young mick jagger

young mick jagger

What are you up to this weekend? We are watching old episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, reading our book club pick, and listening to lots of the Rolling Stones. Hope you’re hanging in there, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

This question made me laugh forever. (What do you think?)

Snack plates are the low-key dinner strategy we need right now.

We are so happy to be supporting small businesses that we love. Today, Nisolo is offering Cup of Jo readers 25% off their purchase. (Love these slides.)

Humans of New York — at home — is crushing it.

Wes-Anderson-style social distancing.


Six pretty things to wear this summer.

Oooh, what a lovely bedroom.

Working-from-home-during-a-global-pandemic bingo.

This grandmother warmed my heart.

And just a reminder about this beautiful Mother’s Day collection! xoxo

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Ellen on what weird things do you do to feel better: “I put on my ballet slippers, blast Swan Lake music and flit, prance and kick about the house. (I was two classes into a Ballet for Adult Beginners workshop before shelter-in-place began, and I have the bug!).”

Says Lane on what weird things do you do to feel better: “My husband and I have been painting our nails every week. He’s an elementary school teacher in a conservative southern town, so a male teacher with painted nails would never fly during ‘normal’ times, but he loves it! So every week we sit out on our back deck, file our nails, trim our cuticles, soak our hands, and then take turns painting each other’s nails.”

(Photo of Mick Jagger.)

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