Sarah Cooper

What a month! What a year! One thing that’s been keeping me sane are hilarious comedians on Instagram, who have spent the last few months doing parodies of this wild world. Here are four favorites…

Caitlin Reilly, an LA-based comedian and actress, does impersonations of people, including high school bullies at their weddings and an L.A. mom giving her assistant a shopping list with items like “gluten-free blueberries” and “meat from an animal but I want it to be vegan.” Here, she portrays a friend who just got back from Paris.

Actor and writer Jordan Firstman launched to fame for his impressions of inanimate objects and everyday concepts, like “all the clothes people aren’t wearing right now” and the ecstatic “banana bread’s publicist.” He nails them all, but my favorite might be his impersonation of a birthday: “You need to chill, you need to absolutely chill…I am just a day.”

New York-based author and actor Sarah Cooper lip-syncs to Trump videos and adds her own amazing expressions and movements. Her disinfectant video went viral and she now has almost one million Instagram followers, and even more on TikTok. “To get the lip-synching just right, I have to listen to Trump’s voice over and over again, which is pretty painful,” she told InStyle. “My husband, Jeff, is ready to gouge his ears out… So once I know what clip I want to use, I try to get it done quickly, which actually helps me not overthink it too much.”

Matt Buechele, a comedian and composer, tackles daily pandemic life in his short sketches. Above, he announces school rules for 2020. You might like this hangout one, and this doctor one was on point this weekend ([Trump] is fever…ishly working for the American people”). Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Who are you following on Instagram these days? What mellows you out? I’d love to hear…

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