What are you up to this weekend? I’ve been blazing through Schitt’s Creek, and I’m in love with the Alexis character. (The way she says ‘David‘ makes me laugh every time. Ew, David!) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

My kids don’t want to go outside.” (Alex wrote this NYTimes story inspired by our seven-year-old.)

How beautiful are these new prints?

Wow, this wild bookcase!

I was in charge of the deck chairs on the Titanic, and they absolutely did need rearranging.”

What it’s like to appear on Curb Your Enthusiasm. (New York Times)

What a pretty 500-square-foot apartment.

Confession: I’ll eat any cake that has sour cream as an ingredient.

Dame is offering 15 percent off your first order with code CUPOFJO15. (This vibrator is the ultimate de-stressor.)

Digging this podcast, especially the Princess Diana episodes.

This little girl drew her own bedroom mural.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Caroline on what’s the weirdest place you’ve taken a call: “I defended my architectural thesis from my childhood bathroom – I had to position myself on the camera to keep to toilet out of view. That view didn’t seem to scream ‘please take my research seriously – I promise I worked really hard on it.'”

Says J. on what’s the weirdest place you’ve taken a call: “My favorite video conferencing moment is the silent mouthed ‘thank you’ to an off-screen someone who is dropping a tea, snack, lunch plate, or once for a meeting with Asia late at night, an Aperol spritz! It’s such a quiet moment of real life and gratitude that I love spotting in a corner of my screen that reminds me how, though this is impossibly difficult, it’s still full of small gestures of love.”

Says Allyson on how will you stay cheerful this winter: “My surprising source of joy during *gestures broadly* this entire mess has been my four backyard chickens. My neighbor offered me four teeny fuzzy chicks in March and now Popcorn, Goldie, Vader and Chuck are my fascinating, flighty friends (who sometimes give me breakfast). A project outside of my own worry and anxiety is critical to my staying afloat. I’ve also gotten more sunshine than I normally would because I enjoy sitting and watching them harass squirrels and peck curiously at me to decide if any part of me is a treat.”

And thank you for all the incredible advice on this winter post!

(Photo by Karen Cuneo.)

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