flowers by Lisa Przystup

What are you up to this weekend? We are watching spooky movies to get ready for Halloween and making homemade pizza with dough from the neighborhood pizzeria. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for Save Yourselves looks weird/great.

An interview with the wonderful Ina Garten. (And how gorgeous is her garden?)

Can’t stop watching this!

Toby is a leggings EXPERT. He’s tried them all, and these are our favorite, without question. Lots of colors and patterns, soft material, comfortable fit and no scratchy tags. (How cute are these dots?) Bonus: Primary is offering 20% off your whole first order with code COJ.

I let my girlfriend style me for a week.”

How cities can make the most of a pandemic winter.

The neck of this sweater is so good.

The status of the sh*ts women have left to give, hahaha.

This simple pasta looks delicious.

I think we all need this feel-good planner.

Made me laugh.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Emily on words that should exist in English: “My friend and I have always wished for a word to describe overly annoying errands or chores (e.g., going to the DMV, calling about an incorrect medical bill). We refer to them as farfignugens.”

Says Bee on what do you do when no one’s watching: “I’m an introvert, and I live in a New York City apartment with my husband and toddler. Before COVID, my husband and I would take turns going out with friends. Now, we have a scheduled ‘alone night’ once a week. I get the living room; he gets the bedroom. I usualy make my favorite pasta (Amatriciana with cream), take a bath, watch trash on TV, light a candle, etc. I look forward to it so much and plan my night all week.”

(Photo by Lisa Przystup/Instagram.)

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