How are you doing at home? We made Toby’s cookies yesterday and it was a bolstering activity. Also, I’m thrilled that you’re excited about our Cup of Jo book club! Can’t wait until April 14th. Stay safe, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I refuse to run a coronavirus home school.” (New York Times)

Found! The best way to cook spaghetti.

One of our favorite games has a new family-friendly version. They’re offering 15% off for our readers with code CUPOFJO15.

I’m loving Jenny’s new project/pantry/purpose series.

Paul Rudd is ageless!

A lovely shirt for work (aka video conference calls).

The first lines of 10 classic novels rewritten for social distancing. “Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. Then she remembered the florist was closed. And the party was cancelled.”

A helpful list of substitutions for your fridge.

What a beautiful Instagram caption.

Wise words.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Lee Ann on running feels good (I swear): “I’m a long-time long-distance runner, mostly on trails. I would suggest for a more meditative experience to skip the music — listen to breathing, your heartbeat and, if you can the sounds of nature.”

Says Katharine on what if your child has a favorite parent: “The other night at bedtime, my three-year-old actually told me, ‘Mama, I think Daddy is my favorite person ever.’ And after my initial moment of (internal) sadness, I said something like, ‘Daddy IS awesome, isn’t he? I love that guy, too!’ And my kiddo got this huge smile on his face before saying, ‘Mama, we both love Daddy! We can be the same person!’ It was such an amazing reminder that Daddy may be his favorite person, but my kid still thinks of me as an extension of himself. And I’ll enjoy that for as long as it lasts!”

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(Photo by Bobbi Lin/Food52.)