Hawkins New York

While we wait for votes to be counted, let’s talk about something fun/distracting: What are your random turn-ons? Here are six of mine…

Beards. (Alex is never allowed to shave his, although he did look cute without one.)

Smile crinkles.

Hoodie. Any hoodie will do.

Strong hugs. Especially when they last a few extra seconds.

Finding So I Married an Axe Murderer funny.

Political engagement!

Caroline‘s are “reading things printed on actual paper” and “being kind to dogs, particularly if they are not too proud to talk in ‘silly dog voice.'” And Kim‘s are “shirts with sleeves rolled over the forearm” and “making the perfect French press.”

What about yours? Please share below, we’d love to hear…

P.S. The secret to a happy marriage, and do you care about height when dating?

(Photo by Jasmine Dowling for Hawkins New York.)