Happy 60th Birthday, Mommy!

My mom turns 60 today. She is the most wonderful mother you could hope for–she always sounds happy when you call (even to talk about boring things), she somehow knows the definition of every vocab word (the only one that ever stumped her was friable!) and she’s always up for a stinky cheese and glass of white wine. And isn’t she beautiful? To know her is to love her, and I could write about her all day. We’re throwing her a big family party this May in NYC, and I cannot wait.

My mom when she was three, living in Manchester, England, with her mother, older brother and grandparents, while her dad was stationed in Korea…

At Catholic school in first grade…

A romantic photo my dad took when they were first dating in London…

With us twin babies in Paris (“We had lots of wild wallpaper, even on the ceilings!” she remembers)…

With me at our grandparents’ house in Alabama…

With my sister in the Tuileries gardens in Paris…

With my brother (who I think looks just like Toby here!)…

With newborn Toby!

Mama, we adore you!!!!!!! Happy 6-0!!!!!!!

P.S. Babies in Paris:)

  1. your mom looks thirty and gorgeous!

  2. Wowww…your mother looks really beautiful, can’t believe that she’s 60 years old.

    Hope i can be like that in that age.

  3. Anonymous says...

    Tu mamá es pura inspiración.¡Es hermosa! Felicidades!

  4. Anonymous says...

    How beautiful. Some of those photos could have been taken today. It is a good reminder to cherish the special moments while raising out little ones. Thank you for sharing! You are so blessed to have such a young mama!

  5. Your mom is beautiful!! Just wondering where your mom went to Catholic school. I have a picture of my mom in the exact same uniform and also from Olan Mills. She is also 60. Wouldn’t it be weird if our moms went to the same school. Definitely a small world.

  6. Wow! She looks amazing! I hope I look that good when I am 60! What a hot mama!

  7. Your mom looks fabulous at 60!! She doesn’t look 60 at all! What is her secret!?! She’s just so beautiful!


  8. You’re mother is gorgeous! I can see where you get your great sense of style too :)

  9. Seriously… she looks far too young to be 60 and to be a grandmother. WOW! Happy Birthday, Cup of Jo’s mom!

  10. I can’t believe that your mother is turning 60!! She is gorgeous and a true natural beauty. I love the photo that your dad took of her with the mirror and her looking out the window. What wonderful memories you must have. It looks like you had a very happy and loving childhood. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  11. So true, to hear a daughter rave about her mother like that makes me feel so happy. I am so close to my daughters and I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    You mother looks 40 and she is truly beautiful and natural and so lucky to have a daughter like you!

  12. wow! it’s lovely to hear of such a wonderful mama. Your mother radiates beauty from within and she’s obviously beautiful on the outside too. hope she has a wonderful day. your relationship with your mother is so inspiring. i hope i’ll have a close relationship with the children i hope to have one day. so special.

  13. Wow! You obviously have the best mom in the world. She radiates gorgeousness inside and out. Happy birthday to her! :)

  14. Anonymous says...

    first of all, you’re mom looks ridiculously good for 60! second, it’s funny that my parents are a lot older than your mom but i’m a bit younger than you [they had me soooo late in life!] and thirdly, most importantly, happy birthday to your mom!!!!

  15. Your mom is gorgeous. Joanna, you should do a post or even week of posts on her skincare secrets.

  16. your mom is just stunning… then and now! she doesn’t even look 60! she should post one day to share her anti-aging secrets! :) happy birthday to a beautiful and obviously very well loved mama!

  17. What a sweet tribute to a wonderful-sounding woman. A very Happy Birthday to Mama Goddard! And many happy returns!

  18. I’m sorry but that is a 30 year old woman!! What a hot mumma :) She looks lovely.

  19. she does NOT look 60.

    i loved reading all the things you love about her. made me happy!

  20. Wow, you looked SO much like Toby as a baby! Your family seems so cool and beautiful! :)

  21. What a yummy mummy! Your mum is gorgeous! & I especially lOVE that photo of your mum that your dad took! Wow. Happy Birthday to her! Hope it was lovely! xx

  22. Anonymous says...

    This is such a sweet post. Loved the photos. Happy birthday to your mom!

  23. Mo says...

    Aww, your mom is so beautiful. It’s great when you can call your mother a friend. Happy Birthday to her!

  24. Your mom is so beautiful and I can’t believe how much does Toby look like your brother! Such a sweet post, happy birthday to her!

  25. Your mother is beautiful, and obviously an incredible soul! Twins in Paris, and she looked so chic! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  26. Kata says...

    Happy birthday to your momma! Today is my birthday too! My goat had a baby this morning, and I named it Gary Coleman because today is also his birthday. Wonderful day!

  27. What a beautiful post about your Mother. She does not look 60, Wow. I hope some day when I am 60, my kids will say these nice things about me. She is lucky to have you for a daughter.

  28. Amelia says...

    joanna, this made me a bit tearful! what a beautiful lady and what lovely memories-I especially like the photo of her by the mirror. mommys-/mummies where i am!- are wonderful. xxx

  29. happy birthday to your mom! she looks wonderful. the photo that your dad took of her in london is so sweet, i absolutely adore it.

  30. She is gorgeous! I feel the same way about my mama! Very lucky we are.

  31. Happy birthday to your sweet mama! She sounds like a great mother, and I’m so glad she got 3 great kids!

    I’ve always thought you look a LOT like your mom, and isn’t that good news – She was gorgeous then, and she’s still gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what the party is like!

  32. How exciting! Happy birthday to your mom. My dad is turning 60 this year, too :)

  33. Happy Birthday to your mom and to my mom, she’s also 60 today!

  34. What a sweet post! I hope my daughter says such lovely things about me one day.

  35. Lovely photos. Don’t you just love those captured moments in time. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother. x

  36. what a gorgeous lady. :) i wonder, does she speak with a brittish accent?? (my favorite!)

  37. This post is truly wonderful. Happy Birthday to your mother!!!

  38. Anonymous says...

    Happiest Birthday Cup of Jo Mommy!

  39. Such a sweet post!!

    Reminded me of my mom ,I really miss her (moved countries for school.

  40. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love posts and pictures about family…so beautiful!! Even though I don’t know you … I can see a lot of your mom in you. Thanks for sharing!!

  41. Glenda says...

    Happy 60th!!! Wow! Your mama looks amazing! Love all the pictures!

    Beautiful post for a beautiful mama!

  42. wow, what a gorgeous woman, inside and out. she sounds like the perfect mother and perfect best friend. and what a life, living in all of those places, raising babies and now loving a grandson. happy birthday to her :)

  43. What a beautiful post, beautiful pictures, and beautiful mommy! Happy 6-0 to her!

  44. It is a very sweet post. Your Mumy is beatiful☺

  45. Happy birthday to your gorgeous mom! I too, think that Toby looks just like you in that photo of you and your mom in Alabama. Your mom sounds truly wonderful! xxoo

  46. HY says...

    Your mama is beautiful! A very happy birthday to her! I cannot believe she is 60!

  47. what a sweet post! happy birthday to your mama. :)

  48. Woah! I cannot believe your mama is 60, she does not look her age at all. Be sure to let her know that all your blog readers think she is so beautiful. So beautiful. I can’t wait to see pictures from the May party, I’m sure it will be a blast!

  49. K says...

    this photo set is so nice: ) and the one of the date, looking into the mirror is so romantic!

  50. Anonymous says...

    Ive never left a comment before–love for blog. Im writing to say your mom looks AMAZING!!! Cannot believe she is 60 looks 40!

  51. oh my! now way she is turning 60! she is beautiful!

  52. She is quite a pretty lady. Your love is contagious!

  53. Hard to believe she’s 60! She sounds like a wonderful woman and mama.

  54. Your mom looks amaze!

  55. Happy Birthday, Jo’s Mama! I love all of the pictures, and your descriptions, too. Ask her if she knows what “paraprosdokian” means! That’s my new favorite word :) She looks so fabulous, and she’s so young! My mom is going to be EIGHTY this year. She and I waited until our late 30’s to have babies, so our generations are so much farther apart.

  56. Happy birthday, to your mom! She looks absolutely gorgeous! She sounds like a fascinating, endearing mother. Lucky you!

  57. Lauren C.T. says...

    Today is my mom’s 60th birthday too! Happy happy to yours!

  58. Sally says...

    Your mom doesn’t age! It’s remarkable. Happy Birthday to her!

  59. Your mother is beautiful and I can’t believe she is 60! She looks like Toby could be her baby!
    Enjoy her birthday and enjoy her!

  60. belle!

  61. Ahhh this post is so lovely!
    Congratulations to her :)
    Your mom looks just like you, especially when she was younger.
    Unbelievable that she is 60 years old, she is so beautiful :)
    I hope you let her read all the compliments and our wishes.

  62. aww happy birthday to your pretty mommy!

  63. Aw… nothing like a wonderful mother! This is beautiful birthday post.

  64. Happy 60th Jean! Everything Joanna said is true :)

  65. What a lovely post!! You two look so much alike!! :)

  66. Nicola says...

    What a lovely post! She is a beautiful lady! Mom’s really are the best!! Happy Birthday to her! This makes me want to call my mom and tell her how much I love her too!

  67. Such a sweet post, and the old pictures are amazing! can she be my mom too :)

  68. Anonymous says...

    Stunning mum – and there is no way she can be 60 – more like 40 – beautiful lady!

  69. That photo of your mom in London is amazing! I hope it’s framed and hanging on her wall.

  70. There is no way that woman is 60- I hope I look half that good at that age.

  71. happy birthday to your sweet momma! i love these pictures- especially that shot your dad took- SWOON!

  72. Anonymous says...

    She does NOT look 60! Please share her secrets with us.

  73. You have such a radiating love for your family :) happy bitthday to your sweet momma!

  74. Anonymous says...

    Wonderful post, Jo!

  75. Kristin J. says...

    She looks so young and beautiful — what an inspiration!


  76. Aww!! I love all the old pics!! =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM!!!

  77. If only we could all look that beautiful and glowing at 60 years old! Happy Birthday to her!
    Weird question but I notice your mom’s ring in the first picture with Toby. It looks a lot like my own engagement ring which I’ve never seen before on anyone else. Any chance it’s a victorian era (1890s) cluster ring?

  78. Wow! She doesn’t look a day over 45! You’re mother is beautiful

  79. H* says...

    she’s soooo beautiful!
    congrats from spain!!!!

  80. Beautiful! And such an interesting life :)

    Toby looks so much like you!

  81. she’s adorable!!! I love the romantic photo taken by your dad!

  82. Wha…..!?!? She looks like she’s maybe 40.

    At first I thought she was holding you as a baby in that first pic until I recognized it as Toby. You have some seriously good genetics sister.

    Happy Birthday to your mama!

  83. DANG! Go mama Goddard! I hope I look half that good when I’m 60!

  84. your mother doesn’t look even close to her age!

  85. I love that picture your dad took of your mom when they were first dating! So beautiful! I also think that picture of you at your grandparents house looks like Toby! Super cute! Happy 60th Birthday to your Mom!

  86. Such dreamy and nostalgic photos here! Cherish your mom. I miss mine dearly. <3

  87. that one photo of you as a child with your mom- I did a double take! Toby looks a lot like you did as a child :).

  88. Happy birthday to you mother. She looks beautiful and serene. Lovely wishes to you both.

  89. your mum looks great-so happy and beautiful!i’m going to call mine NOW.x

  90. Oh your mom is stunningly beautiful !
    I love that second picture on the ferry boat…

  91. This post is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama and those photos are truly melting my heart! Have a great day, xo

  92. Beautiful Jo! Happy B-Day to her and congrats for having such an amazing relationship with her. I totally realte to that! Please check out my today’s post as I would like to have your opinion: After forgiving and forgetting…can we fall in love again?


  93. aw, happy birthday to your sweet momma. :)

  94. Oh I love your mother’s story from Babies in Paris!
    We’re trying to have a baby now and we live in Paris. I can’t wait for my children to be perfect little French angels, like you and your sister!

    xox Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

  95. wow, she looks damn good for 60! what cute momma you have. :) Happy Birthday to her!!!

  96. wow your mother is specatular and does not look anything close to 60! There is a definite resemblence with you and Toby to her…….Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mama. Thanks for showing us how great 60 can look!

  97. Your mom does not look 60. I still don’t believe it. She’s beautiful. I hope she has a fabulous day.

  98. this is an adorable post! happy birthday to your mom

  99. So beautiful! And my grandpa was also stationed in Korea around that time!

  100. Happy birthday to your gorgeous mom!

  101. I’ve just been looking back through some of your baby photos in Paris….gorgeous!! I just love what your Mum had to say about her time there….especially when the doctor told her it was twins and then triplets!!! So funny!!!

    PS You look incredibly like your Dad, wow!!

  102. OH MY — as a mother, I cannot think about anything but how happy I’d be if my daughter wrote something similar about me, could there be anything better? Happy birthday to your very lucky mother.

  103. Beautiful pictures. I love the gift guides you’ve had in the past. I’ve always thought a great gift for my mom would be a calendar with a bunch of pictures similar to the ones you’ve posted here…thanks for the inspiration!

  104. Aw! Happy birthday to your Mommy, Joanna. She is so beautiful and the photos you shared show a wonderful life full of love and lovely people.

  105. Anonymous says...

    My mom is about to turn 60 too! You’re mother does NOT look her age and she looks like a total sweetie.

  106. Toby looks like YOU in the photo from your grandparents’ house in Alabama!

  107. I’m still trying to let it sink in that that beautiful woman is 60! Wow!…just wow.

    Happy Birthday to her, and wishing her many more years of happiness and joy :)

  108. Anonymous says...

    Awh – happy birthday to your mama! I have to say Joanna, I think your relationship with your mother is truly inspirational. Cheesy as it may seem, I’ve learned a lot from how open you are with her, and have seen it completely change (for the better) my own relationship with my ma!


  109. Anonymous says...

    Your Mother is beautiful. Beauty runs in the family. Happy Birthday to her and many blessings this coming year!

  110. Aww, all these cute babies and your adoration for your mom-I almost teared up a little! So cute, and your mom is so beautiful. These pictures of her are lovely.

  111. Your mother is so beautiful – just like you! Happy birthday to her! The party in May sounds like so much fun! xo.

  112. catherine says...

    wow! amazing family pictures

  113. Love reading about your family – the photos are lovely!

  114. Yesterday was my 58th birthday. I can totally relate to your mama and the times she grew up. Happy Birthday to You is being sung right now to your mama from me.

  115. Aaw, happy birthday to your mum! She’s very beautiful. Can’t wait for all the details of the party you’re having for her :)

  116. Aw, so sweet. Happy Birthday to your lovely mother. :)

  117. This is so lovely. Your mother seems like an amazing woman! Wishing her the most wonderful of birthdays.

  118. She looks so young! Happy birthday to her!

  119. Happy Birthday to your very stylish & chic mom! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  120. awww happy birthday to your mom! She is so gorgeous, and that picture of her that your father took in London is incredible.

  121. What a sweet post for your mom :) Gorgeous lady and amazing photos!

  122. wow, that IS an incredibly romantic photo of her. how lovely!

    happy birthday!

  123. Beautiful photos and tribute. Nicely done:)And how fun that you, your mom and sis are all bday buddies!

  124. what an absolutely sweet, sweet, sweet post. happy birthday to her!

  125. Your mother is naturally beautiful. She has this feeling of peace in her eyes… And I guess we tend to feel closer to our mothers when we become mothers. In Portugal we have a saying: “Who has a mother, has everything!”

  126. She is just beautiful…. obviously inside and out!!! You are a lucky lady!!

  127. Your mother is BEAUTIFUL….she is an English rose, I cannot believe she is 60!!

    What a lovely selection of photos too, happy birthday to her!!

  128. I kept looking for the photo of your 60 year old mom and did a double take when I realized SHE was 60. She’s beautiful. Lucky you!