Our First Date

Alex and I were reminiscing last night and realized that we went on our very first date exactly four years ago! I remember feeling giddy and nervous as I walked over to meet him at the Angelika Film Center. We saw The Lives of Others, the suspenseful German film about the East Berlin secret police. It was really intense and my heart was in my throat as we watched it.

Afterward, we took a cab over to Cafe Cluny, one of my favorite restaurants ever, and ordered steak and scallops, followed by two glasses of port, since it was one of Those Great Long Leisurely Dinners.

Then Alex walked me home, and, although I was usually a pretty slow mover, we kissed outside my apartment. The funny part? We were on Bleecker Street, so even late at night, crowds of people were passing by. Three drunk guys passed us and yelled, “Look at the lovers!” Romantic. :)

Another funny thing was, since we both really liked each other, we were searching for signs during the date that the other person was (or wasn’t) into it. I got nervous when Alex offered me a bite of his steak, but then placed the piece of steak directly onto my plate; did he not want me to eat off his fork? And he later admitted that he thought the date was shot when I didn’t lean on his armrest at the movie, but instead leaned toward the other side. So funny how nervous people can be when first dating!

Needless to say, it worked out, despite the armrest gaffe. And now he lets me eat off his fork:)

What about you guys? What did you do on your first dates with your main squeezes (or past boyfriends/girlfriends)? I’d love to hear…

  1. Fiona Sherman says...

    We were just good work friends who traveled on occasion with a group of other work friends. We both admitted to our feelings one night over too much scotch and spent every moment together after. A few weeks later we went to Germany with the work friends. I remember being outside at a beautiful biergarten at night and we told each other “i love you” for the first time: We quickly realized we should make it official and go on a proper date.

    7 years later, married for 5 and have a beautiful son.

  2. A guy I once dated asked me out with a cover letter and application. We worked in the same department on campus and his boss/wingman asked my boss if I was seeing anyone. My boss said that anyone applying for a position in her department would need to submit an application (mostly as a joke, but he really played along). Full of jokingly egotistical accolades and hilarity, the application for “Jill’s Dating Companion” had me laughing and smiling all day. His dry wit was similarly hilarious on our picnic-in-the-park first date. ;)

  3. That is very sweet! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary :) My fiancé and I met about four times before I actually remembered him lol. The final time was at a keg party. I asked him if he wanted to pee with me and he said yes. Then he came back to my room and we played tic-tax-toe, made out and went to sleep. Our first official date was rafting (we were raft guides) down the French broad river… It started pouring rain halfway through the trip but we still had fun!

  4. My husband got arrested on our first date for suspected drunk driving (he wasn’t) after rolling a stop sign (he did). Was taken away in handcuffs and I had to walk home! Not the most romantic date ever…

  5. It was in front of a Cemetery (La Recoleta in Buenos Aires). Him a local, me a crazy Spanish girl full of dreams and a backpack!!! I moved there for him and I never ever regret it, it was wonderful!! I will never forget that first day at that café by a park. Boy! do I miss Buenos Aires.

  6. My first date with the man I hope to marry was to see Moonrise Kingdom. We had known each other for years and finally hit it off one summer right before I moved to Philly to go to grad school. One Sunday I hoped all day long that he would call me to hang out because I had begun to hope to see him more often. I refused to call him and hoped he would call me. By early evening he called and, stumbling over his words, told me he had been debating about calling me all day. He invited me to go see Moonrise Kingdom, ‘but it’s only playing in Charlotte – (two hours away).’ He said he knew I had to work the next day, but he would drive us home so I could sleep, and we had to leave in the next 20 minutes if we were going to go. I said yes, to my own surprise. I did a little dance in a quick quick shower and met him and we drove down to see the movie. We bought beef jerky along the way, which neither of us really liked, but ended up being in the movie. The movie was strangely romantic and we related to both the characters but couldn’t admit it aloud during the movie. He drove me home (all 2 hours worth) later and he nervously talked the whole time until I told him I had to sleep some because I had to work the next day. I wanted to sleep on his arm so badly…but didn’t. He told me later that he thought we might get in a wreck because he kept looking down to watch me sleep in between the two front seats. :)

    • Sadie says...

      I really hope you see this: It’s been five years. are you or are you not marrying or married to this man??

    • Hannah says...

      I want to know too!

    • Marina says...

      me too!!!