Do you have any personal rituals? Readers have commented with so many beloved traditions lately that we had to share a few. Here are 14 memorable ones (and let us know if you have any you’d like to add)…

On making time:

“I make a French omelette every morning. I don’t put any fillings, so it’s basically just butter and two eggs, sometimes a slice of toasted sourdough bread. I haven’t gotten tired of it, but when I don’t get anything done during my mornings, at least I made myself breakfast.” — Kary

“I have tea time with a treat between 4 to 5 p.m. every day (if I can). It’s my time to be alone, stop whatever I’m doing, and reset. Giving myself the time to slow down and quiet my busy mind is essential.” — Erica

On adjusting to a new reality:

“We started something new for my daughter’s sixth birthday this year, as a result of quarantine, and I think it will stick as a tradition from here on out. Feeling bad that we couldn’t have a party or do much out of the house, we pulled out our four-foot pre-lit Christmas tree and decorated it with balloons. She woke up to her ‘Birthday Tree’ with birthday presents under it and was so excited.” — Jaime

“I’ve picked up lawn mowing and edging my yard and have become ‘that’ neighbor who is obsessed with pristine landscaping. I mean, almost every day, I walk around my tiny front lawn, and pinch off the top blades of grass that are growing faster than others. I’ve even texted a friend to do a social distance drive-by to honk at my lovely work.” — Kimberly

“My brilliant eight-year-old was having a tough night recently. She misses her friends and teacher and school and everything. I hugged her while she cried and said, ‘This stinks, baby, I am so sorry. No, you know what, it sucks.’ I took her outside on the deck and gave her permission, just this once, to shout ‘THIS SUUUUCKS!!!!!’ into the darkness. Wild times call for wild measures.” — Jillian

On small celebrations:

“I’m an opera singer, and I’m SO superstitious when it comes to pre-performance rituals. I have to: read a fashion magazine while listening to a chill playlist of downtempo/club/vintage beats and drinking a whiskey. I usually follow that up with a drive-through chicken sandwich on the way to the venue.” — C.

“I eat ice cream in the bath. As simple as that. It doesn’t happen often but when I need it, I go for it!” — Bea

“Every first big snowstorm of the season, my next door neighbors come over for a pasta and meatball dinner. They trudge in the snow through our backyard, always bringing wine, of course. We all sit by a cozy fire as the plows run up and down the road. We eat, drink and be merry!” — Michelle

“My grandma taught me about the ‘le dix de politesse’: you must always be ten to fifteen minutes late to a house party. Those are the last few minutes the hostess spends to make sure she looks good, after she has prepared everything for you to feel great in her home. I always appreciate that tactful approach from my own guests.” — Zaraza

On quiet moments:

“I’ve lived six years in my tiny 20-meter chambre de bonne and always worked at home painting watercolors. Yet, this is the first time I’ve started feeding the birds outside my window – pigeons, a big crow, a smaller blackbird who flew inside yesterday! No one else is in my building, but the tap and scrabble of beaks and claws on the roof makes me feel not quite so alone.” — ParisBreakfast

“My newest favorite thing to do is picking a new neighborhood in our city to walk around with my dad. We bring a cup of coffee and usually end up walking down the middle of the street because of the lack of cars out lately. The walks always start and end with my dad giving me some tiny bit of golden wisdom, a new thought he had about the world the other day, or a worry he has been carrying around. It reminded me how human my parents are, and how sometimes they need someone to lean on as much as we lean on them.” — Helen

On bonding with kids, big and small:

“It was a rule in our family from a very young age that if you saw a baby (at the grocery store, at a park, etc.), you had to smile at him/her. We wanted them to know they were welcome in the world.”— Dene

“As the mother of a teenager, I’ve been struggling with walking the line of supportive parent and “smother.” My daughter and I have devised a code — if she needs a little extra TLC, she tells me it’s been a ‘bird in the nest day.’ It’s our code word for her favorite snack. I fix the snack and then rub her hair or paint her nails. It lets her know she can have boundaries but get an extra level of support even if she doesn’t want to ‘talk about it.’ Best of all – it was her idea!” — Meghan

“When I was in middle school, I saw my first really impressive full moon and started to research the moon and all of its curiosities with my mom. At some point we must have found that it is believed to be good luck if you moon the moon, and even now, 15+ years later, if my mom and I are together on the night of a full moon, we moon it. We laugh so hard every time, and something about it actually makes me feel like I walk away a little more lucky.” — Erika

Have any rituals you’d like to add? We’d love to hear!

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