Five-Ingredient Dinner: Baked Salmon With “Everything” Broccoli

Five-Ingredient Dinner: Baked Salmon With Seasoned Broccoli

Just in time to cure your middle-of-the-winter, sick-of-pasta blues, we’re so pleased to announce the return of the popular five-ingredient dinners series. We begin with this beauty from Cup of Jo reader Caroline. It’s a favorite for being, in her words, “super quick and healthy.” Added bonus? It all roasts on one sheet pan. Here’s how to make it…

Five-Ingredient Dinner: Baked Salmon With Seasoned Broccoli

Sheet Pan Salmon with Broccoli
Serves 2
Note: The recipe can be doubled, but you might need to use two quarter baking sheets instead of a single full one to accommodate the extra broccoli.

2 6-ounce salmon fillets
Brown sugar
Chili powder
About 3 cups broccoli florets
“Everything but the Bagel” seasoning (look for Simply Organic brand or Trader Joe’s)

Heat oven to 425ºF. Place salmon fillets in the center of a full size baking sheet. Rub salmon with olive oil,* a little brown sugar, and a pinch of chili powder, salt, and pepper. Toss broccoli florets with a tablespoon or two of olive oil (until everything is lightly coated, but not dripping) then arrange broccoli around salmon. Bake the salmon and broccoli until cooked through and the broccoli is brown and crispy in spots, 10-15 minutes. Toss the broccoli with “Everything but the Bagel Seasoning” and serve.

*We are conveniently not counting olive oil, salt or pepper in ingredient totals.

Please share your five-ingredient recipes, below, if you’d like!

P.S. More five-ingredient dinners, and a Trader Joe’s breakfast hack.

(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo.)

  1. Alison says...

    We started the broccoli 15 minutes before the salmon and the salmon was still done before the broccoli was crispy! We loved the flavors in this though – would definitely make again, but need to adjust the timing.

  2. Camille says...

    My go-to with three ingredients: it’s called Salade Liégeoise and is so easy to make!
    bacon cut up in small pieces
    green beans (fresh or from a can, both work equally well)
    potatoes (quartered)

    I use a frying pan for this and start off with cooking the bacon (no grease needed, the bacon does all the work). We prefer it nice and crisp, but it’s up to taste how you want it :)
    Once the bacon is ready, I add the potatoes and season with pepper and salt (rosemary is also an option). I put the lid on the pan and check occasionally to see how they’re doing in there; again, we like our potatoes with a bit of a crust, so I wait until I see it progressing nicely.
    The final step is adding the green beans to the pan and seasoning again as needed.

    The whole thing takes 30 minutes tops.
    Afterwards I add a homemade vinaigrette with mustard, apple vinegar and olive oil to the plate.

  3. Daniela says...

    My favorite four ingredient dinner is so easy, delicious, and versatile! It’s Jaime Oliver’s spinach crepes..

    1 egg
    1 cup flour (I use white rice flour)
    1 cup milk (I use almond milk)
    About two large handfuls of spinach
    Salt & black pepper if desired, I like to add some to the batter

    Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until spinach is all mixed in. Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat and add olive oil. When hot, pour in batter (I either make big crepes, or a bunch of small ones that are more the size of pancakes.. that way I can try more toppings!). Once it’s set (about a minute) you can flip for another 30 seconds on the other side, or just cook until cooked all the way through without flipping.

    I love these with sweet chili sauce, sliced green onions, and flaky salt. Also fantastic with a good cheese, a fried egg, or just a squeeze of lime juice, but really the options are endless. Avocado? Roasted tomatoes or squash? Herbs? Different meal every time :)

    • Laura says...

      Daniela, I’m not sure if you’ll see this since your comment is from months ago (I came across it while I was going thru the Five Ingredient dinner series), but hopefully you will! I wanted to let you know that I tried a version of this tonight and it was so good. I used part chickpea flour and part Bobs Red Mill GF flour and added a few shakes of Bragg’s Sprinkle. After I flipped each one I sprinkled some parm on it so it would melt a little then spooned on some smashed 7 minute egg before rolling it up. My 15yo daughter and I both loved it. It will definitely join our regular meal rotation. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Love this! Today I am going to trying that salmon recipe! It looks so tasty also. Thanks for Sharing

  5. This looks so YUM! Gonna add it to my weekday rotation for sure! I don’t know why, I put Everything Bagel seasoning and everything BUT fish! Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  6. Mm says...

    This recipe is the best! Caroline knows her stuff!

  7. Tori says...

    Substitution suggestion for everything but the bagel seasoning for a non-American? (I live in Australia)

    • Rebecca says...

      Not Quite Nigella has a recipe on her blog that seems pretty close (and easy!)

    • Christina Marsh says...

      It’s delicous! Little bits of poppy seeds, sea salt, dried garlic, sesame seeds. XO

    • Emily says...

      Dukkah could be a great alternative

  8. E says...

    Made this exact thing last night, so great. thank you!

  9. Wow! I would never have thought to use my Everything But the Bagel seasoning on veggies. I’m trying it tonight!

    • dean says...

      it’s also amazing on sweet potatoes! either baked sweet potato fries or on a whole baked sweet potato + a dollop of plain Greek yogurt ????

  10. RD says...

    Here’s my go to five ingredient recipe:
    -Boil 1 box of spaghetti (or thin spaghetti).
    -Six minutes before al dente, sautee 1 pound of shrimp in a large pan until barely opaque (2-3 minutes) then add a 24-28 oz jar of arrabiata sauce (I prefer Rao’s).
    -Bring to a simmer and add a box of arugula.
    -Use tongs and transfer al dente pasta into the sauce, and add up to a cup of pasta water as needed.
    -Serve immediately with fresh ground black pepper (up to 4).

    • Alyssa says...

      This sounds amazing, RD!

  11. Great work! Couldn’t’ have been better.

  12. Alex says...

    Wedge raw cabbage into slices
    Dice sweet potatoe
    One pack deli made sausages (look for fresh sausages with few ingredients)

    Stick on cookie sheet or if for two a cast iron skillet should be enough space

    Three ingredients!

    Perhaps if you are fancy make it five with chopped parsley lemon zest and lemon juice tossed on top when complete

    Olive oil salt and pepper

    Cook maybe 30 min or until sausages have a nice brown to them and are spitting some juice

    If you have the time start the potatoes 10 min early and toss them half way through while you turn the sausage

  13. Gemma says...

    When I lived as a nanny in Stockholm, Sweden the mother I lived with showed me this random recipe and nearly 10 years later, it’s my go-to when I don’t have time to plan anything fancy! It just so happens to be 5 ingredients!

    Easy Chicken Coconut Curry (feeds 3-4)
    *This is has the potential to be vegan, just fyi!

    1 can of Coconut milk
    2 red bell peppers sliced into strips
    2 Chicken breasts (I’m a vegetarian so I just throw in more veggies, but my husband loves it with chicken)
    1 can of bamboo shoots drained (sounds exotic, but you can find this in most grocery stores in the Asia’s section)
    Cooked Rice

    Pat chicken breast with a paper towel to dry, season with salt and pepper. Cook thoroughly in oil on medium-high heat (feel free to throw in some chopped garlic….). Remove chicken, and slice. Throw sliced peppers into the pan as you slice the chicken. Dump the can of coconut milk into the pan with the peppers. Dump chicken and bamboo shoots into the pan and let summer until the shoots are soft (like 20 mins?). Salt and pepper.

    Serve over rice.

    Voila, easiest meal ever and everyone always loves it!

    • Allie says...

      Would love to try this, but I’m not sure if I am missing something.
      Should there be curry in this recipe?

    • jeannie says...

      Sounds delicious, but I was just going to ask about curry, too.

  14. Olivia says...

    Literally was making this for dinner as I opened this article! I just use garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. It’s delicious :)

  15. Audrey says...

    yum this is how I do my broccoli as well! I would recommend avocado oil, Ghee, or a fat that has a higher smoke-point instead of olive oil, which really shouldn’t be used for high heat cooking.

  16. Joanne says...

    Fantastic!! These simple and healthy recipes are great and seeing it in a post really helps. Thank you!

  17. Abesha1 says...

    I wonder if firm tofu would work here instead of salmon?

    • Jen says...

      Yes, if you toss firm tofu with oil and cornstarch it comes out crispy when you bake it. I cheat and get pre-marinated tofu and add cornstarch and a teeny bit of oil as needed. It’s so good!

  18. Rosie says...

    We love to roast broccoli or brussel sprouts with olive oil and salt and when it comes out we immediately toss it with grated Manchego cheese and a little honey. SO GOOD.

    • Allyn says...

      Ohhhhhhh! I’m trying this!

    • Lulu says...

      Hi Rosie,
      You could also try lemon juice and Parmesan – our family loves it.

      Cheers from Lulu.

  19. Ainslie says...

    Ooh love this! One of my favorite spice mixes to put on salmon is salt, white pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and a little hit of dried rosemary. It forms a perfect barbecue-y crust on the salmon as it bakes! And while my salmon is in the oven, I’ll steam some brussels sprouts and then pan fry with shredded cabbage and broccoli slaw and sprinkle some of the spice mix over it! Delicious and healthy!

  20. Leah says...

    please please please, everyone, buy your salmon responsibly!

    -your loyal Alaskan reader, whose family needs people to care about this issue the way they care about chicken and beef :)

    • Claire says...

      Hi, Leah! sources please?

    • Ingrid says...

      What do I need to know about buying salmon responsibly? Is it just wild caught? Pacific? I want to do the right thing.

    • Hannah says...

      Hi! I’m trying to eat more responsibly, and would sincerely love to know what eating salmon responsibly looks like for you. What terms should I look for? What should I avoid? Thank you!
      -Hannah from a land-locked state

    • Liz says...

      Always wild Alaskan salmon. Never farmed! Sadly, TJ’s is not always great about this so it’s good to check the label

  21. K Frank says...

    I love this meal too. I add a drizzle of toasted sesame oil to the broccoli and then the EBTB seasoning. SO GOOD.

  22. A says...

    Where does everyone get their salmon? A grocery store chain? A mom and pop fish market? (I’m in LA if anyone has local suggestions.)

    I am on the hunt for wild-caught fish that doesn’t break the bank. The last store I checked DYED THEIR SALMON PINK.

    • anne says...

      Butcher Box. It’s a subscription and it isn’t the cheapest in the world, but it’s great.

    • Amy says...

      What?!? What is wrong with this country? ?

    • Cooper says...

      I just started subscribing to Imperfect Foods grocery delivery, and I’m obsessed with their salmon! It’s $10 for four delicious servings.

    • E says...

      Most salmon sold in the U.S. is farm-raised and therefore dyed, through food or supplements or both. Farmed salmon would naturally be a whitish-gray colour and consumers won’t buy it. Wild salmon is typically reddish-pink (depending on the variety), but difficult to find and expensive, because the stocks are under such pressure – and a great deal of farm-raised salmon is sold illegally as wild. The bottom line: seafood fraud is rampant and consumers rarely know what they’re getting.

    • Chelsea says...

      Whole Foods usually has a good selection of seafood.

    • Rosie says...

      Most Ralphs and Vons in nice neighborhoods sell wild salmon. If you okay with paying a bit more Gelsons, Bristol Farms and Whole Foods do too.

    • Jen says...

      Trader Joes sells super-tasty flash-frozen wild salmon fillets. Just let the salmon thaw in the fridge before cooking and it is a simple and environmentally-friendly meal!

    • A says...

      Thank you for the suggestions! Googling all.

      btw, I love the idea of imperfect foods finding homes!

  23. kiki says...

    oh man, i do the same thing! but, i’d highly HIGHLY recommend starting the broccoli sooner than the salmon! Still can be done all on one pan, just throw the broccoli in for about 20-30min before adding the salmon. Broccoli needs time to roast and have all the yummy stuff inside break down and get that great roasty-crispy-yummy :)

    • Wendela says...

      This was my thought exactly. I’m so glad you said this!

    • siri says...

      I like a good black-edged broccoli, but 20-30 min followed by 10-15 min at 425? That’s going to be some singed broccoli.

    • Allyson says...

      Yes, don’t overcook the salmon! Wild salmon may not look “done” because it will maintain it’s bright color. Keep that in mind. You can tell it’s done cooking with the fish is hot and flaky. Timing will vary greatly depending on the size of the fish. I sometimes pull off the thinner tail end early so that it’s not overcooked while the rest of the fillet finishes.

  24. Yummy :)

  25. Nora says...

    For readers who can’t get the“Everything but the Bagel” seasoning: how would you replace it?

    • Chloe says...

      I like to make my own everything seasoning with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, minced dried garlic, minced dried onion, and salt. I like to add rosemary, too, although it’ not traditional!

    • Bagellover says...

      Black Sesame
      Poppy seeds
      Dried Garlic
      Dried Onion

    • Lila says...

      I try not to plug Amazon but you can buy Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel seasoning from them.

    • Amy says...

      No Trader Joe’s here. Our local grocery sells it in the seasoning isle in their Simple Truth brand. I like it. No idea if it tastes like TJ though.

    • Claire says...

      I make roasted broccoli all the time. I use sliced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, or lemon citrus pepper if I have it. Squeezing some fresh lemon juice over it when it’s done is also good. You can roast other things with it too, like cherry tomatoes or thinly sliced sweet onion, or even pitted olives. When it’s hot straight out of the oven I like to top it with parmigiana, which melts instantly (then I scrape up what’s left in the bottom of the empty pan of the olive oil, cheese and spices with a piece of bread). If you ever mail order spices I can also recommend Penzey’s Sunny Paris for broccoli. Sorry if this is too much information. I clearly have enthusiasm for roasted broccoli.

    • Megan says...

      Aldi has it as well! In their spice section. Target also has it.

  26. Andrea says...

    Rip-off Shakshuka
    1/2 onion
    1/2 green pepper sliced
    Head of broccolini
    4-6 eggs
    Jar of Rao’s Marinara (based on COJ taste test! My fave)

    Sauté veggies in large sauté pan that has a lid.
    Once veggies have softened, pour over jar of marinara. Let come to a simmer, then crack in eggs. Put lid on pan for 10 minutes over medium low heat.
    That’s it. Dinner is ready. And of course, eat it with crusty bread. Always crusty bread:)

    • Nan says...

      Fresh pita bread

  27. Tracy says...

    The easiest five-ingredient meal we love:

    4 chicken/apple sausages
    2 sweet potatoes
    2 red apples
    1 red onion
    drizzle olive oil
    optional: drizzle maple syrup, fresh rosemary

    Chop everything roughly the same size, mix with olive oil, roast in glass 9×13 baking dish at 375 for 45 minutes.

    • Jess says...

      Same ingredients but I saute the sliced sausage, apples, and onions with some balsamic, then serve over mashed sweet potatoes. Your way sounds easier :)

      Another one:
      whole wheat gnocchi
      jar of pesto
      chopped red pepper, zucchini, and red onion.
      Mix it all together on a sheet pan and roast for about 25 minutes on 425. Bonus ingredient: fresh parmesan on top!

    • Cooper says...

      That sounds delicious! (and toddler-friendly!) I’m going to have to try it.

  28. Laura says...

    LOVE THIS! I put Everything Bagel seasoning on my popcorn.. and it is… EVERYTHING!

  29. anne says...

    Ok, so maybe everyone else knew this, but I learned not too long ago that you can actually roast frozen broccoli. This has been a life changing thing for me. If you take the frozen broccoli and coat lightly in olive oil (just like you would for fresh), then roast at 425F until it’s crispy on the edge! It’s a little softer in the middle than it would be from fresh, but you still get crispy edges and it’s delicious and cheap. Credit to Budget Bytes for this info!

    • Amy says...

      That is so useful to know. We eat almost exclusively fresh veges but I love to have something in the freezer as backup!!

    • Jill says...


    • Anna says...

      I’ve done this with frozen green beans and it’s SO decadent and good!

    • Kalli says...

      I always keep at least one bag of broccoli pieces (buy whenever it’s on sale–it’s usually cheaper and lasts far longer than buying fresh) in my freezer for impromptu roasting as a side dish. Or tossing in to boil/steam in the same pot as pasta.

      Spritzing with a squeeze of lemon juice and an optional pinch of cayenne, cumin or red pepper flakes brightens it right up. So easy and inexpensive.

    • Allyn says...

      Whhhhhhaaaat???? Thank you!

  30. Becka says...

    Yum, I’m so into sheet pan dinners right now! And more fish and veggies!

  31. Amy says...

    Looks good!

  32. Joyce says...

    Salmon and broccoli is a go-to dinner in my house. I make salmon by dumping dill on top before baking. That’s it! Turns out great! Cut out some ingredients for ya ;)

  33. Megan McC says...

    Love this! I often need to be reminded that healthy and delicious dinners are not out of reach. This is going on the menu next week. Y’all are the best.

  34. Anna says...

    Ooh, I’m definitely trying that salmon recipe! I’m on the low-FODMAP diet for health reasons and get bored with my rather limited rotation of meats/carbs. Thanks for the inspiration (and a little hope I can survive my fussy stomach!)

  35. Maggie says...

    For anyone in Philadelphia: Philly Style Bagels sells their own everything bagel seasoning and it’s DELISH.