girl hugging dog

girl hugging dog

Last fall, I got a letter in the mail…

My mom had written to thank me for hosting her at our apartment for a long weekend, and she listed all the fun things we’d done together — watching Catastrophe reruns, window-shopping around the neighborhood, making pumpkin pie (just because).

And at the end of her note, she wrote: “I love you, honey. You’re always on my mind.”

Something about those words — you’re always on my mind — moved me so much. What is it about certain words that can make you want to cry a million tears and remember them forever?

My friend’s teacher told her she had “a golden heart,” and our wedding poem still makes me teary.

I’m curious: What’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you? What’s something that made you feel really good? During this back-to-school time when anxiety is maxed out, I would love to overhear your sweet nothings. xoxo

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(Photo by Stas Pylypets/Stocksy.)