Ten best documentaries

Do you guys ever watch documentaries? My friend Scott and I have a monthly documentary club, and I thought I’d share ten of my favorites that we’ve seen over the past couple years. I’d highly recommend them all…

Surfwise tells the story of the Paskowitz couple, who drops off the grid to drive their nine kids around in a camper and surf all day.
Food, Inc. examines the American food industry and corporate farms. Not for the squeamish! (P.S. We’ve bought only organic meat and dairy since watching this.)
My Kid Could Paint That looks at the runaway success of a four-year-old girl whose paintings are compared to Picasso. But is she the real artist?
Man on Wire is a documentary about a wild French tightrope walker and his jaw-dropping (illegal) stunts.
Mad Hot Ballroom follows an adorable group of New York City fifth graders taking a ballroom dance program.
Deep Water tells the gripping story of an amateur sailor who (insanely) enters a solo race around the world.
The Up Series is a series of incredibly compelling documentaries that have tracked the lives of fourteen English schoolchildren since 1964, when they were seven years old. Every seven years, the filmmaker releases a new documentary that checks in on their increasingly varied lives. (They’re now 53!)
American Teen follows five high-school seniors–a jock, princess, heart-throb, geek and misfit–in a small Indiana town.
Autism: The Musical chronicles five autistic children as they rehearse for a musical production.
Stranded lets the survivors of the famous 1972 Andes plane crash tell their story of survival.

Have you seen any other good documentaries? I’d love to hear!

  1. Maria Luisa says...

    Chef’s Table is a must.

  2. Two documentaries that are quite bizarre and disturbing but stuck with me!

    1. The Bridge – a disturbing look at the high rate of suicides (more than any other bridge anywhere) that happen by people jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.For one year, they filmed the bridge daily and captured 23 out of the 24 plunges to death, in addition to filming friends and family members of those who jumped.

    2. The wild and wonderful White’s of West Virginia:

    • Britt says...

      180 Degrees South is so good! I have watched it several times and I always find it calming, beautiful and inspiring.

      Another inspiring documentary: Reversing Roe – a must see.

  3. Being a Michigan Native – you need to see Sugarman!

  4. Prom Night in Mississippi

  5. I love the list and all of the other recommendations. In addition to those mentioned, I really loved Dark Days – about people living in the subway tunnels in NYC – tough with redemption though. Also, liked The heart of the game – a female hoop dreams.

  6. So many here that I love – here’s one no one’s mentioned yet: Birth As We Know It, youtube trailer here: It’s about an alternative birthing method called orgasmic birth and is fascinating!

    Also, I second Valentino, Grizzly Man and Senna!

  7. I would recommend “Love Hate Love” due to it being inspiring, I am also recommeding it due to my uncle Ben Tullipan being in it and telling his amazing story.
    This film follows three families on a journey across five continents, as they strive to build world-changing legacies and prove that even the most horrifying acts of hate can be overcome by simple acts of love.

  8. Joanna,

    I just watched Happy on your recommendation above, and I am so HAPPY that I did. I’ve been in a bit of a blue place lately, feeling out of touch with happiness and with the role I want to fill in this world. After watching this documentary I feel reinvigorated and ready for what is to come. It really gave me that extra little boost that I needed.

    On a related note, I want to thank you for what you do here on this blog. My roommate and I have been following you for the past couple of years, and we get such joy out of what you share with us here! Your candidness and your bravery and honesty are inspirational. Even the little things like posts about autumn colors or happy kitten video can really brighten up a day. I love reading your blog because you are so honest, and something about your honesty reminds me that I’m part of something bigger, that even though we may lead different lives, we are all in some way interconnected. I guess I’m posting a thanks because you deserve it. What you’re doing here is a really beautiful thing and I’ve just realized that I’ve never thanked you and yet you’ve given me and my friends such joy!

    Woof! What a post!

    All the best,

    A regular reader, Emily

  9. I love this idea and want to start a club with my friend. What is your process? Do you watch them separately, or with your friend? Do you watch multiple ones before getting together to discuss?

  10. Garbage Warrior (amazing eco designer)

    Tapped (I can’t buy plastic water bottles now!)

    Found and Fury (incredible debate within a deaf family over getting the kids cochlear implants)

    I Like Killing Flies (surprisingly sensitive, the orig NY “soup nazi”)

  11. Art & Copy directed by Doug Pray about advertising and inspiration. If you like Madmen you will love this.

    In the Realms of the Unreal a documentary about Henry Darger a reclusive artist.

    Stone Reader directed by Mark Mossman about Dow Mossman an American writer.

    Hope you enjoy…

  12. Awesome selection. Watch them all at

  13. Nicole says...

    Another good documentary I’ve seen recently is “Waiting For Superman.” It compares education statistics with a handful of school children, and shows how “drop out factories” are poorly impacting America’s grades and academic growth.

  14. I prefer fictional movies instead documentaries bore me to dead.

  15. I just watched Senna, a documentary about the life and death of Formula One driver Aryton Senna. Heartbreaking, but absolutely amazing!

  16. I loved Herzog’s Cave of forgotten dreams and Encounters at the end of the world.

  17. You should watch a doc called A Man Named Pearl, it’s really good.

  18. Love this!

    I see a lot of my favourites already – Young @ Heart, The Devil & Daniel Johnston and Tyson and Man On Wire and Touching the Void.

    I also recommend Fuck – the story of the origins of this notorious word!

    Life In A Day – the new doc by Kevin MacDonald. He and his team asked people on YouTube to document their life on July 24, 2010. They got 4500 hours worth of material and edited it…really interesting.

  19. ‘man on wire’ is one of the best i’ve ever seen. i must get to the ‘seven up’ films eventually.

  20. Anonymous says...

    I love Helvetica and Wordplay. They are two of my favorite films that just happen to be docs.

    Resolved is a great doc about debate teams, exposes you to something you probably never even thought existed!

  21. I LOVED Man on Wire!

    A couple of my other faves are
    “A souvenir of Canada”
    “Okie Noodling”
    “Born in Brothels”

  22. Love your suggestions and would add:
    Buena Vista Social Club
    Grey Gardens
    Capturing the Friedmans
    Hoop Dreams
    Fog of War
    Don’t Look Back
    In the Realms of the Unreal
    The Thin Blue Line

    Love the power of documentaries!

  23. Susan says...

    One Day in September, Who Killed the Electric Car, Young at Heart and Food Inc are some favorites.

  24. Anonymous says...

    an amazing documentary:
    Manufactured Landscapes.

    I don’t know if I feel impressed or devastated when I watch it. It really makes you think

  25. Anonymous says...

    beautiful losers. in my top ten films of all time.

  26. I don’t know if any of the other comments have mentioned this one, but I saw War Dance recently and was blown away (and I’ve seen a good number of documentaries, especially docs. that look at issues in Africa). It is heartbreaking, inspiring, and beautifully-made.

  27. we watched “i like killing flies” a couple of nights ago. it was pretty interesting :)

  28. Joanna – thank you thank you for this post. Documentary nerds, unite! This post has been so informative.

    I wanted to recommend a few that haven’t been mentioned yet.

    Please see Marwencol – “about the fantasy world of Mark Hogancamp.

    After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark builds a 1/6th scale World War II-era town in his backyard. Mark populates the town he dubs “Marwencol” with dolls representing his friends and family and creates life-like photographs detailing the town’s many relationships and dramas.”

    The Devil and Daniel Johnston – “Daniel Johnston, manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist is revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity and love.” Also, if you are a fellow sewing nerd, Sublime Stitching offers embroidery patterns by Daniel Johnston.

    Winnebago Man – about the “angriest man in the world,” RV salesman Jack Rebney. Wow.

    Finally, I’ll reinforce the choices of others: Grey Gardens, King of Kong, Young at Heart, and the Bridge.

  29. Anonymous says...

    The Cove is incredible, of course. I watched Deep Water upon your recommendation and was haunted by it, it was excellent. I Love Man on Wire, Rape of Europa and No Impact Man as well.

    Some other favorites that haven’t gotten as much attention:
    -Sound and Fury, about a Deaf family deciding whether to allow their daughter to get a cochlear implant.
    -Etre et Avoir, a very cute, touching movie about an elementary teacher and his class in France.
    -The Philosopher Kings, fundamentally about the power of humanity; tells the life stories of janitors across the country. very powerful and a tearjerker, quite possibly my favorite film of all time!

  30. Food Inc. probably the best documentary on food ever made . After i saw it , i instantly uploaded it on my website .This documentary could be shown in schools.

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  32. I cannot recommend a documentary more than Dear Zachary: A letter to a son about his father. I’ve watched documentaries rabidly for the last 20 years or so, and I have never personally been so moved, outraged, and completely blown away by any film, documentary or otherwise, more so than this one. Absolutely impossible to stop watching once you’ve started it.

    Every moment spent with the Bagby’s is a testament to a parents love for their children. The outrage, despair, and heartache you feel after watching this will stay with you forever. I truly believe that. It’s been two years since I first viewed it, and I still think of it at least once or twice a month. Go into this one blind. Do not read the reviews, or the synopsis. Add it to your Netflix queue, and start watching it. You’ll either thank me or curse me afterward, but you will be blown away by this one.

  33. The Future Of Food is another good one, following up on Food, Inc

  34. I’m enjoying working through your list so much that I linked to your post today.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  35. i normally just know about these documentaries because i go to Apple to watch trailers :/ here in Portugal there’s not much of that i would have to wait and then buy ou rent it somewhere ! <3

    P.s. Loved the Blog .

  36. ALSO “Objectified” & “Beer Wars” & “I.O.U.S.A” are great.. A little different than most suggested but still interesting!

  37. Great suggestions! I would recommend “In A Dream” about Philadelphia artist Isaiah Zagar & “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” & “Bigger, Stronger, Faster.”

  38. Jen says...


    – Any Errol Morris. Especially The Thin Blue Line, Fast Cheap and Out of Control, and Fog of War.
    – Etre at Avoir. Definitely.
    – Children Full of Life. A Japanese film that I still think about all the time. Definitely teary viewing!
    – The Up Series is incredible. I can’t wait for 54 Up.
    – Hoop Dreams.
    – Young @ Heart. Definitely.

    So many great ones. Good idea to have a monthly club!

  39. The Cove. It blew my mind.

  40. The Horse Boy.

    An amazing film about an unruly autistic kid who is brought to Mongolia by his parents to receive a healing from Nomadic Shamans. Very powerful film, makes you think differently about illness.



  41. I’ll have to watch Seven Up and Man On Wire, I heard Capitalism, a love story, was good.

  42. I just saw The Cove and Sharkwater recently. Both excellent. One of my favourites of the past few years is The King of Kong, about Donkey Kong rivals…great great movie.

  43. I thought I was up and up on my documentary watchin’ but I guess not. I haven’t seen any of these, though I’ve heard of most of them.
    This year I saw Home, about the earth, and it was brilliant. I also have another doc called “The Least of These” that Im watching tonight.

  44. i’m SO disappointed that you didn’t include Young at Heart in your list! honestly, its like Glee meets the Golden Girls…so uplifting and hilarious. if you haven’t seen it, add it to your cue (sp?)…

  45. Another vote for King of Kong. It’s awesome, even if you don’t care about video games. I also liked Ring of Fire and Jesus Camp.

  46. i really appreciate this list from you joanna! i love documentaries but have been a bit removed from the television/movie/documentary scene as of late. i’ve got to get on it! :) thank you!

  47. Hanna L says...

    Transgeneration is hands down one of the best documentaries i have ever seen. It follows 4 transgender college students for a year and is mind-blowingly awesome. Watch it!

  48. I have found myself beginning to love documentaries, so thank you for this list!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. are you kidding me? sometimes i feel like documentaries are even MORE entertaining than movies :) i just watched herb and dorothy and it inspired us to pay a visit to the museum immediately afterwards!

  51. Some of these look so interesting!

    Winged Migration was really beautiful, and March of the Penguins was wonderful, but is super well known.
    I think most of my favourite documentaries have to do with animals or birds

  52. Anonymous says...

    Want to see Babies really badly; but I must say, one of the best-if not the best- documentaries I’ve ever watched is Dear Zachary. A wonderfully heart-breaking movie (not for the faint of heart or people who hate to cry), but it is absolutely essential that you don’t research anything about the storyline until after the film, as it’ll absolutely ruin the effect.
    …. Can you tell that I love the movie?

  53. I just watched “American Teen.” What a heart-wrenchingly truthful documentary!

    I just want to grab those high schoolers by the shoulders and tell them, “It’s going to be ok! You will grow up and life will be better!”

    Next on my list is the “Mad Hot Ballroom.”

  54. Every time I come back to read the comments here, I see more and more titles to add to my Netflix queue!

    P.S. Isn’t queue a weird word?

  55. The Business of Being born is one I HIGHLY recommend.

    The September Issue was interesting.

    Herb & Dorothy was great

    Crazy, Sexy Cancer was really good

    and if you’re into graphic design at all Helvetica is amazing.

  56. what a great post! i’ve just added a bunch more movies to my queue also – so thanks! Most of my faves have been recommended – loved Helvetica, Dogtown and Z – Boys, and Winged Migration. King of Kong was entertaining along with Anvil – and I don’t like heavy metal music or play video games! I watched Beautiful Losers the other night – great film on a bunch of artists. Thanks for all the great recs!

  57. There’s a new documentary called VANISHING OF THE BEES which will begin screening around the country after Honey Bee Awareness Day (8/21).

    It is a hugely important and educational documentary about the disappearing honey bees and how it ultimately affects us as every third bite of food we eat depends on the pollination of honey bees. Every one should see this!

    More info at

    Via swissmiss:

    “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe the man would only have 4 years of life left.


    – Albert Einstein

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I love the idea of a documentary club, thanks for all the suggestions!!

    Did you know there is an American version of the 7 Up series? It started in 1991, so far there are also 14 and 21. 28 should be coming up soon! :-)

  60. Em says...

    Two great new education documentaries coming out soon. The Lottery (chronicles 4 families trying to get into the charter schools in Harlem) and Waiting for Superman (Davis Guggenheim’s new movie — 2010 Sundance Audience winner).

  61. obsessed with born into brothels, which is really uplifting despite the depressing title!

  62. I can’t even tell you how much I’d like to be a part of this club!! What a great idea.

    American Opera, about the pets left behind or lost during Katrina, was awesome. And Herb & Dorothy about the librarian and postal worker and their incredible art collection was also quite good.

  63. Some of my favorites:
    -Born into Brothels (absolutely stunning story and imagery)
    – Grey Gardens (Classic)
    – Word Wars (about the Scrabble championships)
    – Vernon, FL (eccentric people to the max)

  64. The Business of Being Born! I am obsessed – whenever it’s on TV I am glued. You should check it out before your little one makes his entrance! My mother was always a huge supporter of natural childbirth – she didn’t have any drugs during her three deliveries and I thought she was crazy until i saw this movie! It was so inspiring – I am planning a home birth for my future babies now!

  65. I’m glad to say I’ve seen most of these. And a doc club! How wonderful. I’m gonna con my friends into seeing one.

  66. Have you seen The Business of Being Born? Its one of my favorites too. I just watched it with a friend last night, it was the first time Ive seen it since I gave birth (at home) to my sweet lil baby guy six months ago, wow after you have experianced birthing a baby it really hits you alot harder than before. What a joy.

  67. Anonymous says...

    I recently watched ‘The English Surgeon’ – amazing story of a neurosurgen who goes to the Ukraine.

    ‘Baraka’ is wonderful
    ‘Koyanaquasti’ is amazing (sorry about the spelling
    ‘Yellowstone’ is fantastic

    Love the 7 Up series and Man on a Wire too.


  68. Anonymous says...

    I loved Man on a Wire too.

    I recently watched The English Surgeon – amazing.

    All about a doctor who goes to the Ukraine to perform brain surgery.


  69. these look amazing! i’m definitely going to watch them! I LOVE documentaries!

  70. annika says...

    thank you, thank you all!

    i’ve realised documentaries are perfect for me, and am super excited to watch my long list!

  71. Surfwise and Man on Wire are two of my favorites! Documentaries are my favorite kind of movie, so I can’t wait to check out some of your recommendations. Here are three I’ve seen in the past year and LOVE:

    Unmistaken Child — unbelievable story of a Tibetan monk’s search to find the reincarnated Lama he was a very close student of. Maybe my favorite documentary ever. So sweet, poignant, and thoughtful. I think you’ll love it.

    No Impact Man — really interesting and inspiring story of a totally average guy and his wife and toddler who, for a year, go as absolutely low environmental impact as they possibly can. And they live in NYC.

    Tyson — who loves Mike Tyson and wants to hear the story of his life? … ummm… yeah, that’s what I thought too. But my brother saw this premiered at Cannes and was raving about it so much when he got back that I had to see it. Fantastic. Utterly blown away by this one.

  72. these sound really interesting. i like a good documentary once in awhile. i am scared to see food, inc. but i know i should!

  73. A State of Mind-a documentary about the Mass Games in North Korea. So good.

    I also agree about King Korn, Jesus Camp, The Business of Being Born, and Word Play. I think most of them are available as “watch instantly” on Netflix.

  74. I love documentaries, too! These recommendations are great. I’ve seen a couple remarks on “Dear Zachary” and “Anvil” (two VERY different moods!) and I would have to second those. A friend of mine made an excellent doc two years ago called “Break Up Date”. There is a wonderful trailer for it on youtube.

    Thanks for the post, Joanna.

  75. My all time FAVORITE documentary is Grey Gardens! I love Big Edie and Little Edie. They are so fabulously crazy!

  76. my FAVE is Spellbound – but i love everything about the spelling bee :)

  77. One more! Loved – “Glass” – documentary on Philip Glass. What a brain and spirit.

  78. The Cove!! So sad, but such an eye-opener!

  79. Man on wire is on my top five favorite movies of all time. It’s amazing! I really want to watch all of these… they look so good. I was so glad Man on Wire won the Oscar, I was worried that it wouldn’t for some reason!

  80. Seven Up and Man on Wire are astounding! Sigh. I must watch Surfwise!

  81. Okay, haven’t read all of these, so someone probably already mentioned them, but, A Man named Pearl is wonderful!!! Also, Young @ heart (you will laugh and cry) and It might get Loud, Herb and Dorothy, Not your typical Bigfoot Movie (it isn’t), I could go on and on.

  82. I would add Blue Vinyl as a must see for everyone

  83. perfect timing. i have seen a few of those but been looking for some new ones to watch.

    have you seen the business of being born? it might be a little too intense this close to your delivery but it is a good one. And my favorite documetary so far has been: Short cut to Nirvana.


  84. I’ve seen Food Inc. & My Kid That Could Paint.

    I’d also recommend “Born into Brothels” about children born into prostitution in India and “The Business of Being Born,” all about home birth.

  85. Leigh says...

    I liked Paper Hearts and Sound of Fury.

  86. Love all the posts here! What a great bunch of readers you have!

    “Random Lunacy” really, really stuck with me–even more than “Surfwise” did. It’s the story about a man who decided that rather than live a conventional life defined by “stuff”, he’d live off whatever he found, wherever he found himself. He was a father, foster parent, husband, circus ringleader and sailed the Atlantic on a barge made of garbage found in NYC.

    Couldn’t recommend it enough.

  87. YES!!! I adore The Specials! The Specials were nominated for 2 Webby Awards: Best Documentary Series and Best Reality. They won Best Reality, and I am sooo thrilled. Everyone just falls in complete love with this young group of British housemates, most of whom have Down syndrome. Sam is my man — the ladies man of the bunch. The joy and vulnerability of the group will just suck you right in.

    I would love to know what you think!

  88. I recently saw Convention about the 2008 DNC. I loved it even more than I thought I would, it follows all the people behind the planning of the convention and its so warming and makes you feel like you know them.

    I’m going to have to check out the ones you’ve listed :)

  89. I watched a docudrama called Krakatoa: the Last Days and it was really incredible. Brings you right back to 1883 and the second greatest volcanic eruption in recorded history while explaining the science behind it all as well :)
    Oh! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is definitely worth watching as well!

  90. I’m a film festival programmer and I specialize in Documentaries. I’m so happy to see such an outpouring of female doc lovers on this blog! I absolutely loved My Kid Could Pain That, it still haunts me to this day, I want to know the truth! But, everyone seriously owes it to themselves to watch DEAR ZACHARY, as has already been suggested. I’ve seen A LOT of docs and have never cried as much as I did while watching Dear Zachary!

  91. I love ‘When We Were Kings’ – great story-telling.

  92. Fabulous list, and I am surprised so many people have suggested Food Inc. and not Earthlings. Earthlings is fabulous, directed by Joaquin Pheonix and just lays out the meat industry, puppy mills and all the other awful things that occur that most Americans have no idea about. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  93. There’s one I’ve got to borrow from my local library. “Disconnected” is about three college students who decide to go without computers for one month. I see you can watch it for free on Hulu, too. Sounds really interesting! I also loved “Helvetica” and have “Objectified” waiting on my iTunes.

  94. oh, i LOVED food inc! i can’t wait to watch these, too. thanks so much for these recommendations!! :)

  95. I always bought organic/free range before watching Food Inc. but if there was ever a part of me that sometimes secretly craved a fast food cheeseburger…after watching this doc…NEVER again!

  96. i agree with the rape of europa- i bit off all my nails!

  97. I haven’t seen any of these, except Food Inc., which I loved. Boyfriend and I are going to watch all of the Oscar-nominated documentaries this year, and that was one of them. The other we’ve seen so far is “The Cove,” about dolphin slaying in Japan. You have to see it. I cried, and I signed a petition to hopefully end this practice.

  98. You HAVE to see Sharkwater
    It is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen!
    It is about sharks, and shark hunting, and the devestation of our oceans.
    I learned so much from this movie and all the footage of the sharks is beautiful.
    everyone needs to see Sharkwater

  99. I love going to the Sundance Film Festival here each year and seeing the short documentaries. I remember one especially about a beauty pagent in a Colombian womens’ prison. It was so unique. I have no idea where you’d find those short films from the festivals but it’d be worth it if you could.

  100. Claire says...

    Have you seen Little Dieter Needs to Fly? It is a must.

    (i’ve been silently watching your blog for months and could not live without it. actually, my husband and i just finished eating the aged cheddar and apple on raisin bread grilled cheese, but i added some goat cheese and loads of fresh dill, which worked well. )

  101. Me and the hubs loved Surfwise!!! Although the whole living together in one rv and not going to school part kinda made me uncomfortable… but other then that- a very compelling true life tale… i also LOVE man on wire, it was terrific! Great post!

  102. Kathy says...

    Grey Gardens!

    Pretty much anything Michael Moore has done–Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine and especially Sicko.

    In the Realms of the Unreal (about visionary artist Henry Darger)

  103. i love food inc & man on wire!

  104. Oh how perfect! We’ve been on a documentary kick lately, so will have to add these to the list. Seven Up sounds right up my alley.

    This week, we watched Herb & Dorothy — about the unlikely art world darlings. She was a librarian, he was a postal worker. They loved art, but had little money, and had the biggest private collection of minimalist art in their tiny rent-controlled New york City apartment! I like the message that space and money shouldn’t limit passion.

    Also, I enjoyed the Jay McCarroll documentary, Eleven Minutes. He needs to watch Herb & Dorothy!

    Next up: Lagerfeld Confidential… guess I’m on an art and fashion kick (and yes, The September Issue was pretty great).

  105. ooh great list – definitely plan to search out Autism the Musical. I’ve yet to see this but it looks really interesting “Oh My God” –

  106. I saw Autism the Musical … cried. of course it made me think of my son!

    My kid could Paint that was good but so sad.. I felt for the parents. I believed that she did it.. why not even if her dad may have done some prompting she still executed the wonderful pieces.

    Looking forward to seeing Babies

  107. I’m dying to watch Man on Wire after reading the phenomenal book Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. He weaves a wonderful web of stories that essentially all come back to the tightrope walker. I highly recommend it!

  108. Love, love, LOVED Autism The Musical. They made such a tough topic absolutely delightful!! (So difficult to do in this compassion cause oriented world.)

    As We Forgive, on the reconciliation happening after the genocide in Rwanda is also fantastic!

  109. EP says...

    I just watched The One Percent and Born Rich, both by Jamie Johnson, about wealth in the US. Very interesting!

  110. lbs says...

    Great post; great suggestions! So many people recommend the cove, food inc and born into brothels. These are all things I would have eagerly watched a couple of years ago. But since having a baby, I just can’t stomach that kind of stuff anymore. I would dissolve into a puddle of tears. I am very interested in the 7 up series. I’m fascinated by how peoples’ lives evolve thru the choices they make along the way.