Have a Delicious Weekend.

king arthur pizza by cup of jo

What are you up to this weekend? We are making pizza and watching Fatal Attraction, which is so scary! Also, you may have noticed our new ads. We are exploring different revenue streams for the site, since my goal is to continue paying our team and offering health insurance during this intense time. Thank you for being so understanding! Have a good weekend — stay safe — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Have you watched Unorthodox? I’ve been hearing the best things.

Fighting coronavirus means I haven’t seen my kids in a month.” By our beloved Grace Farris. (New York Times)

This apartment has the most beautiful pink sofa.

Living through a pandemic or potty training a toddler?

Looking forward to wearing this all summer.

25 movies and the magazine articles that inspired them, including Hustlers, Argo and Almost Famous.

A funny advice column from Bon Appetit.

Have you ever seen Hotel Chevalier? I watched it the other day and remembered how good it was.

Where’s Waldo in the era of social distancing, haha.

And a big question: Which book should we read for the next book club? I’d love to choose a book by a woman of color. Maybe the incredible Americanah? Or should we go with something newer?

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Emma on the power I found in shaving my head: “Your transformation is stunning and beautiful! Now, wait for the superpowers to slowly manifest themselves. When I wore my hair buzzed close to the skin, I found that I could close my eyes and feel the direction of the wind. I could sit on the bus and know when people walked by. I grew to know who passed me in the house by the feeling received on my head. You will notice that you are a more attuned antenna. Close your eyes and feel the world anew.”

Says LSH on helpful words from wise people: “From the wise Nora McInerny, my sage on grief and life, ‘Your life is going to be better than you’ll ever imagine and harder than you know. All of it is temporary. All of it is worth it. Go forward. And stand up straight.'”

Stay safe this weekend. xoxo

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(Photo by Yossy Arefi from the Cup of Jo Instagram.)

  1. vi says...

    Dear Cup of jo,
    I totally support your blog and your employees. But the new advertisers are ruining my reading: it ‘s using the half of my screen and make the reading of the posts very difficult. Is there a possibility to improve this? Thank you very mich. Stay safe!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much for your note, vi! there should be a little “X” in the upper righthand corner of the ads so you can opt out of them. we do need to keep them on right now because our other revenue streams (sponsored posts, affiliate marketing) have gone way down, and it’s my goal to keep paying our team’s salaries and health care throughout these intense times. i hope that makes sense! i really appreciate your feedback, and i’m sorry that they’re making reading difficult. hopefully this helps! joannaxo

  2. For the book club: Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid. It’s a magical book that manages to combine being a fast, funny, suspenseful read with making you really think about race and privilege.
    The podcast Nerdette has a great book club episode about it!

  3. Keep the extra ads going! Thanks for the heads up and I hope it helps with extra income.

  4. Em says...

    For what it’s worth- I’d rather pay you on patreon or even mail a check (save the post office!!) than be on another site with so many ads. I’m all for supporting you guys, the ads are just a bit much. Peace + love ✌️

  5. Anna says...

    I just read a wonderful book called Bury What We Cannot Take by Kristin Chen. Set in China in the 50’s, a time period I knew very little about. Heartbreaking yet hopeful, and a page-turner for sure!

  6. Cynthia says...

    I read “Unorthodox.” It was a real eye-opener, as I have heard of Hasidic Jews, but had no idea what their life was like. When my daughter sold shoes in New York, she often had Hasidic women as customers. She’s no longer in retail, but works in corporate for a well-known shoe company.

    • Sara says...

      Hi, Cynthia! I’m Orthodox (not Hasidic, but have ties to the community). I’d compare learning about Hasidic Jews from Unorthodox to learning about Mormons from Tara Westover’s Educated — both compelling personal narratives but characterized more by dysfunction and mental illness than religion per se. So they’re not representative of the religion/community as a whole. Does that make sense? I posted this further down but these articles about Orthodoxy might be informative

    • B says...

      I would respectfully say not to look at Unorthodox as a way to find out what Chasidic life is like. As a Chasidic jew myself I can say it is one woman’s sad story with quite a few dysfunctional people, there are certainly stories like that in the community and there are people who give bad advice, and have ll kinds of issues, but the life of the majority of Chasidic Jews is not represented at all in Unorthodox. There is so much negativity that I’m sure the author felt, and I feel very sorry she had to go through such a hard time, but most Chasidic Jews have a life full of meaning, joy, and love. Of course everyone has their personal issues since we are all human, but please don’t think of unorthodox as an example of Chasidic life.

  7. Jana says...

    May I suggest The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri for the book club? It’s about family, and belonging, and being uprooted from your home. It’s really beautiful and a lesser known title, which could be fun!

    • Ahh, The Namesake would be SO good!! I feel like the COJ readers would LOVE it. If looking for a collection of short stories, Unaccostomed Earth moved me deeply.

    • Hannah says...

      There’s a movie based on the book by the same name.

  8. AB says...

    I’m seeing great recommendations of Nigerian and Nigerian-American authors! Here’s a favorite of mine I haven’t spotted yet: What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah. Very binge-able short stories.

    I’m also seeing many recommendations of Chanel Miller’s book. But did you know she’s a cartoonist, too?! (Check out her insta!) Such an impressive human.

  9. Shawn says...

    Can you share your pizza recipe from your pic? I have never done pizza in a cast iron and it looks absolutely delicious!

  10. Cony says...

    Hi Joanna,

    Can you please share the skillet pizza recipe. We finally have yeast after almost 2 months of shortage . Thanks.

  11. Gemma says...

    Jo, this place is my favourite place on the internet and I feel like I am definitely not the only reader who would happily either pay a subscription fee or make small regular donations to keep your team employed for the duration of this economic crisis. I know that you will probably not want to do that, but…honestly, we pay for newspapers and magazines etc…why not blogs? Reply to this comment if you’d be happy to make the occasional small donation or subscription fee to keep CoJ going!

    I’ve recently got an Apple TV subscription so I’ve been watching Morning Wars. So good. I also started watching Breaking Bad again from the first season. Otherwise, board games! My partner and I ordered a bunch of two player board games recently…Fog of Love and 7 Wonders Duel are super fun.

    Take care everyone, and remember, it’s okay to search for frivolity and happiness in times like these. You need to look after your mental health so that you can reach out and help those in need. It’s like the whole “put on your own oxygen mask before you help others” thing!

  12. Kelly says...

    Joanna, you are so thoughtful and transparent about your decision to display ads on COJ. That kind of leadership and straightforward sharing is so rare and really touched me this morning. Thank you for how thoughtful you are with every aspect of this blog. It keeps so many of us afloat during these difficult times. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and praying for you.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      That means so much to me, Kelly. Thank you so much.

  13. I want to recommend Fauda on Netflix!! It’s such a stellar show: 3rd season was released last week, and I’m all caught up ;)

  14. Claud says...

    I am watching Little fires everywhere on hulu and its a great show. I know its the show adaptation of the book. Ita a great show and deals with so many issues !

  15. Elizabeth says...

    Laughed out loud at the McSweeney’s, esp. the last line. We actually decided to take the plunge with potty training recently, since we’re all at home all the time anyway. It’s actually worked out great!