P.S. The best family movies, and what are your three favorite movies?